1. Re: Writting without a backlog

      I wrote from the get-go without a backlog and no Patreon: whenever an aspiring web-novelist asks for advice I always strongly recommend they write 120k words worth of chapters (50-60) before starting because (...)

    2. Re: Is it possible to get your novel/story turned into a manga/comic?

      I had an artist friend who liked one of my protagonists make a one-shot manga about her backstory. It's only on e-g hentai though, but it has no nsfw+it has no porn at all. I was supposed to post it on (...)

    3. Re: What are your views on Self Promotion?

      I don't do it much just because just about everywhere frowns upon it and will get you warned in places like book discords. Part of it is because o this unspoken stigma towards webnovels: just about every (...)

    4. Re: Shout out to the New Auto Signature

      I wouldn't mind if the feature was enabled by default. I always disliked the guilty conscience of having to actually click it if I want to. It's too attention-y/desperate shilling for me otherwise.

    5. Re: How long have you been writing your story? and what is driving you? if anything at all...

      I started publishing Saga of the Cosmic Heroes in April 2020. It's been on a bit of an extended hiatus(TM) but I'm still continuing it.

    6. Re: Map of your world

      https://i.imgur.com/qTJzwoU.png I like space

    7. Re: Want A Review?

      Why not, Cosmic Saga could use some love.  :DrakanPotato:

    8. Re: Anyone else dying from the heat?

      I live in Arizona so 110+f (43c) isn't anything new to me. Recently it's cloudly so it's more like 90f(32c). I just get farmer's tan easier and that's about it. Prior to covid it would mean I'd eat at (...)

    9. Re: Other platforms

      I cross publish my story on Scribblehub and Spacebattles. RR has been the most successful by far 2 years of serializing the novel.

    10. Re: What do you find hard to write

      I can't bring myself to write a character going through grief due to the loss of an authoritative figure, probably. I haven't been able to write the next chapter over the past 5 months because of the intense (...)

    11. Re: Do Politics Play A Major Role In Your Novels?

      Politics does play a major role and it's fed to the MC/reader here and there. It's set a thousand years from now in a colonized galaxy setting so there are no real-world political implications.

    12. Re: What do you do when you're not writing/reading?

      I need to add those to my list. Which do you recommend the most? SnK is a no-brainer but you'd have to catch up on everything since this is the final season (manga is great too). The others (...)

    13. Re: What do you do when you're not writing/reading?

      Oooooooo. I love vr chat.  I need to get back into that.  What anime? I binge anime. Just finished To Your Eternity,  orange,  citrus,  86, eve,  shield hero,  and many others This season I'm watching: (...)

    14. Re: What do you do when you're not writing/reading?

      killing my liver with alcohol being a cute anime girl in vr chat working on weekends anime

    15. Re: Theme song for your MC

      Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger: I feel it reflects her self-righteousness and the struggles both she and I endures to achieve a sense of happiness. Video has English lyrics. https://youtu.be/xlrhacCfJAY (...)

    16. Re: What Book or Author Made You Decide To Become A Writer?

      Carlo Zen's Saga of Tanya the Evil (Youjo Senki) compelled me to start writing more seriously. Without reading/watching the LN/anime I would still be lingering around fantasizing and writing worldbuilding (...)

    17. Re: February Thread - Promote your Story

      Saga of the Cosmic Heroes https://i.imgur.com/ZI0cxdw.png (Volume 3 cover art by gar32 on twitter) Story link 360k words, 1,340 pages, 98 chapters Synopsis: In the 26th Century, catastrophic (...)

    18. Re: Happy Tuesday! 🥳 Val did it Right This Time. 🐕

      Woke up to play Tarkov a few hours ago. First raid I got immediately dabbed on because lol scuffed Shoreline spawns. Next raid as a scav, I got lucky picking up decked-out M4s on two dead Rogues while (...)

    19. Re: What Kind of Music Do You Write To?

      I mostly listen to actiony/melodramatic anime music. https://youtu.be/S_BWr4mUwy4 https://youtu.be/YJ4WlLvwtME https://youtu.be/sbHy5-bfQUA https://youtu.be/EkAucpKG7qc After like a decade of (...)

    20. Re: Logistics.

      They have a big focus in my story sometimes since there are space fleets that require lots of it to be maintained. If supply divisions are put in jeopardy or even destroyed then it has huge political-military (...)