Beware Of Chicken

funny, quirky, smart, genuine - simply beautiful.

This is one of the greats. I've read a lot of stories, good ones, bad ones, surprising ones, sad ones, crazy ones,... but there's few i would call truly great.

This is one.

It perfectly toes the line between serious and funny, keeping it just down-to-earth enough to not become a gag story, yet also manages to make the romance beautiful in such a way as to not be in-your-face about it, making it seem genuine and beautiful in its simplicity. Something few stories manage. 


Thank you for sharing!



interesting world, but...

started great, good worldbuilding, solid start overall, with a bit of a forced "stoic" personality, but not so much it's bothersome. 

Then near-death events happen, not one, but 3. She barely escapes each in inexplicable ways, only for the events after the third to be so forced it's as if the author had another start to the story he was contemplating (


) and just decided to do both. This is followed by a forced entry in that cliché, and overall it's just a bit too "choppy" of a story for me.

start was great though...

Interdimensional Garbage Merchant

This is a great story, well-made, and fun to read.

it is also quite well-written, and though the first book is more like a long prologue to the actual content, it is quite good.

The mc is smart, but constantly fumbles in stressful situations, something incredibly frustrating, but normal for someone who never faced a life-or-deat situation before. Her humor and way of dealing with things are also wellwritten, taking on a sometimes nihilistic and even fatalistic humor to avoid facing reality.

Honestly, it was a refreshing experience.

Summoned and Unwanted

lots of harem, little plot...

it's an interesting idea, with the two classes and everything, but up to chapter 41 all i've seen are girls being added and very little storyline.

if there is any kind of plot, it is mostly there as an excuse to make the girls his "family". All are really attracted to him, and to not make him look like a perv, they all basically throw temselves at him, even the shy one... 

it's kinda transparent, and seems more like wishfulfillment than an honest try at writing a good story to me. 

honestly, it gets old quick, i was in it for the classes and mutation thinking the author would take it somewhere interesting, but it's seemingly going nowhere.

i whish the author good luck with writing the rest, and hope you don't take my comments too hard. maybe you'll take the story somewhere amazing later on, but the start is clearly not for me.

The Cosmic Interloper

Slowgoing, but well-written. i love it.

It's a great story, but as i said, it's slowgoing, so if you're looking for fast-paced adventure novel, well, go read one.

This is a sci-fi story, and as such, it starts off a bit heavy on the explanations. The worldbuilding takes quite some time, since it needs to introduce both worlds and their intricacies. The story does a great job of it, and i've had a great time reading it.

At first i thought it was going to be a "sci-fi" where-in it's just an excuse to make the mc more powerful and is then no longer mentioned, but the author actually went with true sci-fi, background, tech, upgrades, and even endgoal of mc all based on the sci-fi universe. 

(minor spoiler ahead)

Spoiler: Spoiler


in conclusion, i want to congratulate the author on a great read, and hope the story ahead is just as great! 

Unlimited Evolution

good story with some problems, but author fixes them when mentioned.

The story is interesting, with quite the good start.

sadly, there's quite a few of mistakes in the plot, though the author has fixed those i mentioned the very same day, showing a good aproach to critique, and a desire to improve.


other than that there's few grammar mistakes, and the plot, though a bit basic and cliché at times, is good. 

The author also has a tendency to often use the "this is going to happen, but it's a story for another time" cliché, which can make a chapter interesting, but makes a story predictable if used too often. Something to look out for.

The Power of Ten: Book One: Sama Rantha, and Book Two: The Far Future

Reading this story is like going through a haze of random numbers and classes and jobs and skills and then the skills repeat and she takes them multiple times and sometimes that means they level, sometimes it doesn't seem to change anything...

Honestly, i don't mind the specific language, nor the numbercrunching. What bothers me is that it is plain CHAOS! there is no order, the story follows her choices in the order she makes them, and that would be enough if there weren't 50 changes every chapter, but there are.

Maybe it's just me, but i have a difficult time following it.


the story though is good, worldbuilding is great too, if you disregard the classes and such. The magic sysem is interesting, characters well-written.

Ascendance: Rebirth of the Unknown Gamer

There's basically no world-building after the first few chapters. The mc travels to a whole new country to get somewhere? He is there in the next sentence. No descriptions of the country, no travel time, no nothing.

He fights? He wins. Very short description at most. 

This is basically a list of achievements. He had lots of skills, he built a base, he killed rabbits, he killed spiders, he got supercrafting skills, he took a slave, he killed a dragon.

this is me writing the same story, and honestly, it's about as good.

Azarinth Healer

Honestly an amazing story. The writing is great, a few mistakes here and there, but no more than i find at my job, and those texts pass 1 redactor, 1 translator, and 2 revisors? not sure about the official term in english.... so yeah, can't get much better than that!

As for the characters, it's a dream come true for me! A female mc that is the mc of her own story!!! No man doing everything for her, no dependency on anyone. a strong, independent female lead. Never thought i'd see it, but here it is! the other people are well-written as well, making for interesting interactions.

The story itself is also great. It's a bit slice-of-life-ish, but then about the life of a maniacal fighting addict, who wants to do good and gets involved in a lot of aventures. Most such stories end up repetitive, or just seem empty. 

This is because it's difficult to write such an openended story, so it is normal. Yet this author manages to keep it up, from beginning to end. It's one of the best stories i've ever read, and I haven't missed a chapter since i started! 

To the author, i can only say thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us. It has been -and will continue to be- a pleasure to read!


Divine Construct

It's a good story, with an interesting premise, but the author has a tendency to over-explain some things.

That, and the mc lacks focus. he gets distracted by every little thing, and it gets so convoluted that it makes him seem like he's touched in the head.

seriously, i have actual ADD (attention deficit disorder), and even i can only sigh and think he's missing more than a few screws, if not all but one.