I Don't Bite...

I Don't Bite...

    1. Re: When do you like your chapters?

      "Nastily unhealthy". Is that even a phrase??? Well, it is now...

    2. Re: When do you like your chapters?

      Don't even get me going about my reading habits. I have no fixed schedule and if it's a story that really grabs my interest, all other things usually go out of the window, even sleeping. It's a nastily (...)

    3. Re: CreativeNovels. What has your experience been with the site?

      I did open an account there on someone's recommendation but never got around to posting anything...

    4. Re: Trolls converge here! Part the second.

      Young'ins these days. Running headfast into trolling and not knowing what huge pitfall awaits them...

    5. Re: Trolls converge here! Part the second.

      well, he'll be back in about 10 days, so no biggie...

    6. Re: Trolls converge here! Part the second.

      FYI, dog got banned because of that copy pasta thing. so I'd be extremely careful if I were you...

    7. Re: Trolls converge here!

      Ah! that classic monologue...

    8. Re: activation

      Send a support ticket to the admins maybe???

    9. Re: Wreath of Lilies, Cauldron of Poison: Art Stuff

      https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/265562086367559680/758021786704281781/ggg.png Manly old man with a majestic beard. He's Scottish(unless you can't tell from the kilt he's wearing)... This is (...)

    10. Re: Trolls converge here!

      now we only need a penguin and a cat...

    11. Re: Have there been any RR collabs/crossovers?

      Correction on the AH/JBR crossover. The chapters are still up, since they are simply a bonus. And yeah, crossovers are exceedingly rare for fictions, that one case is the only one i know. Hey zeth, (...)

    12. Re: Trolls converge here!

      This thread is for all the trolls on this site. Let's have a troll war.  Don't even try. You wouldn't be the first one to either. The mods are just no fun; they keep their eyes peeled to spot even the (...)

    13. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      Any ideas on how to get views? I got none so far.  How many days have you been posting your fic for? Try for a decent cover and have a good Synopsis ready. Other than that, be active around the forums (...)

    14. Re: Are you allowed to self promote at the end of your chapters?

      Well, you can leave those in the author's note without any problem I think, but don't do it in the synopsis or during submitting a fiction. That's against the rules. For more info, you can head to the (...)

    15. Re: What are the best ways to promote my book?

      Best way to promote a book? hmm... Don't know if it's true or not but there's this peculiar thing I've heard. Usually, even if an artist is unknown throughout his or her life, after their death their (...)

    16. Re: Swap: Since everybody's doing it, why not me?

      A butler in the noble house by RickySnowy, Done...

    17. Re: A guy raised some good points, but also told me the story is garbage

      I had a comment like that. in response, I wrote a really passive-aggressive reply. And before posting it, I deleted most of it; instead, very politely thanked the guy for his opinions...

    18. Re: Multi-Headed Side Characters Suck

      I'm planning on introducing my MC to a team, only to back out later cause she couldn't really cope with team play...

    19. Re: Do you think some antagonists/villains of a story deserve brutal deaths?

      blindness, blindness... if you mean the actual defect, I don't think it applies, though you probably mean something else...

    20. Re: Swap: Since everybody's doing it, why not me?

      The Marchant Prince by TaxReligion, done...