How to Kill an Isekai Protagonist

Interesting premise featuring corrupt Isekai kids and an interesting MC. It shows a lot of promise.

The person who I believe is the main villain is also pretty interesting in how he views the world, and I cant wait to get further development from him. 

There are a couple of grammatical hiccups like tense shifts but nothing that takes away from the story. The author has a unique way of describing things, and you can really hear the characters' voices through the writing. 

The Tournament

A wonderful combination of all types of tropes paired with a vibrant cast of characters. I'm very excited to see how all the characters come together at this named tournament, and I'm getting strong Baccano!/Durarara! vibes which is a really good thing because those series are known for their bombastic intertwining character plot lines, gambit pile-ups, and character clashes. The world is also very detailed and well thought out with each chapter presenting a unique and new character/place/idea that manages to coalesce with the concepts prior.

Definitely worth a read! 

A World of Monsters

Unique Caterpillar Progression Story

Unique, fresh, and dark  

This is the first time I’ve seen a reincarnated caterpillar story, and I have to say it’s quite fantastic. I adore the idea of incorporating Hindu and Buddhist philosophies into the work since I hail from a family of Buddhists myself, and nothing has been particularly offensive so far. I’m actually excited to see where the writer takes us on that front. So it gets full mark on the story front.

The development of our MC is believable  with MC slowly expanding their  goals, beliefs, and abilities as they dodged the grim dark world. I did feel very sympathetic for the MC in the beginning as the MC tried to understand their situation and world. Also the MC’s thought processes are very entertaining! It really helped to balance with the darker atmosphere of the rest of the book. The LitRPG elements are all sensible in my book, although I haven’t read that many LitRPGs.

Grammar wise, there were a couple of hiccups here and there but nothing that detracted from the story. The style itself was very interesting and different from what I've read before but that's not necessarily a bad thing. 

Definitely give it a go!

Among Monsters and Men

GOT-esque story with interesting characters. A good read for anyone who likes to read into things that portray the slighter darker side of humanity.


Complex descriptions that are just written to the T. You know that feeling when you read a nicely structured sentence and it just hits that spot? You can hit that spot by reading some lines in this story. Uh. Anyways. The author obviously knows how to write descriptions and action scenes clearly and concisely.


There are a couple of noticeable grammar hiccups like misplaced or unplaced commas or run-on sentences but nothing detracts from the experience. 


The story is interesting enough to catch the eye. The world manages to be filled out to a very believable degree within the first couple of chapters. Goals and motivations are laid out cleanly. But the story is just a backdrop for the extremely likable and believable characters. They all seem to have their own goals, ambitions, and internal conflicts ready to play out in the story. It'll be interesting to see how it unfolds and how their desires may result in changes that are for better or for worse.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read and I look forward to seeing what happens next. Also the Queen and Lyssa can step on me, and I'd be okay with it. 

Elemental Knights

An Elemental Never Ending Story

Although there are only ten chapters of this story out so far, I can confidentially say that it'll be an enjoyable ride.


There's a tongue-in-cheek humor used throughout the story which makes it good for a few nice chuckles. This paired with the descriptions of what the main character is going through and his experiences encourage the reader to keep on reading. A fun writing style. Probably beating around the bush here, but I personally love this kind of style. 


Just a couple of punctuation errors and singular\plural subject-verb incongruency. Nothing that takes away from the story.


It's your usual Isekai story except that the world that the main character in question arrives in is a book rather than a game. The main character is very like able and his doubts and thoughts feel realistic. The side characters and their interactions with the main character are also enjoyable to read.

The threat of the main character's knowledge of how things should be versus how things are happening in this book world are intriguing, and the story's strongest point. It'll be fun to see how he grows into his new found abilities and role.

To summarize, a very fun Never Ending Story-esque story that I will be keeping an eye on.

Lucinda the Shifter

A fun coming of age story with a theme that pairs well with the shifter setting

This story is pretty enjoyable so far. It reminds me of the YA fantasy books I would read when I was younger that I would get lost in on the car ride home. A nice, light LitRPG story.


I enjoyed the author's writing style in this story. Words and sentences, thoughts and descriptions, flowed together nicely, and it wasn't choppy or hard to slug through. The perfect balance of flowery and straight-forward.

The dialogue is a bit flowery too, but I think it fits with the setting of the story.


There were a couple of spelling and punctuation errors here and there but nothing that a quick run through grammerly and prowritingaid can't help.

Story/ Character

I really enjoy the main character, Lucinda. She has an innocence to her and a strong will to be her own person yet a hesitance to move forward that's relatable. I also enjoyed when the story delved into her thoughts because, frankly, if I were in some of the situations she found herself in I would be thinking the same thing.  Her drive to break free from her parent's expectations and do what she wishes is also something that people might find relatable. The struggles she experiences after certain pitfalls may also be relatable to readers.

Additionally, the world-building was quite nice and the reader will be able to get a pretty clear picture of what kind of society the characters are living in in the first couple of chapters.

The relationship dynamics in this story are interesting and it's fun to see all the characters interact with one another. However (and this is a personal opinion) her relationships with some of the older cast in the story are a bit too spicy for me. These relationships "fit" and "makes sense" in the context of the story but the recurrent age gap is a bit uncomfortable. Again, this is just my opinion. 

I'm interested to see how Lucinda grows in her travels and how her shifter powers play into her coming of age.

Anyways, long story short, who hasn't wanted to be able to turn into an animal?