Accidental Interstellar Bride

Accidental Interstellar (...)
by Aila Aurie
199 pages

After oversleeping, space and time hopping researcher Liyanne Zhuma, from the Pleiades Star System, rushes to her transport location to return home after a five year stint on the field.  At the secluded waterfall pool that perfectly reflects the moon, she has just a few minutes before the sun rises to get home.

She is literal steps away, only to be pushed in by a man running from a swarm of bees.  Her robe made of lunar fabric is ripped and her transport fob - disguised as a jade pendant - is broken.  Without them she can’t get home...but there is another way.

She just needs one thing: silk woven by moonlight to replace her ripped robe.  

Duke Zhang Shenwei of the Zhun Dynasty returns home from war and stumbles upon a woman bathing after accidentally pushing her into a pool while being chased by bees. He is determined to be responsible for her by marrying her despite her protests.  

He can give her anything, but all the strange woman wants from him are silkworms and a place to grow them.  He agrees, but has another reason he wants to marry her: he needs a diversion to keep marriage proposals at bay while he settles his estate.

[Valentine’s Day 2022 Short Story]

[Fake Marriage] [Friends to Lovers] [Light Scfi & Wuxia] [Supermarket Romance Novel] [Short Story] [COMPLETE]

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Of Men and Dragons, Book 1

Of Men and Dragons, Book (...)
by DrBlackJack21
658 pages

Book 1 is now available on Kindle, or in paperback/hardcover! You can buy it here!

Jack crash-landed on a planet where the natives are seven-foot-tall carnivorous cat-lizards currently somewhere between stone and bronze age. The good news is the natives think the ship that crashed into their mountain is a dragon and are steering clear of it. The bad news is they just left one of their own as a sacrifice to appease the beast. No matter what Jack and his AI co-pilot decide, his life just got a lot more complicated...

ATTENTION: This is soft sci-fi rather than hard sci-fi, hence why I chose that tag. For those of you unfamiliar with the distinction, here's what Wikipedia had to say. 

1. It explores the "soft" sciences, and especially the social sciences (for example, anthropology, sociology, or psychology), rather than engineering or the "hard" sciences (for example, physics, astronomy, or chemistry).

2. It is not scientifically accurate or plausible; the opposite of hard science fiction.

Soft science fiction of either type is often more concerned with character and speculative societies, rather than speculative science or engineering. The term first appeared in the late 1970s and is attributed to Australian literary scholar Peter Nicholls.

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by JCLouis
427 pages

Amber Houston was born light-years from Earth, aboard the enormous colony starship Dandelion. By the age of fourteen, she has spent her entire life training as a “Ranger,” ready for the day when she will be among the first humans ever to set foot on an alien world & build a new civilization.

When Dandelion suffers an emergency toward the end of its journey, Amber & her fellow young rangers are evacuated & land on the planet New­home years ahead of schedule. While the adults left behind on Dandelion slow the ship & turn it around to come back—in eight years—Amber & her friends must build lives for themselves amid revelations that will change Humankind’s destiny forever.

Meanwhile, aboard the ship, secrets that were buried over three hundred years ago finally come to light…

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by Sludge Thompkins
634 pages

In a dark alley of the ancient desert metropolis of Wellspring City, a man is quietly vaporized by something he will never understand. Magic is to blame, and the technocratic Dynamic Brotherhood will hold the entire city’s arcane community accountable with a broken-door inquisition if the culprit is not found. Baffled by the blackened body, the Wellspring City Watch calls the Beast of Sector Sixteen - the notorious (and broke) mutant mercenary Baulric Featherlight. With time running out, no other choice, and the lives of his friends against the wall, it falls to the half-ton manhunter to leverage his magic, cybernetics, instincts, and wits to plumb the depths of the Thousandfold Polis and unearth the perpetrator, before the Brotherhood cuts its own justice from the hides of thousands.

(Cover art by SLAVIIIK. You can find more of his beautiful works here.)

(obligatory extra note: im an internet busker who subsists on the generosity of readers like you. if you haven't done your good deed for the day and you think my work is worth paying for, why not tip some spare change into my hat? i'd be awful appreciative ♥)

[premium game of the year DLC edition edit: if you've read the whole thing for free and want to buy a copy for yourself, this dang ol' story is available for purchase on amazon now. showing your support by buying it would make writing new ones a lot easier. thanks a million billion for reading either way ♥]

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Curse Gunner

Curse Gunner
by IcedFairy
227 pages

Curse Gunner is urban fantasy, set in a realm where magic is common but powerful magicians are not.  Unfortunately for Helena Aoede, if your magical specialties are necromancy, curses, and blowing things up it's hard to find a job no matter how strong a magician you are.  So when a rich woman who needs a curse removed shows up at her apartment, it seems like a solution to her problems.  Or at least a good way to pay the rent.

Unfortunately this curse is backed by a raging inferno of hatred, and it seems it won't relent until it's sated with blood.

Then again Helena's never been shy about shedding blood.  Especially if she gets to decide who's blood it is.

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Empress of Blue Flower Mountain

Empress of Blue Flower (...)
by Queenofthefuzzybugs
130 pages

Once upon a time, there lived two great and mighty spirits on the mountain. One loved humans, the other hated them. When their differences could not be reconciled, they came to blows, and the human loving spirit was chased out.

The banished spirit wandered the world. Rather than an exile, the spirit viewed her situation as an extended vacation. She saw all the sights and people she'd only ever heard about on the mountain.

But it was a little lonely. No one could see her or hear her. She was a rootless spirit with no place to call home.

And then, one day, she found a friend.

When anger and jealousy take everything, only love can create something new. This is the story of perseverance, sacrifice, and forgiveness.

Discord for FREE STUFF:

Book 1:
Empress of Blue Flower Mountain - Complete

Book 2:
Emperor of Blue Flower Mountain - In Progress

Book 3:
Princes of Blue Flower Mountain - N/A

Cover drawn by me, the Author!

Lincensed under:

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The Demon Lord's Lover

The Demon Lord's Lover (...)
by redknight3996
1.5k pages

Julius Goldforge knows how the world works. He knows his role. Really, it's destiny by this point. 

The mentor dies, the hero gains motivation, and the demon lord falls to their blade.

Except...something's clearly gone wrong here.

Written by Redknight3996 and Indismile, The Demon Lord's Lover is a fantasy comedy/romance featuring a jaded, middle-aged adventurer who's damn sure he's going to die on this new journey with his students and the ambitious Empress of the Dark Lands, whose drive to conquer the entire world winds up putting both him and her on a bizarre course of attraction and impulsive decision making.

Includes (but is not limited to): action, adventure, big fights, elemental-themed temples, demons, angels, fumbling romance, competence, incompetence, nudist druids, the crimes of the past influencing the current age in myriad ways, interpersonal issues, fatalism, and being a decent uncle to one's adoptive family.

(We've also got a discord~!

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by Saustin
223 pages

AI means Artificial Intelligence.
But those words don't match Al, either of them. Neither Artificial, nor Intelligent.
At least not at the beginning. No, an AI requires input, trial & error, and careful observation. But at that point, what makes it any different than human? How are binary choices any different than the choices in a human life.
I wager that there is no difference. But what will he think?



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by Andrew Seiple
2.3k pages

BREAKING ANNOUNCEMENT! Threadbare Volume 1: Stuff and Nonsense, Volume 2: Sew You Want to be a Hero, and Volume 3: The Right to Arm Bears are now available on! For US residents, you can find them at the following links: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3.  Residents of other countries, please browse your local Amazon market.
Meet Threadbare. He is twelve inches tall, full of fluff, and really, really bad at being a hero. Magically animated and discarded by his maker as a failed experiment, he is saved by a little girl. But she's got problems of her own, and he might not be able to help her.
Fortunately for the little golem, he's quick to find allies, learn skills, gain levels, and survive horrible predicaments. Which is good, because his creator has a whole lot of enemies...
Advance chapters are now available on my Patreon, for those who wish to read ahead.

(Cover by Amelia Parris)
My name is Andrew Seiple, I'm an author and a long time roleplayer. I am the writer of Threadbare, and I own the rights to this story, and many others. I've published works on Amazon before Threadbare, but this is my first litrpg. You can find my various stories available on
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I'm (Sort of) an Expert on Ghosts

I'm (Sort of) an Expert (...)
by Cho
331 pages

Tsunoda Naoki is a ghost expert! Maybe. Okay, not really. He just pretends to be one, scraping a living by putting the easily-spooked at ease. But his luck seems to run out when he's suddenly got a real ghost to deal with. He can't even see this spirit, let alone exorcise her—and to complicate matters further she apparently seems to like Naoki… a lot. Is this ghost hunt a romantic comedy or a tragic horror? Artwork by hachikuro.

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