1. Re: HelloHello!

      Welcome to Royal Road. "A Convoluted Tale that Involves a Fair Bit of Mid-life Crisis" could be your next book. Title's a tad long, but you could break it up into a title and subtitle. Then again, it would (...)

    2. Re: How do you think?

      For me it's mostly images with words and numbers mixed it. 

    3. Re: Zearth. Writer. At your service.

      A belated welcome to Royal Road. Yeah, the signature can be tricky. Hope you get the issue resolved. Hope you enjoy your writing experience here and that your story attracts many readers. Good luck.

    4. Re: Popping In

      Welcome back from the darkness. Actually sharing your work is an incredible motivation to write. Hope you have better success this time and that you enjoy the writing experience. Good luck.

    5. Re: Hello there~

      Welcome to Royal Road. To learn more about the site check out the FAQ's under Support. Once you do start posting your work be sure to add a link to it in your signature. The nice rep-otato person will (...)

    6. Re: First work posted to Royal Road.

      Welcome and congratulations on choosing to share your work here. Agree with AlexaLee about the cover. Check out the Art section of the Forums for people doing free covers. Good luck.

    7. Re: Rewriting an old Fiction

      Congratulations. It seems your decision is paying off. Nicely done.

    8. Re: Optimum sexual content for fictions

      I'd say none as well, but understand that such scenes can be important in a story. For maximum impact, I'd think it shouldn't be overused. It really depends on how the author works such scenes into the (...)

    9. Re: I'm ABT

      Welcome to Royal Road. Love the enthusiasm and persistence. I hope you achieve all your writing goals. Write what you enjoy and have fun doing it. To learn more about the site check out the FAQ's under (...)

    10. Re: Posted my first chapter!

      Congrats on taking that first step. I second the signature suggestion. Good luck.

    11. Re: got a new cover and for some reason many views

      Well done. Glad to see your work is getting reads and feedback. The cover came out quite well. Here's to continued success. ::DrakanWine::

    12. Re: Sci-fi author glad to be here!

      Always happy to welcome another sci-fi writer. Although LitRPG is the dominant genre here, sci-fi and fantasy have really taken off over the last year or so. Think you'll find plenty of readers interested (...)

    13. Re: Blatant Promotion Thread

      Welcome to Royal Road. Congratulation on deciding to share your work here. It's not an easy thing to do, but I know you'll be very happy you did it. As an artist, you might be interested in the Art section (...)

    14. Re: 200 Views vs 30 Views (Royal Road vs Wattpad)

      Royal Road certainly provides much more visibility for new authors. So many people (myself included) have gotten far more feedback and views that they ever did on Wattpad. Congratulations on the great (...)

    15. Re: SNEAK PEEK ART:18+ Its not graphic nudity but is a bath scene :o

      Well done artwork. However, I suspect that's about as far as you can go without breaking the rules.

    16. Re: Lara P. Ambrose, Fantasy and Horror Writer!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Fantasy is popular here and horror seems to be growing in popularity as well. If you haven't already, check out the FAQ's under Support to learn more about the site. Also being active (...)

    17. Re: Just posted the first 5 chapters of one of my novels :D

      Great that you're so excited about posting. However, I'd recommend slowing down a bit. A way many readers find stories here is from the Latest Updates list. Your story shows up there whenever you post (...)

    18. Re: New Author...Hello, I want to introduce my new work...

      A belated welcome to Royal Road. Love history. So many people who started as readers on Royal Road have felt to urge to start writing their own works. I think that's a fine compliment to the works found (...)