1. Re: Spooky

      There's a skeletion inside you RIGHT NOW.  :peodistress:

    2. Re: Favorite Tropes

      War is Hell, and Space Battle are some of my top favorites.

    3. Re: Has anyone here edited his own novel by himself?

      Any advice, tips? because they are more than welcome. Run it through multiple editors: what I do is run it through Grammarly first and then I run through it to Google Docs. Sometimes both will suggest (...)

    4. Re: Litrpg and wuxia has nothing to do with numbers, skills or stages.

      Maybe the real excel number sheets and cultivation were the friends we made along the way. 

    5. Re: Sunday Snippet Sharing 17/10 | TWELFTH WEEK

       From chapter 95: Tomorrow’s Hope, Yesterday’s Sorrow of my fiction Saga of the Cosmic Heroes. Vicky and her friend Friederika are aboard a transport shuttle heading for the Admiral's flagship, where most (...)

    6. Re: What Kinda Sick Game is This Site Playing With Val? ☹️

      I'm playing Pavlov VR with my latest chapter wip on one screen. I should be writing, but.,, :DrakanPopcorn:

    7. Re: How to get readers?

      I've been writing well, but I haven't really been ultra-super impressed by the amount of readers. Is there something I'm doing wrong here, either in-book or out? I had some stuff to deal with and took (...)

    8. Re: If your story was an anime music video, which AMV would it be and why?

      https://youtu.be/ieIJHIIJbZA It was tough finding an AMV of the original OVA that didn't contain blood/characters dying or in the case of the new series didn't have music inappropriate for the setting. (...)

    9. Re: Whining about my own inability to make decisions

      I've started the 3rd volume of my story earlier in October and it only has 2 chapters out so far, but I've already got that new book syndrome kicking me in the ass real bad.  The 3rd chapter I'm having (...)

    10. Re: So...

      You don't. Now perish.  :DrakanSmug;

    11. Re: Story length

      For Saga of the Cosmic Heroes, out of 93 chapters so far I think around ch37ish was when my writing starting to mature. After ch50, in particular, was when I reached my peak I think. I'd say ch37 in particular (...)

    12. Re: Your Favorite Character

      I love my protagonist and detueragonist Victoria Happ-Schwarzenberger and Li Chou. Victoria is this goofy mischievous gal who's trying to keep her head up despite getting a taste of suffering and helplessness. (...)

    13. Re: Does anyone else get impatient when scheduling chapters for release?

      I stopped scheduling because I have a poor work ethic and write very slow and can't bring myself to write every day. So it's the impulsive chap release the moment its done for me. 

    14. Re: Question. Do you have discord or facebook for your stories?

      They say never meet your heroes and I'm no saint either.  I'd worry if fans joined and realized what a horribly boring brickwall I am, they'll lose interest in my story.

    15. Re: What makes your story stand out?

      Wait, my story stands out?  :DrakanFascinating:

    16. Re: So, what defines an isekai.

      Truck-san, pushed in front of a bullet train, next moment you find yourself wondering why you're a baby being held by a wrinky maid calling you a name you're not familiar with. Walking out of the (...)

    17. Re: October Thread - Promote your Story

      Saga of the Cosmic Heroes, Volume 3: Embers of Ishtar https://i.imgur.com/ZI0cxdw.png (Volume 3 cover art by gar32 on twitter) Story link 338k words, 1,243 pages, 93 chapters Synopsis: In the 26th (...)

    18. Re: Your story's theme song.