A Dream of Wings and Flame

overview, good but likely to crash and burn the same way blessed time did.

no offense to cocop or the people that like this book but  although the premise is quite intresting the  execution leaves somthing to be desired.

lol i'm probably going to get dislike nuked to the bottom so cocop will probably not see this.

there are a lot of 5 star reviews talking about how awesome this book is, so going into it  i expected perferction:like descolada,mol or perfect run levels of perfection.

i was sorely dissapointed!

style: not too bad. i like how it can portray the bad points of living as a kobold but i hate how unnatural sounding the conversations are, especially with how the adults and that one guard lady , it just doesn't flow properly, it feels like part of the conversation was remved and we're left with the bare minimum needed to understand what's happened

grammar:bit bland, but that's okay  but it stops it from being 5 star worthy.

story score: worldbuilding is amazing for how many chapters we have,but conflict seems seems a little forced. in one of  the latest chapters the kobold adults try to steal our mc's stuff when there's a law that clearly states anyone trying to do that gets killed or banished.

character score: by far the worst out of all categories,we have the typical protagonist who is going to try and save everone because no better suited, smarter or stronger person has ever tried to do so before,there's the basic shy little sister figue that's probbly going to be put in danger or sacrificed later on in the story, you have the strong friend who's going to save the mc when he gets in way over his head  and  you have the snarky guard who is actually a good person and will support the mc when he brings a very awesome ad new idea that everyoe in the clan should follow.and you have the dumb adults who are lazy and think they are worth way more than the mc just because they are(this doen't make any sense in a community where food is scarce and thse who bring food are most respected,and if they dont hunt they dont get coins to get food.and they can't be geting tokens for free because this isn't  human coomunity where theres enouugh food for almost everybody to get some, the kobolds clearly struggle to get food and their chief is pragmatic enough to encourage people to hunt even in dangerous times because it means less mouths to feed, so if anything the lazy types shouln't exist since everyone must earn their right to survive) the only saving grace is he prasmatic cheif, and the wise old kobold who really  has an aura  of wisdom and age around her and is expects to die soon, sadly for her the authour can only go two ways about her , either get the mc to save her, which could be good (if handled well) or let her die and awken the mc's super powered, super determined  mode(bad) or just make him sad that she died(better imho)

overall if the author can fix the problems mentioned in the character section , this story goes fom a 3.5 to a 4.5 instantly so good  cocop .will read later to see how it progrsses and update my review accordingly but so far this book looks like it's gonna crash and burn hard.



Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers

overview: Don't let the synopsis fool you! it's a serious story.

i really liked this story, didn,t  give it full star's because no story is perfect(although many fanboy ratings for many  other stories may say otherwise), and it might not fit other people's tastes. i think the grimdark and near apocalyptic world setting give this story an interesting tone and premise.

Although only 3 chapters have been up so far , the've been exquisuite.each chapter has given instights into the world and  set the tone for the story to come.

Story: we're shown that we're in a world where monsters have started appearing, and unlike the standard litrpg wher ea benevolent of the them system(plot) gives levelling powers (plot action) to create equality.

in Ainōryoku Sentai Nightmærangers there is nothing like that, people (appart from the 3 we've been shown) dont have powers to beat back the forces of darkness.

the monsters are slowly gaining ground , from a giant spider trying to cover an entire city using webs ,to dogs that make people lovingly pet them while they devour  them whole.for anyone who loves apocalyptic or grimdark this is a treasure trove.

Style: nothing much to say . the author manages to convey a bleak ,terryfying world  whose only hope (so far) are 3 children whose powers threathen to consume their remaining humanity.if that isn't style what is?

Grammer: no obvious grammer problems , good enough to read.

Characters: so far only  3 people . insect girl, tree girl and water boy(not their real names, just their powers). one of the best bits is when tree girl stararts to lose control and bug girl says 

Say it with me," Tammy(bug girl) said. "I'm a human, not a plant."

A wide line, showing bleeding, but human teeth. "I'm a human… not an animal."

"People are friends, not food," Tammy said.

"Isn't that fish?"(tree girl)

"We're not fish, we're people. Don't argue."

A chuckle*(tree girl). "People are friends, not food."

read it if you want more context ;)

what are you still doing?

I said go read it now!





Everybody Loves Large Chests

i want to start this by saying.all the characters feel like real people.thera are few,if any,tropes.and the storyline is amazing.i got bored of all the other books and am re reading this for the second time ,because the storyline is so complex and intrestinfg that i can't remember it all from one read.also don't let the sexual contnt warning dissuade you.the sex comes later on and isn't actually that present in the story. 

Rise of the Night Stalkers: a GameLit Post-Apocalyptic Adventure

it's basically a story about some dude who becomes a monster but doesn't .

the character feels human right off the bat and doesn't reallly go through any of the "am i really a monster or a human" crisis you'd normally expect in these kinda story.

the character immediately starts acting like a goddamn hero,he literally has no period where he cares about himself or something like that but just immediately starts looking after the first people he sees with no type of character developments or changes leading him that way.

i like the anti-hero style but i don't totally hate the normal hero types either.

but this story is seriously making me reconcider ever reading any hero stories.

the mc has noooooo character.he's literally an errand boy that complains about shit but does it anyway.he's the one with the power not the people he's fighting for so .here's a question to the author. why'd you make him seem like the most cowardly spinelles mc in the whole bloody universe. 

at first when i strted reading i was like,yeah the author's gonna chang this character later on but when i see no changes angd just reppeating patters of what happens i just gave up on the story entirely.