Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy

I really like the premise for this one and I'm looking forward to how the author continues to deal with it.  That said, the characters all feel a bit off.  I think it's part dialogue and part decision making but I'm not much of a fan of how they interact.  I also think I just do not share a sense of humor with the author at all.

Metaworld Chronicles

Fun for awhile but annoyance builds up

It started out really entertaining and I liked the magic system but now there's just way too much to remember and the MC spends her time working on economic theory and being way too op.  It turned into pretty heavy self insert fantasy somewhere down the line and she constantly uses quotes from philosophy to 'win' arguments

The Primal Hunter

I know that it's weird to be saying shows promise at chapter 170 in a fiction, but that's my honest opinion on it rn.  The beginning premise was pretty interesting and one of the better takes on a multiverse centered litrpg in my opinion, but the early execution felt rough to me.  The characters didn't resonate well and the interactions felt a bit off to me, but I was enjoying the system.  The dungeons arc I had a hard time with (they felt super monotonous) but I made it through on momentum.  Since that arc concluded I've enjoyed the characters and their interactions a lot more and since the tutorial end I have been loving everything.  The world feels like it has a lot of room to grow (and is feeling great so far) and I'm even interested in seeing some of the interlude characters again.  Not sure how true it is, but it felt like the author was pretty new to writing and has grown significantly over the course of writing this fiction.

The Legion of Nothing

Decent story, decent characters, very slow

If you can get past the super slow start it will remain very slow.  I did like it, but I will be dropping here until I get an urge to continue which I don't anticipate being anytime soon.  It's much more of a slice of life story than a superhero story, which I don't mind, but even for a slice of life it is very slow and the characters feel lacking in depth to me.

The Menocht Loop

Interesting loop but my interest waned after

I enjoyed the loop and the mcs interactions within the loop, but after it ended I had a really hard time staying interested in what was going on.  Maybe it was just me but the world didn't feel compelling at all and the new characters introduced after the time loop (actually almost every character) felt unininspired to me. Dropping at chapter 61.

Forgotten Conqueror

Mindless fun but not especially good

This was a fun serial just in terms of pure op character.  Magic system wasn't especially well put together but it didn't feel necessary to flesh it all out for a while.  The writing always felt pretty weak to me but it was a fun read.  Once he leaves the starting city though it becomes boring as well with a much weaker supporting cast and I'm dropping it