1. Re: New and Nervous! :-)

      Welcome to Royal Road. Completely understand how you feel. As an engineer, I was always writing technical reports, but the urge to write something else was always there. Took a long time before I finally (...)

    2. Re: 'Hello!', from a new fantasy writer.

      A belated welcome to Royal Road. Congratulations on choosing to share your work and glad to hear that people are enjoying it. Being active in the Forums is a good way to interact with the community. I've (...)

    3. Re: Long Writer's Block? Art Fills the Void!

      These are all very well done. It's great that you have this outlet to help with your writing.

    4. Re: Tiptoeing into the top 1,000...

      Congrats on your accomplishments. Sorry about the 0.5 star. Agree with everyone else that you should report it.

    5. Re: I'm Finally Back... With Three New Chapters!

      Welcome back and congrats on being able to post new chapters.

    6. Re: New Fic had a great launch!

      That's a really great start. You've clearly developed something people are greatly enjoying. Congratulations.

    7. Re: Introduce yourself

      Welcome to Royal Road. The cover for your work is very well done. It will look great in your signature. Also as Cinn suggested, you might want to slow down on how quickly you're posting your work.  (...)

    8. Re: why hello fellow royal roaders

      Welcome to Royal Road. Here's the link for the signature set up. There is a Cyber Punk tag for stories which will help you find them in the advanced search function. (...)

    9. Re: Broke #2000 on Highest Ranking!

      I think it's worth celebrating. Congratulations.

    10. Re: And now five followers.


    11. Re: Why do some sci-fi authors feel the need to describe everything in insane detail?

      I don't think this issue is solely present in sci-fi. I've seen similar things in fantasy novels where whole chapters can be given over to lore and character conversations. I think character development (...)

    12. Re: 5 Chapters In.

      Keep at it. Good luck.

    13. Re: Death Eaters such as the house of malfoy shouldnt send their heirs to howarts.

      What you're saying makes sense. However, if all the Death Eater kids went to one school while Harry and the rest went to Hogwarts, there wouldn't be much of a story. Probably could have wrapped things (...)

    14. Re: Milk tea or coffee without sugar is disgusting...

      Totally agree. Grew up drinking coffee milk (milk plus sweetened coffee syrup, yeah it's a New England thing) and the taste for it has always stayed with me. Can't stand black coffee. Tea isn't so bad, (...)

    15. Re: 200+ Views

      Great start. Hope you get many many more. Good luck.

    16. Re: Alternate "fantasy style" spellings

      I don't think changing people's names around to give your story more of an other worldly feel is a problem at all. I think most fantasy authors do that. Changing more common words around might be more (...)

    17. Re: Hi There! New To Royal Road!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Congratulations on rekindling your passion for writing. Even in the worst situations, good things can come out of it.  One way to help people find out about your work is to include (...)

    18. Re: Sex and/or gore.

      If you do include an explicit sex scene in a chapter you should include a note in the pre-chapter notes to let readers know. You'll also have to add the sexual content tag to your story. Beyond that what (...)

    19. Re: Presenting me

      Welcome to Royal Road. To learn more about the site check out the FAQ's under Support. Your cover is beautiful so be sure to include it in your signature. As you can tell, people here like to have fun. (...)