1. Re: "Thanks for the chapter "

      I don't usually respond to them, responding to every comment is a short path to madness, but I do appreciate them.  There's enough negativity on this site that a simple pro forma 'thumbs up and thanks' (...)

    2. Re: How Important is "Ranking"?

      Ranking can bring you views, but in general it doesn't matter a huge amount until you're in the top 3-4 pages of a specific search (i.e. a top 60-80 fiction in a tag). Until then, its only there to (...)

    3. Re: Cover Art Requests

      Can confirm.  KrazeKode will work with you to get the product right, and I have been more than satisfied with what they produce.  When my hands stop hurting enough for me to think up a new project (...)

    4. Re: At what age did you start writing?

      2017.  I did nano in 2017 and 2018, and started writing more often in 2019 (about when I migrated to here).

    5. Re: What do you consider most important in a fight scene?

      Emotion. If your blood isn't pumping when writing it, your readers won't be when consuming it. This.  If it's longer than a couple paragraphs I'll usually put on some music that gets your blood (...)

    6. Re: Author Bullying

      I am really surprised to hear about this issue, especially when I have seen how efficient the mods are in troll-hunting.  I think they only pay attention to the "Big Game"  One of these (...)

    7. Re: Author Bullying

      I know you can lock comments, but even then you seem to be asking for an anonymous low review.  Honestly? when things get toxic I just stop reading my comments.  My readers can find me in my discord if (...)

    8. Re: I hate my life right now

      Rather than editing, I would suggest translating your work into a foreign language and back into English in order to give it the authentic 'light novel' feel. But seriously, keep at it.  Light at the (...)

    9. Re: Any reccomended artists for book covers?

      I've had some cover art done by Kruos and Kraze Kode that I've really liked and I'd recommend either of them in a heartbeat.

    10. Re: Team Pumpkin or Team Birthday?

      Tsun, I see you have chosen... poorly.

    11. Re: Any good discords?

      There are plenty of discords out there depending upon your desired mix of writers/readers and genre.  I'm in a couple that are pretty active right now and can DM you can potentially DM you an invite.  (...)

    12. Re: Review swap tag shows interesting information - am I being too skeptical?

      I'll just throw in there that a good number of my review swaps (i.e. all of them in the last 3 months) aren't really swaps per se.  They're actually me agreeing to read/review a friend's story because (...)

    13. Re: Does anyone know about this?

      Can I play along and complain about gatekeeping while dismissing arguments for bad grammar?

    14. Re: New writing friends?

      Hello! The forums are fairly friendly, but most of the authors I know are in the discord.  I know that's where I'm BY FAR the most active. Hope you enjoy your newish home!

    15. Re: Just A Concern For Some Of My Fave Authors

      Here is the actual court document for those who are curious. Just so you guys know, court documents (...)

    16. Re: How do we bring in more female/other readers to RR?

      I also happen to agree with the above two comments - there's a reason I never use the Wattpad forums, lol. Female-dominated spaces tend to be very clique-like, been there done that... Not that I hate (...)

    17. Re: Male to Female member ratio

      There are no girls on the internet (Male)

    18. Re: How to encourage more reader interaction

      I generally try to stay active in my own comments.  Sometimes if there are too many or they're coming in too fast I'll duck out, but I know that a lot of my commenters will have questions or want to chat (...)

    19. Re: How do we bring in more female/other readers to RR?

      I think expanding tagging would be nice (and a simple fix).  A more complex one would be developing a 'reader' profile based upon someone's preferences.  Maybe have a 'suggested for you' or 'readers who (...)

    20. Re: How often do you other writers receive 0.5 ratings?

      I've had four. As far as I can tell, only one of those had anything to do with the actual story. One was a revenge rating from someone who requested a review and was unhappy with it. (Not cool - you (...)