Cocop (Cale Plamann)

Cocop (Cale Plamann)

    1. Re: Is it possible for non-LitRPG stories to do well on RR?

      Absolutely! Don't listen to the naysayers. While LITrpg can do well, it is not a requirement. I prefer to write epic fantasy with large casts of believable characters, deep and complex plots, and (...)

    2. Re: Is it possible for non-LitRPG stories to do well on RR?

      Have you considered focusing on cosplay and lewdness instead?  If you think about it hard enough, bust size IS a stat and you CAN level it up!

    3. Re: COMPLETED my trilogy

      Thats a huge deal! Congrats!

    4. Re: Who are the best authors on Royal Road with more than one story?

      Throwing in to say Void Herald, Ravensdagger, Andur, and Vihyngrang are pretty classic.  Hard to go wrong if you're reading one of those three. 

    5. Re: Overcoming the Need for Validation: How to Not Give Up

      Think of it in numbers. 10, 15, 20 people gave you a bad rating, but a ton of people are taking the time out of their day to read your story.  Ignore that 20.  They may or may not have a point and engaging (...)

    6. Re: Overcoming the Need for Validation: How to Not Give Up

      I have been pretty vocal about how close I was to stop posting on RR. Mind you, I was never close to stopping to write (though it would slow down a lot). I was just close to quitting to post what I had (...)

    7. Re: problems in the current state of affairs of RRL and similar ecospheres

      If your response is "amazon is soulless, but those machine translated light novels, THAT is real literature" I struggle with to understand your viewpoint.   If you think that the quality of the fictions (...)

    8. Re: Anyone know about

      ... Neonovel has been around for a bit (I'm seeing releases from at least August).  It's not a bad idea, but the viewcounts are very low and have been for a while.  Maybe once they start advertising it (...)

    9. Re: What is better, Mass releasing like 50 chapters at once or a chapter a day?

      The rest of the chapters are available on Webnovel.  ... I would advise you that this is a bad idea, but people have already advised you not to mass drop and you're doing it anyway,  so I'll (...)

    10. Re: Looking for mindless violence

      Uh, Try Wattpad? Slash fic isn't real big here...or on most sites. The story referenced, Doom Guy Isekai, was in the top twenty for a long time and has 3000+ followers.  Maybe that isn't big to (...)

    11. Re: Looking for mindless violence

      Saw that new Doom guy fic? It's wonderful. It's just killing, it's just fighting. It's systematic extermination in all its gory details. Any other fics like this? Litrpg is a huge plus, apocalypse also (...)

    12. Re: Representation isn't as important as people think

      1) the majority of big writers in comics at that time were Jewish, not white. That... is a distinction that someone can draw.  Regarding comics in the mid 1980s.  Written by white Jewish authors. (...)

    13. Re: My Post-Apocalyptic Lesbian Romance Short Story: Debating Posting

      I'm not the most experienced of writers, and i know you really didn't ask for an opinion on that, but here's a thought: Calling your story a "Post-Apocalyptic Lesbian Romance" makes me not want to read (...)

    14. Re: Poor Ratings Spree?

      As a reader, I do notice that websites like tapas and scribblehub have a slightly more tolerant audience than this website. I choose not to use tapas though because the chapter lengths there are a biiiiit (...)

    15. Re: Goals for the new year?

      Finish the second book of Monroe.  Hopefully, keep it under 200k words.  Then work on the third. Get out on the motorcycles more.  Not getting any younger, still a lot of amazing roads that I've not (...)

    16. Re: First Drive-by 0.5!

      They're like Pokemon.  Gotta collect em all.

    17. Re: Poor Ratings Spree?

      Anyone commenting in the lgbtq etiquette/representation thread that got a bad vote around 6:00 on 12/28 should probably report them.  We're at 4 datapoints right now and that's enough to draw a line if (...)

    18. Re: Poor Ratings Spree?

      You were commenting in that thread as well carebear : )

    19. Re: Poor Ratings Spree?

      Anyone else have sudden .5-1 star rating(s) land on their fic(s) within a short amount of time? Like within the same day, within hours, minutes? Would that have happened around 6:00 (RR time) on 12/28/20? (...)

    20. Re: Happy New Year

      6.5 hours to freedom! Happy new year Raven/Egar!