1. Re: How many days usually to post new chapter?

      Hi, One chapter per day does indeed require a lot of time and energy, so i would definitely advise against that if you want to prevent burnout. I'd say your upload schedule should depend on the length (...)

    2. Re: Saving chapters and publishing later, yes or no?

      Well, thank you all for your honest opinions. At least I got some of the answers I was looking for, although I'm still a little bit unsure what to do. I guess I'll still continue with my initial plan, (...)

    3. Re: Saving chapters and publishing later, yes or no?

      And getting a proof reader, could that be a good enough replacement for the feedback of an audience? I can't really imagine myself changing a huge part of the story because my readers told me to do so, (...)

    4. Re: Saving chapters and publishing later, yes or no?

      Hello and Merry Christmas everybody! With my exams behind me and Christmas holidays ahead, I've noticed that I suddenly have a lot of free time on my hands. This of course means I want to pick up writing (...)

    5. Re: Novel no longer here??

      Nope. Once a story is removed, it is actually removed. Maybe you can describe the story so people can help you remember the title? It might still be up on another site.

    6. Re: About rating and review

      It's probably because you don't have an active audience yet. Ratings usually start coming in when you have at least a thousand views or so. A lot of authors have this problem too, they upload regularly (...)

    7. Re: Is there a method to insert a new chapter in the middle of already published chapters?

      Yes, you can go to My fictions>Dashboard>Chapters. There you should find the reorder option in the upper right corner.  

    8. Re: I'm Looking For a Writer

      You don't need to be a great writer to make a good story. Honestly, I would just try out a few scribbles yourself. Nobody's first chapters are masterpieces anyway, just like all other things, practise (...)

    9. Re: How to see replies on my own comment when the author has deleted the chapter the comments are on?

      As an answer to the first question, you can't, sadly. If the chapter is gone, the comments are to I think.  As for Llamadragon's question, it should notify you by default, but if it doesn't, maybe check (...)

    10. Re: Are you allowed to self promote at the end of your chapters?

      On top of that, you could add some links in your bio on your profile, just a suggestion :)

    11. Re: Cover art resolution

      Yup, just multiply both sides with the same number (800/1200, 1200/1800 etc.) It should work the same but the res will be higher.

    12. Re: Isekai is this?

      To be honest, I wouldn't. This is just my opinion, but I think that is taking the isekai genre too far :I

    13. Re: Review edit?

      You can edit your review by making a new one, it'll update the old one automatically

    14. Re: Hello, new here, just want to ask a thing about writing here.

      Yes, actually most fictions on here are ongoing.

    15. Re: Help on Pictures in Novels

      I think it is, just make sure you put the name of the one who drew it below, just in case.

    16. Re: Can anyone make me a cover for my novel?

      There's a subforum for requesting art here. I also recommend telling how you want your cover to look, so people know what to draw.

    17. Re: Adding Custom Answers to Poll

      I don't think so. You could ask them to leave their suggestions in the comments, that works too I guess :/

    18. Re: Help me to choose + Brainstorm session

      I would personally be very interested to see the first one. I don't think the idea has been done before, and I think it has some real potential.

    19. Re: Looking for proofreader/editor

      Mate, you have over a million views :O

    20. Re: Advice on book cover dimensions

      The dimensions are 600x400, but anything in the same ratio works too.