They Shall Call Me EMPRESS (Cultivation Tales of an Isekai'ed Life Coach)

This is a light and fun slice of life cultivation novel. It feels similar to Beware of Chicken or Arrogant Young Master although the MC is not genre savvy or familiar with cultivation at all. The MC also seems to have the ability to scale in this world but no real desire or drive to yet. If you like the genre, you should give this a read. I'll be adding this story to my follow list.

System Change

Another OP protagonist in a system world

In a sea of system apocalypse novels, this one fails to stand out. The MC starts with 200x the power of a starting human when he is shunted into this system and is handed even more power immediately with no work or struggle on his part. The MC is introduced as a lone wolf mercenary who will work with other people for pay, but will not settle down or defend humanity as a whole. By chapter 4 he has functionally adopted and started to mentor an orphan and then he starts to save the orphan's village too. The other characters are bland and lack any defining characteristics besides being amazed at the MC's strength and shocked that the MC doesn't revere the system. 

The only part of the story with potential is different universes having different systems and warring with each other for primacy. I'd love to see that concept further developed, but in the first 48 chapters it is only addressed a few times.

Millennial Mage (A Slice of Life, Progression Fantasy)

I am in love with this story. A unique setting where humanity is fighting against the environmental magic with capsule-like cities that house populations with caravans trading between them. Humans are forced to plan the abandonments of their cities as the magic in the world swells like an immune response to reject them over the course of centuries.

In addition, while magic is common in the world at large and the cities themselves, only mages who have metal-based circuitry inscribed in their skin can fully use it. Each mage shapes their magic through their perception of magic and the inscribed circuitry they use. Some have mental enhancements, some are able to summon matter into existence, some can heal wounds, or teleport, or a combination of abilities. The magic system feels defined without being super crunchy. The author clearly has thought about limits, I would put it just under the magic system in the Mistborn series in rating the "hardness" of the world.

There are a few grammar or spelling errors in this story, probably averaging 1-2 per chapter. You might read "reign" when the author meant "rein" but they are mostly minor distractions.

The main character is interesting and likeable, but her voice doesn't always feel consistent. Sometimes she is socially awkward and other times she comes off as a witty and snarky. Sometimes she is aware of how little she knows having skipped the traditional apprenticeship but then she will disregard the advice of a centuries old master mage. I feel that her recklessness should have consequences that the main character is dodging, and I'm curious how long that will last. Ultimately though, the MC is an interesting window from which to view the world and this story.

I highly recommend reading this story.

Carrion Knight [System abduction]

The story hasn't really differentiated itself from other system apocalypse stories yet. 

The characters feel different from each other but seem a bit one dimensional. None of the characters are unlikable, but I find myself only mildly interested in learning more about them.

There are frequent spelling and grammar errors, with about 3-5 per chapter with about half of them requiring you to re-read the sentence to understand what the author meant. 

I'm going to read to the most recent post, but I don't think this is making it to my follow page.

This Used to be About Dungeons

This is one of the best written stories on RR right now. 

Highlights include: 

- Excellent characterization: every character feels unique and has their own style of thinking, speaking, and approaching problems. Interactions between the characters are also distinct. Hannah and Isra have a clearly different relationship than Alfric and Hannah or Alfirc and Isra. Each character has their own motivations and are aware of the differences between them. The characters feel deep and well thought out. 

- Worldbuilding: Alexander Wales is again displaying his skills as a creator. The world is interesting and the author has clearly spent time considering the implications of magic, magic items, and dungeons in society. New terminology is introduced and the world is explained via characters in a way that doesnt seem like an exposition dump.

- Pacing: This is a slice of life story with brief dungeoneering expedition. There are at least as many chapters with discussions about how to move loot from the dungeon or how to split loot, or how to turn a profit as there are chapters set in the dungeon.

In summary, while I might prefer a little more dungeoneering, this is a thoughtful and sweet slice of life story.

Book Of The Dead

This is a very enjoyable system-world story, where a young man is given the forbidden necromancer class and is struggling to adapt and level it while remaining hidden in society. 

So far the world seems consistent, the character motivations are understandable, and there are few spelling or grammar errors.

I'm excited to see what this story becomes.

Virtuous Sons: A Greco Roman Xianxia

This story is a unique take on cultivation in a Greek setting with excellent characters and dialog. I've found myself going back to read my favorite chapters multiple times. Absolutely worth your time to read. The characters have unique voices and motives. The setting is fantastic and an excellent medium for a cultivation story. 

The Runesmith

A very poorly written isekai attempt

This is a very poorly written story. The prose and writing style are grating. The main character lacks any kind of personality or characterization. Any reasons for his actions are poorly justified. Despite this being an isekai, there is no introspection about how he got to this world, how his life has changed, or what he could do to improve the world. All interactions between characters are one dimensional, no one has motivation beyond the conversation that takes place. 


And finally there are just weird turns of phrase that interrupt reading as you try to decipher the meaning. There's a lot of good fiction on this site you should read before you waste your time reading this one.

Vigor Mortis

Excellent Read - Easy Follow

One of the best written novels on this site. This could easily be a traditionally published book. It already reads as edited and spell checked. I'm probably going to binge this in one night. 

In this world people have unique powers/talents and the MC seems like she can scale to be a contender.

Interdimensional Garbage Merchant

Hardly LitRPG. The stats, of which there are plenty, have no bearing on what the character can and cannot do. The most the author does is say that the MC can lift something that would have been hard before integration. System messages and abilities don't come into play after the the first 40 chapters. The MC is OP and is not punished for making unintelligent decisions, which she does often.
I'd give this a pass if you are looking for progression fantasy or rational fiction or Litrpg. If you want snarky dialogue then this might be for you.