Simon D. Keith

Simon D. Keith

    1. Re: Looking for a certain sort of book

      *rubs hands together gleefully* My time has come. ...actually, I haven't read anything by the specific authors you mention, so I can't say how closely these will match. However, I do have some good (...)

    2. Looking for a certain sort of book

      Hello to all. I'm currently looking for something along the lines of modernist/postmodernist works of fiction (stuff like Thomas Pynchon or Virginia Woolf) with a preference towards fantasy/weird fiction. (...)

    3. Re: Behold, a reader!

      It's a reader! Get him!!! 🤣 Even if you're longer here than me, welcome to the forums! I hope you continue finding nice stuff to read and good luck with your writing when you take the step. (...)

    4. Re: Behold, a reader!

      What is this rare sight? A reader? On RR? In the forums?!  :Peopew:  Get them!! I kid! Welcome to the forums! I adore fantasy and sci-fi. My reasons for writing them are pretty similar to your reasons (...)

    5. Re: Behold, a reader!

      The dark side of Royal Road is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be... unnatural. You get that typing speed powerup. *cues the Typeracer training montage* How can you be a writer unless (...)

    6. Re: Behold, a reader!

      Welcome to the forum, readers are quite a rare breed it's a pleasure to have you, what do you like to read? feel free to ask any questions, or just shoot the breeze here's to your future success, (...)

    7. Re: Behold, a reader!

      Your title is actually funny hahaha. We do have a lot of writers in the forums / introductions post. Nice of you to quick make your forums ~debut~ before you join the ~dark side~. The forums do (...)

    8. Behold, a reader!

      That's me I am the reader. Hello, I'm not exactly new here but I just remembered the forums exist so now I'm here. I'm also going to be a writer, but for now just reader. That's it I guess. Good day to (...)