1. Re: Action - BbB

      I can't be the only one that saw BbB and thought, "better business bureau?" Fight scenes are so difficult to write well. 90% of the time, I'm bored and skimming them whether or not they're blow by blow. (...)

    2. Re: Amazon Requiring Copyright Proof?

      Yeah, you can't have it published for free if you are charging for it on Amazon that's why you got dinged.  Well, that's a blatant lie. You can very much have it on kindle while having it on RR for free. (...)

    3. Re: Amazon Requiring Copyright Proof?

      Yeah, you can't have it published for free if you are charging for it on Amazon that's why you got dinged. 

    4. Re: When to know when you need to change things up?

      I have to say I really enjoyed your first chapter and plan on reading more. Though your synopsis, I feel is too long and did not catch my attention right away. I made some suggestions please don’t feel (...)

    5. The three blank RR covers on Rising Star.

      I Just want to say that it’s nice to see. Good job hooking your readers with your titles and synopsis. :peoapproval:

    6. Re: Royal Road as a platform for short stories

      The site is set up for web novels, so you can just use the individual chapters either as individual shorts or you can label them (Name 1, 1.2 ex) for each chapter of individual stories. Your synopsis can (...)

    7. Re: New fiction or new volume?

      You could always post a new one, and then post an updated chapter to the previous story with a link to the new one for those reading it. I would also make it clear that the new story is part of the trilogy (...)

    8. Re: Wish Mountain - Releasing chapters with audio recordings too

      it might effect my read-through rate The easy answer is to put it at the bottom. Otherwise, I have nothing to ass but a big NICE! :peogentleman:

    9. Re: Hi, I'm new!

      Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. :peocool:

    10. Re: How to make an awesome light novel cover for my light novel?

      I also offer premade covers free of charge to writers in need, if you see any that strikes your fancy feel free to make a request. Or, if my style doesn't work for you, check out the art request forum (...)

    11. Re: Copying Your MC to Other Stories

      Almost all stories have 'fatal mistakes' in some sense. It doesn't necessarily require starting a whole new story. You can use an established character in another story. Fanfics often do this. It's (...)

    12. Re: Grammar that irks me, and the authorial voice

      When you edit over and over, you're erasing the artist out of the art. It's a mistake. If you want to do that, you can. But that way lies Blandland. I would heavily disagree with this. Yes! (...)

    13. Re: First novel on Royal Road is done!

      Congratulations! that is an amazing accomplishment. :peoeyesparkle:

    14. Re: 100 Followers!!!

      Congrats     :DrakanWine:  And thanks in advance for the story, I marked it to read later.   :PeoReading:

    15. Do you really want to know?

      At least once a day I see a forum post like: Help! how can I get more attention, or why isn’t anyone reading and reviewing my story. Sometimes it’s simply that the cover is, to put it harshly boring, but (...)

    16. Re: Webnovel contract

      Well, my first bit of advice would be to read the contract. Asking what others thought of their contract is pointless given that there is no guarantee that they will be the same. I would imagine that it (...)

    17. Re: Grammar suck. Help, can't do english. What?

      I would suggest finding a writing group on Discord. NaNoWriMo forums would be a good start, or you could always ask here on Royal Road if anyone is in one that you could join. I would also suggest that (...)

    18. Re: May Prompt Thread. 2022.

      Como’s Custom Signs My reflection stared back at me as I tried to see past the door’s reflective coating. I looked back down at my phone making sure I was in the right spot, my little blue dot proclaiming (...)

    19. Re: Writing two novels at the same time to keep yourself inspired?

      I find that If I'm working on two different stories, one needs to be at a different stage than the other. So, I typically work on one zero draft while I edit my current WIP. Doing this makes it easier (...)

    20. Re: Am I being unoriginal for using fairy tales?

      I'm currently plotting out a Pride and Prejudice dungeon diver story (Because I want to learn to step away from my Pantser ways). Like others have said there is nothing wrong with using Public Domain or (...)