Agenda of the Villainess

Agenda of the Villainess (...)
by ThaviaVex
253 pages

As the daughter of a duke, Lady Alicia Senius expected to awaken her latent magical ability during her Blooming ceremony. She was not expecting her connection to the flowers of Fate to awaken memories of a past life, however, and certainly not memories that were somehow inextricably tied with her future. Now, Alicia must find a way to escape the fatal punishment that is the destiny of a villainous noble girl. In doing so, she might even alter the fate of the whole world.

This novel is a steampunk take on the otome villainess genre, heavily inspired by the late Victorian era of England and with a system of magic based around floweral circuitry. If that sounds like your cup of tea, why not give it a shot? Updates on Thursday every week.


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The Ambling Sapient

The Ambling Sapient
by NocturnalEmissary
153 pages

Everyman lead is abducted by aliens and forced into a deadly intragalactic gameshow.

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by TurkeyBlock
193 pages

Noah Fel was a [Ritualist] for the Collegium.

As a professor, his daily routine consisted largely of grading papers, writing apprentice recommendations, and helping to ensure that his students didn't blow themselves up.

Truly, it was a rewarding job.

Now though, displaced from his home in the after-effects of a ritual gone wrong, follow Fel on an inadvertent fantasy world adventure!

Lands to travel, people to meet, and deaths to be had! Here you’ll find rituals, monsters, magic, a number of distractions, and more nervously written author’s notes than you can shake a stick at!

A stand-alone brother story to Barkept

Image of the book displayed in the Cover-Art by Noupload

(Am I allowed to write author's notes in the Synopsis? Yeah why not- random thoughts, Go!)

I've never done this before, but I've got this neat leather-bound notebook and a will to write, so let's have an adventure!

If I do write something stupid, inconsistent, or strange, however... please do call me out on it?
I love well-meaning corrections, they're one of the best ways I could improve!

With all that out of the way, the author will sit here and transition into talking in the 3rd person while on break. It's the only time he's able to write. Don't worry, the work-break won't last long. Something is always sure to go wrong here at th

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This Quest is Bullshit

This Quest is Bullshit (...)
by Nixia
26 pages

The Questing Stones have come to Nowherested, and Evelia Greene is finally ready to receive her life's quest.  Perhaps she'll be a great warrior, or a wealthy merchant, or a brilliant mage.  Perhaps her quest is simply to live a quiet life, constantly honing a craft to the heights of perfection.  

Or perhaps the Questing Stones will grant her the legendary mission of popping over to the next village to pick up a loaf of bread.  

Either way, adventure is out there, and Eve is determined to have one.  

In accordance with Amazon's Kindle Unlimited policy, the completed story has been taken down. You can read it in its entirety here.

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Summon Imp!

Summon Imp!
by Oskatat
505 pages

Travel with a newly born demon as he grows and learns in his own world as well as in other worlds as he gets summoned again and again. Usually to die or kill for others in strange and exciting places, but it's never certain what the next one will bring. It has its perks. With each new world comes a new story with new experiences and new lessons. There is always more to see, more to learn and more to know. Maybe, someday, it will all make sense. For now he will just work hard to become stronger, to be useful and, hopefully, survive that way.

A coming-of-age story, but different.

Things start to slow down to a crawl. Colors blur into one another until my vision is completely white. All I can think is "Shit, not this again!"

I hate being summoned.


updates once a week until I get more time

The idea for this story began in two places. One was the ridiculously rapid pace of gaining power in many novels. Both in games and in novels, I enjoy the struggle of the beginning character, why always the rush? The other was the way many monster or non-human MCs always seem to hurry to become human (again). It always felt like a cheap way to grant the character extra powers without the difficulty of writing a non-standard thought process.

Thus I wanted to write the slow(ish) progression of a monster character gaining strength and intelligence, while remaining distinctly non-human. There are no stats, xp or systems, no reincarnated soul or completely formed being to start with - unless I want to make fun of those. While the MC 'evolves', the process takes months if not years to proceed step by little step. Sit down with me and imagine, what would it be like if...

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A Mediocre Supreme Cultivator

A Mediocre Supreme Cultivator (...)
by Litrpg101
203 pages

A man gets yeeted into a cultivation world.

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Gamer's Guide to Waking up as a Dinosaur

Gamer's Guide to Waking (...)
by SavageMercy
214 pages

Being born is hard.

Being reborn is even harder.

But being reborn as a baby dinosaur in a world where everything wants to kill you, skin you, and suck the marrow from your bones? That's the hardest.

At least the magical blue boxes say I can evolve, though?

Link to the discord: here.

Cover art done by Monomuss. You can connect with him via the discord server.

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by tetran
1.5k pages

Dylan is your average nerd. He works downtown for an architecture firm during the day and enjoys all manner of games and media in his spare time. But while Dylan likes all forms of sci-fi and fantasy, he really likes the genre of superheroes.

So when an indie company releases a virtual reality MMO where players choose to play as heroes or villains, Dylan immediately buys into it. He has a specific type of character he really enjoys watching, something that always makes his inner child laugh in delight. The Saturday morning cartoon villain.

Yes, those inept, bungling, yet highly dangerous villains found in so many of Dylan's cartoons as a child. He loves how they always come up with strange ways to conquer the world and how they get thwarted every weekend. He remembered laughing at every silly antic, every cliched shout of "Curses! Foiled again!" He loves it so much he decides to take this idea into the MMO.

But to grab a playerbase, the company has announced a promotion that players with a high enough reputation can get contacted to become permanent raid bosses in the game. Those chosen will be paid as if employees of the company. Serious players all hoping to live the dream of playing videogames all day rush to purchase copies of World of Supers!

What will happen when Dylan, someone playing the game for fun, clashes with these overly serious players?

Volume 1 is on sale! Find it here!

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A guy reincarnated as a sloth and is too lazy to be a protagonist

A guy reincarnated as (...)
by Mr.FluffyMuffins
99 pages

Hey, so do you also love a Story about people getting isekai’d into another world into a body of a monster that can evolve?

Yea, sucks that most of them are either Harems (honestly, at first I was like "weird flex but okay", but now every fucking story that looks like it could go somewhere just throws the MC a new love interest every 3 chapters or so), or idiots that trust the first human they see to not kill them.

Also, is it just me, or do most of them evolve into a human-ish Form way too fast? I mean what is the point of a monster MC if the guy is practically just an overpowered human?


Well, after like about 3 years I am kinda running out of good stories, so I'm gonna try to make one myself. It's probably gonna be pretty bad to be honest, but it has no harem so it is already better than 3/4 of novels out there. And I haven't even started yet!

But to be serious now: The story is about a pretty lazy guy who reincarnates as a sloth....I haven't really planned more for now... well, good luck to me I guess. Also I am not sure if I want this to have blue screens yet... I mean they look pretty neat but personally I'm kind of sick of them.

PS: If you wondered, no I am not the person that took the photo of a sloth with sunglasses...god, that dude must be living the Life...

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The Core in a cave in a mountain

The Core in a cave in (...)
by Mathesthos
149 pages

A new Core and his informative System take on the task to nurture this new dungeon.
A Core learns the ways of the dungeon and grows his power. Will he live a long life or be devoured by power-hungry individuals?

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Ben's Damn Adventure: The Prince Has No Pants

Ben's Damn Adventure: (...)
by saltywaters
1.3k pages

A comedy.

All life on Earth has been stolen away by The System, transported to another world at the behest of a distant galactic empire, who lived in terror of humanity's potential.

Ben was a normal, slightly above average man, and had been about to go on the first real vacation of his adult life. Now he must contend with danger and mystery in a world of monsters, magic and treasure, armed with nothing but his wits, and the special item given to him by The System.

This is his adventure.

Welcome to The World.

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Just a Bystander

Just a Bystander
by Aefraga
1.5k pages

Everyone wants to believe they are the hero of their own story. But in a world where prophecies are real, what happens if you're not the Chosen One?

A budding arcanist named Caden enrols in the Academy, entering the same cohort as one of the legendary Chosen Ones, and finds himself caught in a tangle of fate that threatens to unravel the entire Empire. 

Updates on the last week of each month.

Join the Discord community here.
Support me on Patreon here.

Cover art by Fuyu Dust.

"Just a Bystander" is a work of love and I intend to keep posting it for free on RoyalRoad for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to support me, I have a Patreon page for those who would like to make a financial contribution. However, I would like to stress that I am able to continue writing with or without financial support and that you should not feel compelled to put dollars into this. I am happy simply to receive your support as a reader, and would also love for you to join the Discord to hang out and chat with other readers.

I've chosen not to offer early chapters because I'd like my readers to keep apace with each other, and there are time constraints that come with my situation.

Thank you for reading my work. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it. =)

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