1. Re: G N O M E S

      Welcome to Royal Road. Glad to see the gnomes are trying to help. Well in their own way anyways. You need to reward them with a suitably tasty pastry. Hope you have fun here and many people enjoy your (...)

    2. Re: Noob guy, not 100% sure what this place is or how it works?

      Welcome. To get a better feel for the community check out the Forums. Also feel free to ask any questions you might have. Hope you find this a good place to share your writing. Good luck.

    3. Re: Guys vs Girls counting game

      96 Wait, it's morning already? :peoconfused:

    4. Re: Superpowers, zombies with superpowers, and bio-mods

      Welcome. That first story is always special so it makes sense you want more people to read it. I think Royal Road is a good place for that. Lots of readers here who enjoy a variety of genres. Hope you (...)

    5. Re: Hi! First time writing, nervous about a lot of things.

      Welcome. Being nervous about sharing your work is normal. As you continue writing, your confidence will grow so keep at it. Hope many people read your story and enjoy it. Good luck.

    6. Re: Returning To Royal Road After Five Months

      Welcome back. It's the age old story of a boy heading out into the wilderness where wild commas and semicolons lie in wait for the unwary and overcoming all obstacles, he returns in glory. Write that story (...)

    7. Re: Anyone likes a Power Fantasy with gravity powers?

      Welcome to Royal Road. Good to see your story have some success. Don't worry about how you got to Rising Star, just enjoy the ride. It helps a lot more people find out about your work. I agree with everyone (...)

    8. Re: New Sci-fi author on Royal Road

      Welcome. Always happy to see more sci-fi authors join the ranks. Hope you enjoy being here and that many people read your series. Good luck.

    9. Re: First follower goal reached! Bonus chapter on Saturday

      Congrats on an excellent start. Good luck on reaching your next goal.

    10. Re: Finished my first fiction! Damn...

      Congrats. You have a mighty fine set of covers there. Finishing a book is fantastic. Well done.