Knight and Smith

Loved the story, simply adored it. Such a wonderful combination of action, fantasy and romance. A pure work of art. 

The characters are amazing, forget the leads who are amazing themselves but the side characters too, so so interesting. 

Loved the setting and the concept of magic too, the soul-bonding gives it a whole another meaning. 

Loved the huge chapter lengths too. Totally kept me hooked for 2 days straight. 

All in all, a quality work, would definitely recommend it to anyone on this site. Definitely one of the finest works here! 

Borne of Caution

Well for starters I am no great fan of pokemon. Have watched the first 1-2 seasons like many kids of late 90's did but never watched again. 

Played some of the beginning Nintendo games like firered/emerald but no more. 

But man reading this story brought it all back. Plus as someone rightly said in one of the reviews, this is pokemon but with something more. Such great characterization, good background story, a respectful way of dealing with Lee's trauma, the distinct personalities of all the pokemons. This is really something amazing. Also loved what the author did with Vulpix abilities. What a way to make one of the original cute pokemons into a potential legendary. This was such an amazing read I just keep sighing in admiration, again and again. Vulpix really became my favourite pokemon now. Also just bought and installed various nds simulators and stormsilver roms to enjoy the games again. This story really brought all the nostalgic memories back. 

Easily one of the best I have read on Royalroad. Totally worth 5 stars!