1. Re: What kind of art inspired your work as an author?

      The 1980s anime OVA Legend of the Galactic Heroes had a direct influence on my setting. Gunbuster, and the Gundam series (namely Universal Century, also G-Reco and Turn A Gundam) also gave me a lot of (...)

    2. Re: Background Image for Royal Road

      <3  Here you go! I uploaded more emojis!  :peoloveu:  :Peopew: :peoreaper:  :peosleep:  I added some for Drakan as well.  :Drakanroar:  :drakansweat: (...)(...)

    3. Re: Best tips for writers

      Just write. Maybe do timed 10-30min sprints. But ultimately just write. :DrakanWine: Get early reviews. A stitch is time. Cannot stress this enough.  How do you get reviews? There's a subforum (...)

    4. Re: (Potential Spoilers) What is the craziest/most interesting/surprising things you have written?

      Probably near-death experiences/hallucinations and nightmares are the craziest things I've done. I've had comments say my first chapter is a shocker since it has a little girl coerced into killing a dude (...)

    5. Re: A Few Questions for Writers

      Are there any themes or ideas you won't touch in your writing, for personal reasons or because they're too disturbing for the audience you want to write for? Hmm, hard to say? I probably wouldn't (...)

    6. Re: Naming your characters

      For modern/futuristic settings I've used Scrivener 1's name generator and usually find myself drawn to Asiatic or Eurasian names. Contextually, I haven't used "normal" American/NA-ish names since most (...)

    7. Re: The Pylons of your Platform: Twitter, Youtube, Imgur, Reddit...

      I post chapter updates on my twitter using some tags (royalroal, webnovel, webserial, rarely amwriting, and other hashtags) but to no surprise, I get about 0.01% of people who interact with the tweet by (...)

    8. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Saga of the Cosmic Heroes https://i.imgur.com/95kUeys.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/9RH5tLr.png (first cover art by gar32 on twitter, second by Liskim on twitter) Story link Synopsis: Character-driven (...)

    9. Re: April fool's chapter...

      https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/31062/saga-of-the-cosmic-heroes/chapter/656538/omake Mine is more of an "omake"/maybe-canon-maybe-not-canon extra that deals with fourth-wall spoilers. Read it and (...)

    10. Re: Writing multiple books at once

      Is it possible? Yeah probably. Is there a likelihood of you starting one fiction after another and leaving behind a trail of hiatuses assuming you jump the gun and publish them on RR without a gameplan (...)

    11. Re: Good stories

      Here's to hoping for a good thread without shameless self-promo. Though I do feel like this should be in the recommendations subforum  :peohello: I always like to mention A Fractured Song whenever I (...)

    12. Re: What program do you write in?

      Scrivener since its convenient, conveniently over-priced, conveniently outdated 90s' interface, and has an absurd amount of features than you'd ever really need. The only downside to it for me is the lack (...)

    13. Re: Grammarly Premium. Is it worth it?

      Premium Grammarly should still have freemium suggestions meaning you can look at them but can't click on the suggestions themselves like you can with normal suggestions. So it's just a matter of playing (...)

    14. Re: Dumbest name for a character you've ever come up with

      Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger, a dorky, naive, starry-eyed military ensign who dislikes her surname because it sounds silly and she curses her ancestors for sticking to such a household name. But I (...)

    15. Re: I think I found the secret to writing a lot

      The secret is to abuse caffeine* like coffee and mosnter like a maniac. Sprints under 30 mins also help. *Please drink responsibly 

    16. Re: What counts as being worthy of rep?

      I get dopamine from even the littlest comments like getting thanks for chapter comments and give them dopamine from the full reps I give them. I no longer get thanks for chapter comments, so I no longer (...)

    17. Re: Priority list when you read/write a story

      I am curious to know what you prioritize when you are reading and/or writing a story? 1. Writing/Grammar/Vocabulary/Ornate language 2. Worldbuilding 3. Story telling 4. Character building and Character (...)

    18. Re: How can I increase my reads? Currently I'm sitting at squat, zip, zilch, nada—0.

      Schedule a chapter daily or a couple a week. :DrakanFascinating:  I can't imagine daily chapters personally. That sounds hellish to me. It's ideal to do this when you have a backlog. (...)

    19. Re: March Thread - Promote your Story

      Saga of the Cosmic Heroes https://i.imgur.com/95kUeys.pnghttps://i.imgur.com/9RH5tLr.png (first cover art by gar32 on twitter, second by Liskim on twitter) Story link Synopsis: Character-driven (...)

    20. Re: How much do you write?

      Short and brief: I have about 50~60 WPM. I also don't write daily but trying to change it with word sprints. Longer answer: In the several 15min word sprints I've done this week, I was able to do about (...)