1. Re: Hello all!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Quite an interesting career change. I couldn't think of two more different occupations. There's a lot of great stories in the genres you enjoy here and I'm sure your stories will (...)

    2. Re: How much do people that read LitRPG actually care about the rules?

      For me LitRPG's are the most fun when concentrating on the characters as they deal with everything that's going on around them. Thus, I don't keep careful track of all the numbers. Thus, if any inconsistencies (...)

    3. Re: Hello!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Putting together D&D campaigns is very much like writing a story so it's no surprise that it revived your writing desire. I write for very much the same reason you do. Just want (...)

    4. Re: New to the site...

      Welcome to Royal Road. Lots of great fantasy here so I think your stories will do well. I've been on other sites as well and have found Royal Road to be a great writing community. Lots of great advice (...)

    5. Re: Cheers! I am a sci-fi nut and love non-human perspectives

      Always glad to welcome a fellow sci-fi nut to Royal Road. You'll kind a great variety of sci-fi here that I'm sure you'll enjoy. Be sure to check out the forums. Lots of interesting topics and plenty of (...)

    6. Re: A Boat

      Very fun looking boat. It's front reminds me of a shark. 

    7. Re: Character art from my stories.

      All of these are extremely well done.

    8. Re: Which cover is better? 2 different styles comparison

      That second cover is quite impressive. The right half of the knight almost has a Borg feel to it. However, something about that first cover just draws me in more.

    9. Re: Book covers I've made

      All these covers are excellent. In particular I like how each set of 4 covers have a similar overall theme, yet are different enough to stand out on their own. However, I must agree with the people who've (...)

    10. Re: Which cover is better? 2 different styles comparison

      I may be missing something, but they look identical to me.

    11. Re: How do you write illusions and mirages in combat?

      Perhaps have a slight break to the battle (maybe character Y takes a step back or something) and then continue as before describing character X's attacks. That way the reader discovers that character X (...)

    12. Re: Introduction!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Congratulations on deciding to share your work. It's a great way to learn and grow as a writer. Hope you get a lot of helpful feedback on your novel.

    13. Re: Hello!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Fantasy is very popular here so I'm sure your stories will draw many readers. Good luck.

    14. Re: Illustration Sets by van

      Everyone of these is great. You are no mere doodler, but a true artist. Thanks for posting your work.

    15. Re: A Game of Thrones Styled Fantasy Cover

      That's quite good. The red lettering pops.

    16. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      Scarlust is right! Wait ... there in the fridge! It's bacon to the rescue! 4

    17. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      The perfect dinner menu. 4

    18. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      Dessert first, then the entree. 0

    19. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      There seems to be an imbalance in the Force. Must restore balance. -4