1. Re: Why hello there, I'm new :D

      Welcome to Royal Road. The best way to learn to write is to write and Royal Road's a good place to do that. So  no need to worry. As Cinn said, the Forums provide a lot of great information about writing. (...)

    2. Re: Action thriller and something about dreams

      Welcome to Royal Road. Good luck with your stories.

    3. Re: Got some contemporary/slice of life/romance/comedy with a little bit of scifi/supernatural for any intere (...)

      Welcome to Royal Road. Congratulations on what you've accomplished so far with your story. You might consider including a link to it in your signature to help others find out about it. Good luck.

    4. Re: Writing a sci-fi series about aliens and money

      Welcome to Royal Road. Lots of people like sci-fi here and your story is unique so I hope it draws many readers. I understand going from technical writing to fiction. Feels good to write for yourself doesn't (...)

    5. Re: Hello!

      Welcome to Royal Road. It's worth celebrating when new people join Royal Road. Good luck.

    6. Re: How many chapters is too many chapters to you guys?

      Number of chapters isn't something I think about when selecting something to read. If it's something I'm enjoying, the more the better. The only issues I'd have is if an author started padding their story (...)

    7. Re: Art Of smoke and Murders

      Another well done set of pictures. Really like your art style.

    8. Re: Woot! Top ten trending!

      Congratulations. It's actually fairly common for people to read just the first chapter and decide the books not for them. I think the typical drop off from chapter 1 to chapter 2 is on the order of 30 (...)

    9. Re: Meet the Beautiful Ladies of ISB

      Great looking character art.

    10. Re: High Fantasy original fiction based on Indian Mythology

      Welcome to Royal Road. Hope you enjoy being here and that your story draws many readers. Good luck.

    11. Re: Looking for some feedback

      Welcome to Royal Road. Took a look at your first chapter and left a comment. Cinn offers some good advice. You might also want to include a link to your story in your signature to help people find it. (...)

    12. Re: Patting my way through royal road!!

      Welcome to Royal Road. Check out the FAQ's under Support to learn more about the site mechanics. I'm pretty sure giving someone rep only twice a day is true no matter how how a level your reach. At higher (...)

    13. Re: Hello.

      Welcome to Royal Road, well the writing side of it anyway. And so another reader joins the author ranks. Seems to happen a lot here on Royal Road. Must be caliber of stories that gets people's creative (...)

    14. Re: First ever audiobook!

      Congratulations. That's an amazing achievement.

    15. Re: 500k total words

      An incredible testament to your discipline and dedication. Congratulations.

    16. Re: A Publisher Picked Me Up!

      Way cool. Congratulations.

    17. Re: A disturbing epiphany

      The more you write the better you'll get. The fact that you're seeing issues you hadn't noticed previously shows that you're making progress. Glad you're pushing ahead with your story and that you're having (...)

    18. Re: Updated the Art for my Title

      This is very well done. The only minor nitpick I can see is the "As" in Ascension. I realize it's a stylistic choice, but it looks a little funny to me.

    19. Re: Is there much interest for linear sci-fi stories here?

      Welcome to Royal Road. There plenty of sci-fi here and it draws a good amount of readers. LitRPG is the top genre, but sci-fi and fantasy also do well. I've read some excellent sci-fi stories here. Good (...)