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    1. Re: Review Swap

      I'm also down for a review swap! If you like xianxia/eastern fantasy pm me if your interested! Link: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/27925/beyond-the-primordials

    2. Re: Novels with Skills and levels

      Levels? You'll probably like xianxia cultivation novels then! Which cough cough is where my shameless self-promotion begins. Title: Beyond The Primordials Genre: Xianxia/Eastern Fantasy Link: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/27925/beyond-the-primordials (...)

    3. Re: LF Underrated Novels

      You could try mine out! I see a lot of western fantasy and litrpg's on this site. If you want a crack at eastern fantasy or xianxia come check mine out! I feel you when you say the cover can really matter (...)

    4. Re: Ya Know What? Go Ahead And Plug. Show Ya Stories

      Genre: Eastern Fantasy/Xianxia I just started recently so I only have 9 chapters, but I'm trying to update as frequently as I can! If you enjoy xianxia cultivation novels give it a read and I hope you (...)

    5. Re: Review swap for startups

      Hi Winterwisp! If your still looking for reviews, would you care to swap with me? My novel is a classic xianxia or eastern fantasy, which I'm hoping your familiar with! If not, just reviewing its general (...)

    6. Re: Review Swaps! Fantasy, Xianxia, Sci-Fi!

      Hi guys, I'm Wayward Scholar! I'm a new author and a huge fan of xianxia, fantasy, and sci-fi in that order! If any of you want to do a review swap and your novel is one of those categories I would happy (...)