I Don't Bite...

I Don't Bite...

    1. Re: You can't outsmart God, and he doesn't particularly care for you either.

      I always thought that "omniscient" meant that God knows everything -- including what everyone else is thinking right now! That would make it extremely difficult for anyone else to come up with a clever (...)

    2. Re: You can't outsmart God, and he doesn't particularly care for you either.

      Well, I've heard of omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent God. But those things say nothing about God's intelligence. After all, being those things doesn't necessarily mean a high intelligence threshold (...)

    3. Re: Offering reviews

      Mine, maybe??? Link in the first line of my signature. Second-line leads to my discord...

    4. Re: You can't outsmart God, and he doesn't particularly care for you either.

      Please, never portray THE GOD as an entity with human behaviors, if God exists he's not some 100 IQ old man looking snob. And please, never tell a writer not to do something in their story. You (...)

    5. Re: What do you consider most important in a fight scene?

      We all hate writing fight scenes, right?  No, they're some of the most fun scenes to write. Speak for yourself... :DrakanSigh:

    6. Re: Has there been any changes to how the Trending list works?

      Yes, trending has gotten a massive overhaul in how it works. With at first sight the 30 days rule removed, with there being seemingly no age restriction anymore for trending, so in theory even fresh (...)

    7. Re: What do you consider most important in a fight scene?

      My only real advice is keep it snappy. You can't have 30 word sentences for things that are supposed to happen in an instance. It's somewhat of a misguided opinion, I think. Though the length of the (...)

    8. Re: Thoughts on Writer's Arrogance? (Rant fuel)

      Welp, my review got kicked off now.  Poor author whined to the admins.  A review or a story isn't just taken down because someone reports it. If it is unclear whether the review broke the rule and (...)

    9. Re: The Nature of Villains

      Villains are ultimately hurdles for your protagonist to overcome. No matter how grand, how boring, or how interesting, they might even be a hurdle the protagonist never overcomes in the story(Lovecraft's (...)

    10. Re: How does Magic in your fiction work?

      I've got no clue, to be honest... at least, for my current works, I mostly don't...

    11. Re: What kind of Gods do you have in your story?

      Kinda like Greek gods. Selfish ones...

    12. Re: Offering Honest Reviews

      Late to the party as always. I can never get the first spot. The link to my story is in the first sentence of my signature(the second one leads to my discord server). Feel free to check it out...

    13. Re: Deciding Between Past Tense and Present Tense.

      Well, most stories are usually written in the past tense, because it's taken as a retelling of something that already happened, so most people are more used to that. From a reader's perspective, suddenly (...)

    14. Re: Anyone else have "disable" or "handicapped" characters?

      My MC is a blind girl. I did research some things about blindness, but not much to be honest. I kinda just write by feeling and I wanted to put the story out as soon as I could, so I did it...

    15. Re: How to cure depression?

      Everyone here's talking about getting professional help and taking medications. So which medicine should I take to cure procrastination???

    16. Re: Thoughts on Writer's Arrogance? (Rant fuel)

      Yeah, I use whom too. Even though I don't swear by them or anything, there's always a place for them in writing...

    17. Re: Is this hook good enough for first page? Attempt number 2

      "flickering" gives a weak impression to the flames...

    18. Re: How do you check if you have applied properly for RR Writathon?

      Am I supposed to get some kind of notification or flair that I have applied properly? I am sitting on around 13k words right now, waiting for some kind of go sign. I am scared to post any more chapters (...)

    19. Re: Why do you write?

      Do you enjoy it, or is it a way to make a living for you. Why assume they have to be separate? You can make a living out of something you enjoy. As for me, I have stories I want to tell. I have got (...)