Master Jenkens

Master Jenkens

    1. Re: “Show, don’t tell” is stupid advice.

      It's less about 'showing' than it is about setting a mood with your narrative.  That's where overarching themes, poetic repetition, and choosing words with a connotation that suits the tone come into play. (...)

    2. Re: Favorite Tropes?

      Tsundere. "It's not that girls hate me.  It's that they're all too embarrassed by how much they love me." Easy to see why that one works.

    3. Re: How did your training/job change how you notice the world?

      If you pay money to have fun for an hour, you not only lose the money but also the hour, and both need to be considered when calculating the true costs of the choice, among various other consideration. (...)

    4. Re: Writing interesting VRMMO antagonists and antagonistic situations.

      Take this with a grain of salt because it's just my personal preferences and not necessarily what readers on RR want to see but... A truly powerful character is not someone who's OP due to their stats (...)

    5. Re: The Future Of VRMMO'S

      Not possible to mass release. This is going to be strictly 100% illegal and government biased. This involves lots of experimenting on humans and/or sentient beings (Brains in general).  Those (...)

    6. Re: Recommendations for Kindle Reads

      Fimbulwinter (Book 1 of Daniel Black series) for Isekai/City building/Late-night-TV-Erotica Nightlord: Sunset (Book 1 of Nightlord series) for Vampire/Portal Fantasy/Adult themed, no explicit sex (...)

    7. Re: Real World Drug Use in Stories?

      Drugs are fine. Most topics are acceptable to write about on RR, the only major restrictions being illegal/disturbing sexual content like pedophilia, bestiality, etc. Otherwise, as long as it is appropriately (...)

    8. Re: Dark Fantasy Fans And Authors Unite!

      Yeah, sure.  I'll join the club. I always liked Stephen King's tone.  (Other than the Tommyknockers.  That was a terrible, terrible book)  He somehow balances light comedy in a conversational style (...)

    9. Re: Start of a story review swap?

      Cool.  I'll take a look at it tomorrow.

    10. Re: Start of a portal fantasy story review swap?

      I've re-written the start so many times based on feedback, I've lost track, but right now, I'm really proud of how all that rework turned out.  Currently, it's just four chapters, and I have no more intentions (...)

    11. Re: Does anyone have any free story ideas to share

      Thread resurrection.  Mwuhahahahhahaaa! After divorcing her husband, he commits suicide.  The woman blames herself for his tragic death, but unknown to her, so does her late husband's best friend.  (...)

    12. Re: Is my writing too intimidating?

      Read the beginning of the first chapter and as a critique, it was intimidating to me for two reasons (and keep in mind these are only my personal preferences, so don't take it as an inherent flaw so much (...)

    13. Re: The holy trinity of writing a piece of fiction

      The reason I would argue against too much worldbuilding is because it's a huge time investment and takes away from the time you can spend to make the actual story itself. Sure, Lord of the Rings has (...)

    14. Re: How many is considered to be too little in word count in a chapter?

      ^ I agree.   I've read A LOT of web novels, and it seems like many of the authors have a different approach than a novel-novel writer.  Some WN authors either try and pad out their wordcounts since (...)

    15. Re: Should I give up on realism?

      To me, the only thing worse than flawed logic is comic-booky, pseudo-scientific exposition.  Like having a scientist appear and monologue to explain the mechanics of some part of the backstory, or the (...)

    16. Re: Feedback (For Real This Time)

      Sure, I'll trade critiques.  Any opportunity for that's a good one.  Mine's pretty early on at 8 chapters so any feedback right now wouldn't be too late for edits. I've done a lot of critiques, but (...)

    17. Re: Feedback/Review Swap

      No problem!  Like I said, I have the same issues with my own. Thinking back to the politics you were asking about, it very well could have been me interjecting my own thoughts into the story and not (...)

    18. Re: Feedback/Review Swap

      I'll take that bribe!  Mine's maybe 6 chapters right now?  I got the same problem, a lot of times it all makes sense in my head, but the reader is clueless and I can't fix it no matter how many times I (...)

    19. Re: Feedback about my writing style?

      Just skimming through the first few paragraphs, best I can tell you is it just needs some editing, mostly to take out the wordiness that makes it read a bit clunky. ---'It exists', Shervan thought amazed, (...)

    20. Re: Misaligned Tab Indents??

      I tried searching the forums, but couldn't find anything about it.  Does anybody else have the problem of misaligned tab indents when indenting several lines in a row?  I'm not talking about copy/paste (...)