1. Re: Maromar's review list

      Mind adding one more? Conscientia The story is about the effects of entropy on the human soul, control (and lack thereof) of circumstances, and finally people's reactions to it. Nearly done with the (...)

    2. Re: Cosmic Horror fictions - asking for

      My novel Conscientia explores the question: "What if the reader were the Haunter of the Dark?" But it is not overtly cosmic horror. In essence, all the elements are there, but not in the same way as you (...)

    3. Re: Nimbus reviewing services.

      *Bangs head* How many times do I have to say this thread is closed before people stop posting? No, seriously. Edit the original post to say it at the top in big bold letters...? I had to (...)

    4. Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

      Recognition! Online is a land of miracles after all! Alas, the list is long and my chances slim... To those at the front, revel in your good fortune! Few offer such services no strings attached. (...)

    5. Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

      Ouch. Utterly ignored. I thought online wasn't supposed to be like the real world. I want a refund!

    6. Re: Tana's Reviews 2: Revenge of Something, I Guess

      I have a number of rather thorough reviews, but if you find yourself bored and waiting for others to join the queue, well have I got a yarn for you! Epic. Mysterious. Utter genius. People's heads have (...)

    7. Re: Is my writing too intimidating?

      Read the first chapter and 'intimidating' is not the word I'd use. Your style/presentation is different, for sure, but not terribly complicated. A big word here, an unusual sentence construction there, (...)

    8. Re: Review Swap

      I'd be up for a swap!

    9. Re: Feedback (For Real This Time)

      I'm up for a trade!

    10. Re: Review swap for my novel Requiem

      I'm willing to swap! Your 8 chapters to 8 of my own. What say you?

    11. Re: Some more review trading

      I'd like to join in on the fun and can read 20-30k words before the review. I also leave feedback each chapter.

    12. Re: Reviews for me and you

      If you're willing, I am. I typically leave feedback on each chapter before leaving a review. How about we say 15 chapters? If we're interested in the story we go further, if not just review it at 15. I (...)

    13. Re: Review Swap

      Having completed 5 review swaps, I've settled on a style of reviewing (stolen in great part from others on RR) that I think will be maximally helpful. It involves detailed comments on each chapter read (...)

    14. Re: Yet another review swap thread!

      I'll give it a go. Link to mine is in the signature. Only one arc is complete in the story thus far, but if you wanted to make up the difference in word count, you could review the short story I have also (...)

    15. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      This thread is too long to read thoroughly in its entirety, so forgive me if this has already been suggested: How about a trinary score not per chapter but as an average of a group of chapters, and (...)

    16. Re: Finding Your Audience

      To clarify, I did read Conscentia and Before the Fall, but I don't think anyone will believe me. I'll do have to point out that I'm not sure what makes them niche, especially since they are both clearly (...)

    17. Re: Finding Your Audience

      I appreciate the encouraging message, Tomoyuki T--a lot of useful ideas to chew on. I think it's a framing issue, though. I honestly do believe you and Ral are espousing the same basic philosophy. I (...)

    18. Re: Finding Your Audience

      Ral, I'm curious: who exactly would you say is a good writer, as in someone you'd like to emulate?

    19. Re: Finding Your Audience

      Many points of interest, but three most loudly spoke to me. It is possible to have no niche for it. No market. That is, no one is out there out there looking for it. While yes, people have varied (...)