1. Re: Oi! I've been on RR for like a week and half or sum as an author and I just found this forum.

      Welcome to Royal Road. If you haven't already, be sure to check out Cinn's Beginner's Guide A lot of very helpful in formation there. For being here only (...)

    2. Re: Passed the 10k view milestone and 1 follower off of 200.

      You indeed did have an excellent week. More than doubled your views and followers. Clearly you're doing something right. Congratulations.

    3. Re: Would anyone beta read a prologue for me?

      I quite like what you've written, particularly the first part. However, I do agree with ArDeeBurger about the use of passive voice. To me, the second section at the camp lacks description. You don't need (...)

    4. Re: Hello, happy to be here

      Welcome to Royal Road. It's funny what motivates us to get back into something. Love your attitude, just write what you want to and put it out there. I feel the same way. Hope you find enjoy being here (...)

    5. Re: A perfect favorite score

      That's a lot of favorites. Well done and congratulations. Onward to the next perfect number.

    6. Re: New Here - Excited To Join & Meet Others!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Glad you decided to share the fruits of your passion for writing here. Anime is quite popular here so there's definitely an audience for your work. You cover is vey well done. You (...)

    7. Re: ~First post; kinda nervous~

      Welcome to Royal Road and the Forums. Have to agree with your assessment of the Royal Road community. I think the Forums are a great way to get to know the community. Commenting on any stories you read (...)

    8. Re: 100 Views on my Fiction. Wow.

      Congratulations. Here's to many more.  :DrakanWine:

    9. Re: Yo. You hikikomori otaku. Goonies never say die.

      Welcome to Royal Road. I started out on the original Atari system. Good times. Unfortunately not a lot of time for games these days. Greatly enjoyed the Xanth series (well at least the first six or seven (...)

    10. Re: Do all stories read like games on this site?

      LitRPG is the most popular genre here, but there's also a quite a few other types of stories here. Lot of fantasy and sci-fi stories to read. In addition to using the search function as Theo G. suggested, (...)

    11. Re: Hello to Everyone in Royal Road -O-

      Welcome to Royal Road. You might want to slow up your posting rate a bit. Posting one chapter a day helps maximize your exposure on the Latest Updates list where many readers fine stories to read. The (...)

    12. Re: Are your stories planned?

      In terms of planning I just have an overall outline and a few scenes in mind before I start writing. Over the course of writing a few scenes usually remain as I planned them, but most get revised or skipped (...)

    13. Re: What motivates you to write? And how do you stay motivated when you have no hope of success?

      I'm sorry for everything you've gone through. To lose something so personal and important to you is quite a blow. I can understand why you feel the way you do. There's nothing I can say that will make (...)

    14. Re: Hello and Introducing @MikeMagic

      Welcome to Royal Road and happy birthday. Starting to post your story is a wonderful present to yourself. It's also great to have more sci-fi writers join the site. As Alexa stated, Cinn (she who bestows (...)

    15. Re: The Best Time To Post A Chapter In A Day. (99.99% Effective!)

      All you need to push that 99% to 99.5% are some imaginary numbers.

    16. Re: (Sorta) Finished my first chapter

      Getting the first chapter done. Personally I always find that the hardest chapter to write.

    17. Re: Hello everyone!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Cinn put together a beginner's guide which contains a lot of helpful information. You can find it here Since you've got some of your (...)

    18. Re: (Sorta) Finished my first chapter

      Well done. The first step is always the hardest. Congratulations.

    19. Re: Hello all. Excited to be here

      Welcome to Royal Road. Glad writing was able to help you get through a tough time in your life. Sounds like a very busy life. You've set quite a goal for yourself and I hope you're able to achieve it. (...)