Soulless (Apparently)

Soulless gives me a feeling I don't find much in modern science fiction.

Truthfully it feels as if it belongs alongside science fiction stories of the heyday. One of the first feelings I had from reading this story was a sincere nostalgia to a manga series by the name of 'Pluto'. Whatsmore that feeling only deepened as the story went on.

There is a myriad of ways to describe the story but the long and short of it is; Robot planet where genuine death is uncommon to rare, psycho robo-killer, as well as a growing conspiracy. Any more details than that and you'll simply need to read it to find out.

Artwork appears throughout the series to give you an idea of what the robots actually look like. Which is a good thing as one of the few things the story could improve on would be the written descriptions. While the action is clean and well-paced, the actual descriptions of characters tend to be sparse.

That said, I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys more contemporary science fiction like the older pulp novels. Also, I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good mystery/conspiracy story.

Cannibal Dungeon

A promising new Dungeon Core story with interesting concepts.

As always when it comes to Dungeon Core stories the best things come from our poor core thinking something up and having it twisted by the system. The enemies are unique and the need for tactics in battle is appreciated.

The main character is a joy to read about and the losses she experiences hit the reader hard (lookin at you ya sneaky cat-snake.)

I wish there was just a bit more world-building and it seems that's being handled right now in the story, so as-is it seems my biggest complaint is already being addressed.

Give this a shot if you like the "they-re so innocent they create monsters" type of Dungeon Core.

Mine from the Abyss

Bumbling into hell in the best way.

A unique and whimsical dungeon core. Somehow so innocent they accidentally wind up creating nightmare beasts. The characters have a great amount of personality, which is so needed in a dungeon core story. From a Menu who gets huffy at being ignored to minions who wind up monkey's palming themselves and wind up loving it even more.

Give this growing dungeon a shot and you won't be disappointed.

There is no Epic Loot here, Only Puns.

It really feels like I'm Preaching to the choir here about this but here we go.

You! Whoever is reading this, you should stop reading my review and go read this story, like, right now.


Still here? let me convince you.

Here we have a dungeon with CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT! they go through phases before figuring out what they truly want. They have genuine mistakes and setbacks that cause their friends pain and they learn from it.

The town is honestly my favorite part, however. Large amounts of characters who feel like they were originally created as one-off jokes become deep and complex. backstories are dark and tragic without feeling overbearing.

It is rare for a book or story for me to like it with no villain, no real goal. And yet, I can't stop reading this. Even now I'm looking at chapter 111 desperately waiting for 112.

So, yeah, read this like right now.

Lord of Goblins

Revolution in another world.

I'd recommend for anyone who likes revolution stories.

No synopsis here, the summary does it best and really, who wants to take the easy way? This gives off the feeling of if Harvey Dent had been killed and sent to another world instead of becoming two-face. A true man of the people, but somewhat overpowered in a way.

Unfortunately our main character can be a bit confusing. Being sent into the body of the smallest type of goblinoid with the former life of a politician, how he is able to kill bigger stronger, and more skilled opponents is a bit confusing and never really elaborated on. Figuing out how to arm his group while beingunder somany layers of embargo is pretty interesting and is really where the mostgripping parts lay.

That said, it's early on and I'm more than happy to see where it goes.