1. Re: What does your conceptualisation process look like?

      In other words, where do your ideas for writing come from, and how do you flesh them out?  

    2. Re: How do you think?

      I have a straight up narrator in my head, describing every action I do as I do it, especially when I'm not tired. It gets irritating sometimes. She's kind of a bitch. Won't stop criticising me, or others. (...)

    3. Re: How do you feel about having different human races in a fantasy setting

       and such. Because I like the story I'm reading to make logical sense. For example, if the story takes place on a ice world with viking like humans, the sudden appears of a black guy is going (...)

    4. Re: How do you feel about having different human races in a fantasy setting

      I mean... I've never read a one continent fantasy where the entire land mass is uniform. As you said, humans evolved to have different characteristics based on their environments. I think it makes less (...)

    5. Re: What Do You Listen To While Writing?

      I LOVE music,  so I usually can't focus while I'm listening to it- especially the type of music I'm a fan of. Usually I'll have a streamer playing on another screen,  or a long form video essay that (...)

    6. Re: Can utopia become reality?

      it is possible to see that the living conditions of our ancestors were very bad, (except socialism) I hate (not really) to be that guy,  but this really is inherently a very political question. (...)

    7. Re: IQ overrated for writing ability because of online editing services?

      Do not worry about IQ. Don't think about it. Don't even lend an iota of your RAM towards your IQ. It means close to nothing. Not a jot. There is no IQ barrier to anything unless if in the extreme (...)

    8. Re: What does your writing process look like?

      If left on my own I will rewrite til the end of time and maybe that's too terrible Fuck Hieronymus Bosch, this is what true theological hell actually looks like.

    9. Re: Love Letter To Those Of You Who Posted Fanfiction In The Early 2010s

      I realised I was using the setting as a clutch, but that clutch was limiting my creativity because I couldn't tailor the setting to my story Yes! But it took me a long, long, time to gain that kind (...)

    10. Re: What does your writing process look like?

      For me I don't think I have a concept phase as such- I'm just sort of continuously doing that. On my sticky notes app I have ideas from up to even 5 years ago and I'm constantly fleshing them out just (...)

    11. Re: Love Letter To Those Of You Who Posted Fanfiction In The Early 2010s

      Post is inspired by two things. A thread entitled something along the lines of "The worst negative criticism you've ever received", And yesterday, I was recently listening to a podcast, called Kakos (...)

    12. Re: a psychology related question

      Maybe not exactly like this, but I have had sudden realisations that "wow. I've gotten too old for this." When I say I used to be obsessed with YA fantasy as a teen, I can't really emphasise how deep (...)

    13. Re: If you actually lived in a fantasy world...

      I remember I read in a book, someone said, "we didn't domesticate wheat, rather wheat domesticated us." Life was much less fulfilling for the average human than when we were hunter gatherers. What the (...)

    14. Re: MC has your name

      I have never met anyone with my name nor encountered a fictional character with my name. However it does come up in a lot of pop songs for some reason. And also, it always stuck in my head that in the (...)

    15. Re: The most negative feedback you’ve ever received

      So, I was thirteen-years-old and had just gotten my own computer at home when I'd learned about the magical world of fanfiction in ye-olde chatrooms.  Oh my god. The way that posting my early fan (...)

    16. Re: Is there a policy on fanfic?

      Yeah just categorise it as such, it's fine.

    17. Re: Main Character

      I tend to write irreverent, emotionally constipated main characters, because I myself am emotionally constipated and find it tiring to inject emotionality into every scene I write. Better to just canonise (...)

    18. Re: Writers, how much do you read?

      Well, I read a lot more than a write. When I was younger, I read so much that I recently found out that my family truly thought I was autistic. I slowed down these past few years,  but I couldn't really (...)

    19. Re: Writers, where's your spot?

      The garage was renovated for my brother's music stuff, but since he's now got an entire living room for his shit now I get a nice,  cozy,  freezing cold garage to sit in and do my work.  At least it's (...)

    20. Re: What makes you dislike the MC?

      On this site, I'll tend to avoid stories when the main character is described as an anti-hero now, because that's usually just a dog whistle for "this character is going to do unbelievably heinous shit (...)