Dungeon Core? Nah, I Think I'll Just Get Super-Wealthy Instead

Dungeon Core? Nah, I (...)
by Maltenai
313 pages

The cycle is simple enough. A Dungeon Core is born from a wayward soul. It seeks power and agency, and works to accumulate wealth to fuel its power, in turn using this power to accumulate further wealth. Inevitably, the mind is lost as desperation and ambition drive it to commit darker and darker acts. Shortly thereafter, the adventurers arrive to quell the core.

This is a tale that has repeated itself countless times throughout history: all cores desire power. And yet, this core seems to have it backwards.

It doesn't want to rule the world. It has no desire to enslave or conquer.

No, this core doesn't want to be a warlord, a villain, or a tyrant.

It wants to start a core-poration. 

After all, when money is power, what greater weapon is there than capitalism? Join a dungeon core that wastes an absurd amount of time and effort trying not to be evil on his journey to earn fat stacks against all odds. 

-This is a 'Dungeon Core' type fiction with LitRPG elements in it. The start may be fairly slow compared to the average. Expect roughly 2.5k per chapter.

-I'm only a hobbyist writer. As such, there may be the occasional error and pacing may be poorly-handled. Constructive criticism is alway welcome. I'm just here to write stuff that makes my brain release the g o o d c h e m i c a l s.

-I am trashy and I like monsterpeople so you can expect an awful lot of those as we get further in.

Thank you for reading this far, and I hope you enjoy.

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Enduring Good : [The Rationalist's Guide to Cultivation and Cosmic Abominations from Beyond the Stars]

Enduring Good : [The (...)
by powered_by_coffee
242 pages

A twenty-first century human mind is awakened in a strange land of boundless cults, spirit servants and immortal cultivators ruled by titanic god-beasts. Coexisting within the body of a street urchin girl, the last pharmacist in the universe attempts to fix the broken world of tomorrow by wielding the long-lost power of science and rationality.

[Rational Progression] + [Xianxia] + [Litrpg] + [Comedy] + [Post-Apocalyptic] + [Humanity, Fuck Yeah!]
New chapters - M-W-F! [->Join the discord<-]

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Breaker of Horizons

Breaker of Horizons
by NoDragons
795 pages

-- A System Apocalypse from the invader's perspective. A monster evo story with cultivation. --

Nic has been Selected. Chosen to adventure out to a new world, and help the System break the natives into submission. To become an Invader of worlds fighting for the Integration of a planet called 'Earth.'

Selected to leave his body behind and become a monster. Selected to live or die on his own wits, his own strengths.

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Mark of the Fool: A Progression Fantasy

Mark of the Fool: A Progression (...)
by UnstoppableJuggernaut
1.7k pages

After his parents died, Alex Roth had a plan: become a wizard. Through hard work, he was accepted into the world’s greatest university of wizardry—but fate had another plan.

On his eighteenth, he is marked as one of his kingdom’s five Heroes, chosen to fight the land’s great enemy. But his brand is 'The Fool', worst of the marks.

Rather than die or serve the other Heroes like Fools in the past, he packs up his little sister, his childhood friend and her cerberus, then flees for the university in hope of refuge, magic and to unravel the truth about his land’s evil.

There’s one small problem: The Mark tries to ruin magic while enhancing skills outside of divinity, combat and spellcraft.…

…that is, unless he can learn to exploit the hell out of it.


This the first time I am writing a web novel type story, and I hope you like it. I like progression stories and I've always wanted to try and write one like a few of the web novels that inspired me.

Updates Tues-Wed-Thur-Fri-Sat.

There are currently 20 advanced chapters on my patreon as a thank you to patrons.

Join us on discord!

Chapters will be roughly 2000-2500 words.

[participant in the Royal Road Writathon challenge]


Rating: This story is kind of like a PG-13 movie. There'll be gore and some swearing but not much beyond that. If that changes, I'll warn you. 

Tone: Tone will be a mix of some action-adventure with excitement, comedy, slice of life elements and mystery. I won't be going too dark with this story. There will be mentions of war, some death, grief and violence.

MC: MC is analytical/rational with emotions. He is mostly in control of those emotions. MC will progress in power, eventually becoming very strong. When that happens, I'll add the Strong Lead tag.

Fights: Fights will be detailed.


Stuff this story won't have:

- Extreme grimdark content

- Murderhobo plots

- Edgy, anti-hero MC 

- Pacifist MC

- Harems

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Tian (A LitRPG Cultivation Isekai)

Tian (A LitRPG Cultivation (...)
by MelasD
325 pages

Death is a disease, and there is only one cure.

Tian, a Cultivator at the precipice of ascension, is thwarted in her quest for immortality. Defeated, she escapes to another world with Levels, Classes, magic, and monsters. She becomes a Lost Soul and her core begins to dwindle, but she does not abandon her goal.

Working with a group of rebels in this new world, she opposes the unkillable tyrant Galgom to learn his secrets. Against his army of machines wielding laser guns and laser swords, she will cultivate her new powers, achieving Feats as she seeks her antidote:


Just a forewarning, this book, once finished, will remain up for a period of time before being taken down for Kindle Unlimited. Unfortunately, I won't be able to maintain three web serials with a consistent schedule for an extended period of time, hence my decision.

However, the entire story will be available to read for free if you BINGE BINGE BINGE! 

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Vigor Mortis

Vigor Mortis
by Thundamoo
1.4k pages

In a world of sky islands orbiting around a core of mist, humanity is besieged with countless threats.  When a young girl from the slums unwittingly becomes one of those threats, she finds herself capable of horrific things that she can’t help but learn to love...  

Vigor Mortis is a lighthearted story about existential terror.  Come for the horror, stay for the hope.  

Updates W-F.  Enjoy the read!

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Evil Overlord: So Much Dominating

Evil Overlord: So Much (...)
by NotGodot
31 pages

Evil Overlord: So Much Dominating is the direct sequel to Evil Overlord: The Makening. 

Gar the Pitiless has decided he wants only one thing out of life: Utter Domination. In So Much Dominating, he sets about getting it. But will his Vision and Mission truly be enough to put a fractious, uncooperative world under his heel? There's only one way to find out, and that way will be paved in blood, treachery and pain. Along the way, Gar will once again provide would-be Overlords with his sage advice. 

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by NoDragons
399 pages

A dead world. A dungeon core that brings rain and life.

A god of war that wants to rule over the ruins forever.


An eternal thank you to Vitaly S Alexius for the amazing cover.

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Beware Of Chicken

Beware Of Chicken
by Casualfarmer
1.3k pages

Jin Rou wanted to be a cultivator who defied the heavens, and surpassed all limits.

Unfortunately for him, he died, and now I’m stuck here. Arrogant young masters? Heavenly tribulations? Cultivating for days on end, then getting into life or death battles?

Yeah, no thanks. I'm getting out of here.

In which a transmigrator decides that the only winning move is not to play.

Beware of Chicken will be updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

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The White Horde (Revised)

The White Horde (Revised) (...)
by David Talon
793 pages

The rewritten version of the same ongoing story, recast into Past Tense and lightly edited.

Inspired by the intrigue, drama, and destruction whispered to us by ancient history, this story is set in a world where magic is slowly dying, and decadent empires struggle against each other as well as against the barbarian hordes pushing ever westward. The story is told from the viewpoints of three people whose actions will change the fate of nations and empires alike:

Amazonia. More than just a female gladiator but a champion of the arena, she will win her freedom at a price: to become a Reaver Knight not seen since the days of ancient Babylonia, with a mission to save the empire that enslaved her from destruction at the hands of a rival empire, the Sasnayams.

Wysper. A Celtic priestess stolen away from her homeland by Muzen, high priest of the Sasnayam deity Yun-Kax, she possesses a mana node like a second heart inside her body which Muzen rips out each time he 'sacrifices' her to their god to appease the masses. Despite her strong will, everyone has a limit, and Muzen's actions have driven Wysper close to the edge of suicide.

Greywolf. Son of the infamous Shadow-walker, Ghostdog, and the Celestial Asena, who was once revered as the Wolf-mother goddess, but now guards caravans for drinking money. His boring life will change when his impulsive act puts Wysper's life in danger, yet saving her risks his death, or enslavement at Muzen's hands.

And all the while, the White Horde sits on the edge of empires, biding its time...

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Dungeon Darwinism

Dungeon Darwinism
by Deathless
30 pages

Available at!

Dungeon Darwinism: A Monster Evolution Gamelit

Dungeons are a lot like sea turtles. They’re born in clutches of dozens, if not hundreds. A hundred may be born at one time, buried in still burning cities, or in forests where the canopy hides the sky, or in ocean trenches at the bottom of the sea. But only one in a clutch ever makes it to the surface.

Everyone knows about dungeons— monstrous factories that emerge out of the earth, full of riches and Arcana and power— and monsters.

Mark doesn’t know anything about dungeons. He isn’t from this world. He's been reborn in another world.

Just one problem: he is half of a dungeoncore.

The other half? A Dark Lord.

Start the adventure and download on Kindle Unlimited.

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A Lonely Dungeon

A Lonely Dungeon
by cathfach
213 pages

When a new dungeon is born, it wants nothing more than to have the most vicious monsters, the most cunning traps and the most shiny of loot. There is only one problem, but it's a rather big one; it finished its first floor years ago, but it still hasn't been visited by any adventurers! In order to find someone or something to explore its floors, or perhaps just to find someone to talk to, this dungeon will have to go way off script. But it soon discovers that going off script brings problems of its own, and that adventurers are not the only thing this world is missing.

A shortish story about a dungeon's journey of exploration and self-discovery in a devastated world. Cover made (poorly) with POV-Ray.

Prequel to An Unbound Soul

Published here, scribblehub and amazon.

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