I Don't Bite...

I Don't Bite...

    1. Re: Looking for the SPICIEST synopsis...

      How about actually describing what the game will be like since that's what the story is about.  Literally everything else I would gloss over in half a sentence since it's all stuff people assumed the (...)

    2. Re: Thank you Royal Road!

      here's the link. thank you if you wanna read it. I'll read your's when i have the time... and you have a 30 chapter backlog! i only have twenty. and i can only use 10 of them cause i rewrote them from (...)

    3. Re: Thank you Royal Road!

      Congrats on succeeding. It's great to know someone else's second book did well cause mine is also a second one. gives me hope... :peolove:  also,,, It's been taking me so long to publish my second (...)

    4. Re: Looking for the SPICIEST synopsis...

      My new series is out, but I'm lacking a synopsis with a proper punch. I'm no good at writing them. Here are the few versions of the synopsis I cooked up... 1. Chitra lived in a world of darkness. Life (...)

    5. Re: MC's with Disabilities

      My current work might fall in that category, though having no experience I don't know if I executed the state of blindness well enough... https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/33029/viewpoint-bloom

    6. Re: New Story Idea, if anyone wants them, Sadly, I can't make them.

      The thing about fiction writing is, except for special occasions, authors are never short on ideas, so if it's your own idea, it's better to try it out yourself. Sure, it won't be perfect. it never is (...)

    7. Re: I only started practicing recently...

      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/681529050321387708/704582993544609792/IMG_20200428_120448.jpgshe's Miss huge head tiny features... I'd like to think I improved somewhat from when I drew her a month (...)

    8. Re: Illustration Sets by van

      :peolove: the art is genuinely great!!!  

    9. Re: If you wound up in an Isekai story, what would most likely be your cause of death?

      die from some kind of bite maybe??? or get sacrificed to dragon god by some pitchfork and torch-wielding villagers. well, that'd also be a bite i guess a dragon bite... that's why i say biting is (...)

    10. Re: Share Your Teenage Fiction Here

      I was 14 I think when I actually stuck through and completed my first book against all the complaints of my parents who wanted me to study(and after that, I have no more completed work on my record, except (...)

    11. Re: Thoughts on photorealism?

      am I missing something or are people suggesting photorealism lacks imagination? I mean, sure photorealism is mostly used to depict real-life objects, but it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be constrained (...)

    12. Re: What song is stuck in your head right now?

      listening to it right now...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFrPrIxluWk&app=desktop

    13. Re: What genre is just a plain loaf of bread?

      genres aren't boring, books are...


      a small one i did on discord... A dull blade, a sharp pain Lost in night a drop of rain Sun arose the colour of blood Left its mark on damp cold mud Fell the blade that struck the stone You (...)

    15. Re: I only started practicing recently...

      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/681529050321387708/703835170779955216/IMG_20200426_103220.jpgslightly skewed... https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/681529050321387708/704198205356900382/IMG_20200427_103114.jpgthe (...)

    16. Re: Question: Why are the arts important to society?

      A lot of people will probably answer this with a lot of philosophical opinions, but there is also a biological reason for this. A human brain is still the quickest at processing visual information. (...)

    17. Re: Question: Why are the arts important to society?

      i'm no studied artist, so i can't put it in any better terms, but in my opinion, art is giving shape to your imaginations, and often times create something beyond the bounds of your imagination. more than (...)

    18. Re: I only started practicing recently...

      grim... https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/681529050321387708/703255160591351828/IMG_20200424_194724.jpgdon't understand why the pics are sideways here. i mean i took them that way, but i did turn (...)

    19. Re: Is this cover good enough?

      yeah, it's cool. i really like it, just the white background is somewhat... jarring? maybe you could add the character's shadow to the ground???


      Well, I asked wing for a poetry section just like art section and she said I can just use the art section for it. I have been busy with my writing(and I'm a lazy procrastinator) so I didn't have the time... (...)