Cocop (Cale Plamann)

Cocop (Cale Plamann)

Warlock's Gate [DROPPED]

Although short right now, this is a very intiguing glimpse into a story with a lot of potential.  There are one or two things that dropped immersion for a half second (it can get a little infodump heavy and there are a lot of status updates for skills etc) but there is a reason that the style score only dropped a half point.  Those are very minor issues and everything else is VERY good.

In short, the story isn't super long yet, but everything you CAN see hints that it's going to be a good one.

The writing is smooth and flows well.  There are POV jumps but they are done very well and add significantly to the overall story.  After a bit of exposition it does a very good job of smoothly introducing an engaging world.

I didn't notice anything.  

The worldbuilding hints we see are very good, but the story itself does a very good job of investing the reader in the MC and her struggles to make something of her self.

The MC is still developing, but it looks like she is heading in the right direction.  Everyone else?  Her familiar, side characters etc are very good and feel unique/real.  Given a couple more chapters this could easily push itself up to a 5 star.

Harbinger of Destruction (an EVP LitRPG)

Short and sweet: This is worth a read.  The plot follows familiar revenge tropes but they're don wel and from a very new direction.  

My biggest compaint with this story is how crunchy it is and how the crunchiness ultimately doesn't feel like much.  Every attack deals a Very High Number of damage and stats are Very High numbers that feel... abstract and disconnected from the story.

That's it.  That's the bad.  Easily skippable and it doesn't break immersion.  Now onto the things I liked.

Stylistically the writing is good and combat heavy.  The story has primarily one POV with a couple minor shifts in order to explore the world, but the author does a good job of keeping the story limited to one compelling plotline and following that to its conclusion.  There aren't any plot bunnies to distract us, just a singleminded focus on justice/vengeance with some hints morality concerns from the MCs companions.  Simple, but effective and a lot of fun.

The grammar is good enough that I didn't notice anything and that's what good grammar does.

The story is a simple and straightforward tale of revenge, but told from the perspective of an NPC that breaks free of his programming in an MMO.  The author does an interesting job exploring the various NPC's enslavement to their programming and some of the struggles that entails, but the vast majority of the story is "PCs do careless and awful things to an NPC, and he reenacts John Wick or Taken on their faces with an axe."

I took a .5 off on both of these fronts because the characters and the story are fairly simple, but don't take that to mean they aren't fun.  They're a lot of fun.  This is an emotionally satisfying, gritty revenge story and the author does a great job with it.  Its a delightful summer blockbuster of a book, and even if its not going to get an academy award for some overly emotional contrivances, It's a heck of a good time.

Tower of Arnold: A Somnus Story

One: I love everythin written by thedude

Two: even if I didn't, this is a mandatory like from me for obvious reasons

Three: I've always wanted to read "Wicked by way of r/niceguys" and this seems like the best bet we have for that dream becoming reality.

Now I just need a Gravity magic/defying gravity joke and it will be perfect.

Instant Follow/Favorite

my first story ^U^

I'm not sure what's happening

I've read five chapters of this book and the room is spinning.  I'm not sure if it's original, translated, satire or genuine.  All I know is that it has made me put my own writing and attempts to convey plot points and emotion into perspective.

To quote Percy Shelley:

“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone
Stand in the desert. . . . Near them, on the sand,
Half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown,
And wrinkled lip, and sneer of cold command,
Tell that its sculptor well those passions read
Which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things,
The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed;
And on the pedestal, these words appear:
My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Sylver Seeker

Necromancer with a heart of gold

And who knows, it might even be his!

One look at the author's profile pic and you can feel the homage to overlord oozing off of this story.  The main character is a necromancer that isn't BAD but isn't going to take a loss just to help someone else out, all bundled in a fairly standard semi-op reincarnation story.

Really, where this story stands out is that the main character is here for his family (defined by him).  We have hints fo the various borerline immortal entities he called friends in a forgotten age as well as the people he has decided to protect in the modern, and almost more than the leveling up and story, those characters are the focus of this story (if you're not getting Overlord vibes yet, you should be).

That said, the flow and pacing is much better than at least the anime version of Overlord (I haven't read the LN or Manga so I wouldn't know on that front).  In short, I enjoyed it a lot more than I did watching the show.  This doesn't mean its a 1:1 match with overlord, there is more focus on worldbuilding and leveling (all of which I enjoyed) and the family focus is more of a 'search for the family' rather than a desire to protect them, but the same aesthetic is still very much there.

TLDR: Should I read it?

Yes.  The MC is OP but not over the top and the story is well written with good pacing/flow.  GIve it a few chapters, it'll be worth your time. 

Salvos [A Monster Evolution LitRPG]

I'm a sucker for monster evolution stories, and this is a good addition ot the genre.  Its a bit slower than I'm used to, replacing the dopemine rush of constant level/evolution ups with a more character heavy focus.

Frankly? I think it's a breath of fresh air.  Salvos is a curious demon trying to understand a new world with no prior knowledge, and I find her struggles to define herself both emotionally and physically an interesting counterpoint to the usual blue screens and combat skills (which are still there).

The only downside is that its short.  Well worth a read.

Sexy Space Babes

I'm not a fan of smut, but there's enough fun military scifi here that you can just skip past it and enjoy a heavy handed (in a fun way!) inversion of gender norms in the middle of a standard 'marine boot camp' military science fiction story.

Well written with sparing third person POV.  The story flows easily from one scene to another without lingering too long on extraneous issues or skipping over things that help build the characters.  The action is fluid and fun to read, and the plot develops smoothly and in general it does a very good job at encouraging you to flip from chapter to chapter.

I didn't notice anything.  Doesn't mean that there isn't something there, but it was clean enough for me to skip past it.  

The story and character are fairly well done if straightforward.  The main character is thrown into space marine boot camp with voracious space babes and he has to complete military training while deciding whether or not to keep his purity intact and navigating alien social norms.

Right now, there's not a lot that has actually happened, both by way of character development and plot development outside of a slightly exagerrated inversion of Earht norms, but what has happened has been very good.  I'm interested in where the author is going with the world building as it seems interesting and we appear to be building toward enemies, but internal and external, but so far not a lot has happened.  Hence a joint 4.5.

TLDR: Worth a read and the smut isn't essential to the plot (thank God).

Void Breaker

System Apocolypse Twist - Lacking a little focus

This story had some frustrating elements, but those parts were frustrating mostly because so much else of the story had potential.  Is it worth reading? Yes.  Could it be improved? Also yes.

This is the story's biggest weakness.  The chapters from Liz's perspective are well written and engaging.  You care about her struggles, triumphs and how she overcomes obstacles.  The fights are frequent without being overwhelming, well written and engaging.  The problem comes when the author tries to slot in other viewpoints (and there are a lot).  All but one felt underdeveloped and jarring. 

The story is very fun and worth following up on, but I would suggest that the author either expand the other viewpoints to the point where the characters feel fleshed out or drop them entirely.

One thing I am very interested in is the 'returnee' side character.  He seems to be interesting and a good framing device for the full picture of what is happening in the doomed world.  I'm not sure I've seen a side character returnee used in this fashion before, and I am intrigued in seeing how it will play out.

I also very much like the aggressive and almost brutal nature of the System in the way it interacts with people.  

The idea that you can make purchases from the System without xp/credits in exchnage for emotional costs really interests me and I want to see how the author develops it.


Evidently there were some minor mistakes before I read it, but they appear to be fixed now.  5/5.

Character Score
If you want to talk about weak to strong, this story is very good at it.  In fact the MC almost starts out too weak and the story is about her confronting that weakness, both physically and emotionally.  it's a little short right now, but her arc has a lot of promise (as does the returnee) and its worth reading for their development alone.

The Solar Towers: Telilro

Obviously you should read this.  Materia blade is one heck of an author and even though we only have fifty or so pages of story, already it is positively tantalizing.  The story starts slow, but the world and characters are heavy with unspoken concerns and mysteries.  We have hints of magic, of ecological disaster, and of trauma, but we don't know anything yet.  More importantly, the writing is good enough that Materia makes you WANT to know. 

In my mind that's the line between a good story and a great one, and at least so far, this is a great one.

My only 'complaint' is that the story eases us into the world a bit slowly.  This isn't actually a problem.  It fits the heaviness and dread that underpins everything so far like a glove.  The writing is good, the flow is good, and the pacing are good.  An easy five stars.

I didn't notice any problems.  There might be some, but if there are they're rare enough that I didn't spot them.

There's barely a story right now, just the foundation of one, but hoo boy what a foundation.  From the aesthetic to the world, everything feels right.

So far we only have one real character, consumed by survivors guilt and lashing out at his friends but he's believeable and sympathetic.  He's seen things and done things that he's struggling to process and the writing does him justice beautifully.

Monarchy of the Ancients

Onto Something But Not Quite There

This is an interesting story because there are elements I really like and elements that make it struggle.  In recommending this, I want the caveat to very much be "so long as you can get past the word usage/stylistic issues."

That said, there are some hints of a fun and fast light novel hiding in this story.  I think the author is on the right track and I really hope they can refine and polish it until it is there.  The aesthetic and 'anime feel' of a fun story of the new prince/king and his friends having to protect his kingdom against nefarious plots seems fertile ground for a story.

This story is written to be fast and fun with a focus on a cast of unique characters.  That said, it clashes with a ponderous writing style, long chapters and some questionable word choice issues.  It sounds like the author is working on ironing out the kinks so hopefully by the time you read this, these problems will be in the rearview.

Not going to lie, the grammar is a bit rough.  There tense confusion issues, missing words, confusing descriptions, and just generally a strange 'off' feeling to how the words are chosen/used.  If grammar is a dealbreaker for you, you should probably move on from this story.

We're in the early stages of the story, but I very much like the simple but fun trajectory of the plot so far.  In addition, does a good job of introducing a fairly complex world that feels lived in and developed.  I ended my read eager to know more about the universe of the novel.

The characters are a bit tropey, but they all feel different and real.  I feel like a story focusing on them, their development and their interaction has alot of potential as they seem like a fun bunch