1. Re: The [Royal Road Community Magazine] Contest [June Edition]

      I do have to ask... why isn't fanfiction allowed for this? Is it due to the monetary prize effectively "paying" an author for producing their fiction, breaking (more) copyright laws? Or something else? (...)

    2. Re: General thoughts about pre-writing?

      writing the first 40 chapters before uploading is good. helps make extreme release rate so you can get on rising So, I do wholly agree with this if you're certain about a book's success on RR, in which (...)

    3. Re: How skilled are you?

      Ice-cream dragon Ice cream dragon Ice. Cream.

    4. Re: Is there a suggestion box?

      Tweak Rising Stars to include a minimum number of chapters or, if that is already a thing, up the amount. Rising Stars already has a minimum 10k word requirement to hit. At least from what I've been (...)

    5. Re: Contractions in prose... the omniscient speaks in vernacular?

      One of my first stories was written without contractions to exemplify the 'formal' nature of the narrator, and it sorta works. However, the flow break from absolutely forbidding contractions wasn't even (...)

    6. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      I'm releasing a new story that I've had in the works for over a month now called Delicious Ice-cream... Dragon? About a dragon made of ice-cream who has a system, how he'll get stronger and possibly (...)

    7. Re: Feature request: Accepting the terms ... forever.

      I haven't seen one of those popups in ages for RR, but I know that it's often related to a cookie problem. Sometimes your phone isn't storing the cookie, so the site has to re-authorise to create a new (...)

    8. Re: Writathon Info?

      This is marketing 101 and by not advertising this basic info the Admins are harming the website and its community.  You seem to have a misconception. Writathon isn't about advertising, it's purely (...)

    9. Re: Should RR allow comments on reviews?

      If comments are allowed, the author will be able to provide a counter word to a one sided assualt by the reviewers. Ironically, this sole reason is the reason why RR will never allow comments on reviews. (...)

    10. Re: What is your main characters kryptonite?

      Sweet and simple with some spiders. And then there's the chapter where he tried to face that fear for a boost in strength and almost ended up with PTSD...

    11. Re: To you what would make a god a god to you?

      You can go even further and just strip gods down into qualities of a story, no more philosophy or theology, just story impacts. While there are many ways to 'use' gods as a literary device, it's very easy (...)

    12. Re: Why do people read chapters out of order?

      Author's don't have any right nor reason to dictate how someone reads their story. There are several games and stories where I've regretted touching them due to their ending or a pivotal moment, ruining (...)

    13. Re: Can Snow be Burnt?

      Sodium wants to burn so badly that it will take the oxygen away from the water to burn with, leaving free hydrogen at a high enough temperature It's kinda hard to say if this is still snow by mixing (...)

    14. Re: Can Snow be Burnt?

      I mean, if you wanted to take it a step further you could instantly ionise the snow, which is going to be what happens at some abitrary temperature threshold. Probably in the thousands of degrees range, (...)

    15. Re: armor depiction (actually making some what well.)

      I agree, you see these people in those excessively thick heavy armors, and the author normally laughs at them for good reason, but then we get to fighting and the lv1 goblin's stone dagger goes through (...)

    16. Re: How Big Is Big Enough?

      Guess it depends on how technical you want to be. No high end system is going to be so dumb as to assign the limit of their damage value as an 16 bit integer, at the very least expect 64 bit putting it (...)

    17. Re: British English

      To further follow-up as a londoner, there's a very special social dynamic that many tend to ignore about us. Relatively speaking, the four sections of Britian will endlessly shit on one another for whatever (...)

    18. Re: What would you do if you got isekai’d/sent to another world?

      These questions are never fun to be honest, because unless it's a modern world like ours the answer for like 99% of people is to just die. Even if it's a low fantasy world the politics and real world problems (...)

    19. Re: Trig Class Update

      As someone with a STEM degree.  Yes.  Accurate. As someone else with a STEM degree, I peer review this comment and claim its accuracy.

    20. Re: Offered A Contract By Ringdom

      I know a British woman that signed non-exclusive one story with 4 apps, that are giving her 300usd monthly, in royalties. It's a fantasy romance, with werewolves, with a lot of emotions and a few descriptive (...)