Borne of Desire

Really, how does this novel not have more views?! 

I know there's only three chapters right now, but come on, it's a story by Fuggmann, inventor of sex 2!

...also, it's a pokemon fanfic by the author of the most popular pokemon fanfic on this site. They know their stuff.

Great author in general, as well. They come to the table with the kind of quality you see in bookstores, and even some of the bestseller lists.

Fun style, less cautious MC with more genre savviness than his last work. Still rather down to earth, though. It's nice to see a MC be genuinely excited for the fantastical situation they are in.

Great set up for the story, we are only three chapters in, but I'm excited and can only hope for more!

Absolutely no grammatical mistakes as well, which is actually rather rare. You know you're reading something different when you have to get into college level sentence structure if you want to complain about grammar.

Great characters all around, you really get that 'almost everyone is super nice' vibe you always get from the real pokemon. Y'know, because the pokemon are a great influence, and all that.


Master of the Loop

Neat story with simple plot and motivations, but fun characters and exicting twists.

The style is everything you can hope for in a loop story, with all the fun that is included in such a genre.

The story is rather simple in terms of set-up and motives, but has plenty of unexpected plot points and fun world building. To be fair to the author, going over the ins and outs of a person in a isekai/timeloop situation would be like watching uncle ben die for the fifth time, boring and kind of insulting.

The grammar could use some work, but it's only a few misspelled/missused words here and there. Syntax errors every so often. It's just what happens when a story isn't ran through with a fine comb by an editor. Nothing like some of the stories on this site. Nowhere near enough to make the story unenjoyable.

Good, believable, fun characters. It's nice, and horrifingly refreshing, to see a 'morally grey selfish mc that cares for the greater good' that is actually a morally grey character that cares for the greater good. Normally those are just complete and total psychopaths that are portrayed as normal by the story, like really, I am genuinely concerned for some of the authors on this site... Anyway! I like the MC. Good to see the lighter side of grey.

Absolution's Road

It says it isn't perfect grammar-wise on the tin, but I'd say it's pretty darn close!

No spending precious seconds pondering what was said or scratching your head at strange sentence structure and verbage here!

Only a few misspelled words here and there, nothing too big, only what would slip through the auto-correct.

Anyway, decent plotline with a actual pace, no slice of life adventure here. Most of the world-building is done via the MC commenting about current events in passing. It meets the sweet middle ground between overly-expository and completely useless in terms of information.

Good characters that aren't just sterotypes. Many characters seem to have a background, or at least some deviations to the norm. You also get a good mix of characters as well, mostly nobles, soldiers, and adventurer types, but it's a good fit for the story. Plenty of differing traits between characters, no 'useless noble #3' here.

You can't use tropes to predict what's going to happen like in 90% of these stories either. The amount of eyerolls I've had to do in other stories...

The switch from laid-back to serious was well done, and a good use of style overall. It matched the plotline well for a beginning arc.

Here's hoping for the top of the trending page!

The locked comments are kinda annoying though...


There isn't much to review at this point, but I just want everyone to know that this author has a history of writing good stories with a decent upload pace!

His work has a good pace and very few grammar errors. I also know from one chapter alone, that this story has a plot. That's more than you can say about some stories on this site.

Anyway, this story looks like it deserves a chance!

Virtuous Sons

This story twists cultivation in a way I've never thought about. It's fresh, it's new, and the twist isn't the only interesting thing about this story.

This work also has great character interactions and very few grammatical errors. 

Decent read, all-in-all, would recommend.

Ya boy is at it again.



Another great dungeon story that cropped up!

Hello, hello!

This is a dungeon story with the twist that dungeons aren't murder-holes! All dungeons, it seems. Not just:

'Hey, this dungeon is special while everydungeon else is a murder pit! Everyone will discriminate against our MC because of that, boohoo, poor them! How will our hero cope with this poor situation, and more importantly, how will they cope with themselves!? After all, it's always the hardest to act in ways different than what is expected from you!'

Geh, almost made myself barf writing that.

If you're thinking, 'Hey, why do they even call them dungeons then?', then you're valid. Your observations are valid. They call them oases. It's kinda in the name. Definitely getting 'dungeon' vibes from some of the options though.

Also, this story varies from the norm by not being isekai! The MC, a kid, actually has background knowledge! How neat is that!?

Style: Short, but sweet. Fun to read, but has short chapters. Shouldn't be a problem with pacing as long the upload schedule remains good.

Story: Good. MC has goal, world seems to be moving, but I wouldn't expect too much. These types of stories are more often about the journey getting there, rather than the destination.

Grammar: It could use a little work, nothing enough to distract from the work, but I remember seeing quite a few spelling errors.

Character: Decent, characters have goals and relationships, but there hasn't been enough real character interactions to judge how human the characters feel. No problems from what I see now, though!

Dungeon Darwinism

Fun time with morally grey characters

This is a fun dungeon story, I'd been looking for a dual core story since that last one went M.I.A. ...

This isn't a story were the two MC's of different alignments fight & bicker over idealogies untill the reader get's annoyed enough to drop it. Just a neutral evil character MC and a neutral good MC questioning what the other does at times. This also brings out the hope that one MC won't switch over to the other side, and the whole story won't end up as an excuse to preach about why the other side is stupid and irrational. Those are annoying, no matter which side the author prefers.

Anyway, 10/10 would recommend. Some of the different perspective chapters can be boring, but to each their own.

Style is has no real overwhelmimg problems.

Story is great!

Noted no grammer errors... Actually, I think I saw one, but I didn't note it down. Doesn't break reader immersion, anyway.

Interesting characters, seen the dynamic done many times before, but never this well! 😎

Most times the 'good' MC seems rather naive and the 'bad' MC seems like a madman, no matter the intention of the author... Here, both sides seem like real people.


This story's synopsis doesn't do it justice. Mainly: It doesn't tell you anything about the story!

This story revolves around a pro-gamer/***tai artist stuck in a time loop on a alt Earth with super-powers. 

If you think that job description is nonsensical- Don't Worry! Loren's actual job comes up very little. A tournament scene there and a funny line here.

You might worry that a time loop that has no visible outside influences might be a bit OP, and you might be right, but don't worry. The situation he's thrown into is hard enough that he might fail! (It's not re:Zero hard, but that's a high bar to pass.)

Loren also gets a new power each loop, so that helps with the spice of the story.

5/5 all around.

Good style, no funky scenes or (overly) weird set-ups.

Story is great, plenty of things to figure out, with hints sprinkled about.

Haven't seen a single grammar mistake, but admitedly, I wasn't looking all that hard.

Characters are relateable, but I would like a female character that he doesn't fight/flirt with. Take that with a grain of salt though, as there are only like 4 named female characters. They can do other things, you know.

All in all, 10/10, would recommend, seriously though, write a new description. It matters, most new readers base wheither they read a novel based off of the blurb.


The Essence of Cultivation

I've just binge-read this. It's great. First time I've seen a cross genre novel that's not just a Fantasy/Xianxia fan shitting on the other side. No 'look at the way these stupid locals are doing things' here.

Great grammer

Believeable characters

(avoids falling into the obvious pit traps in both genres.)

Plenty o' style

Story's to early to judge! (lol)

No complants yet! 😎

Spirit Dragon

I loved reading this when it came out, and now that the author is showing signs of life, let's reveiw this novel.

A dragon-transformation story is done every now and then, and it's done well slightly less often. This happens to be one of the better ones. 

Most noteably, this novel has very few grammar mistakes. I'd say that there are no grammer mistakes, but my memory is god-awfull and I don't want to lie to anyone. What I can say is that a grammar mistake never took me out of my reading experience, and that's a lot more than I can say about some novels here.

The characters seem real. They interact like you might expect real people to, and have goals and motives for their actions. They all have methods to their madness. No braindead MC's here, nor are there the usual throngs of yes-men, harem members, stupidly arrogant/evil villians, or paper thin side villians.

The story seems rather mysterious, with questions being brought up and answered later through the MC's observations.

The style is fine, with good action scenes and not too much exposition or meaningless scenes mixed in.

I'd reccomend this story, though it'd be great if this story could get some more updates. 😎