Drew Nance, Girl Detective Book 01: The Secret of the Old Clock

Read the story with a very open mind.  


The story sets out to be just 2 things from what I understand, the transformation of the Mc and a little bit of his... hers side stories; be it detective work or dressing up? 


Anyways, great writing and most of the story content seems to tend towards female readers, or like I said, open minded people or curious people or ??? 


Again, a fun read with some of the pretty extreme events occurring in real life; be it a corporate crime or GB transformation and their struggles and reasons and their enjoyment or something like that. 

What I didn't like is the fact that the start of this seemed a little rushed. I know the detective work was waiting to start and all, but a little bit more details and reasons would have been better, at least for me.

Waiting for BOOK 2

Tales of Astora: Legacy (FINISHED)

A kid? A Demon Lord? An Emperor? Maybe even a Hero! Read this...

A Great read with all the necessary ingredients for a Great story.


Style: Love the pacing and the POV of all the characters placed throughout the story chapters. The story isn’t focused only on the MC, which plagues many stories, at least on this site. But all the characters are connected to the MC and thus create a very wonderful experience to read the story. 


Story: You have to read it to find out. But, I can say that there is a lot of OPness involved. Again, this isn’t the main focus of the story but the interactions of the characters involved either they may be just talking, fights, solving mysteries or at least try to solve it XD. Getting stronger is the last thing on anyone’s mind since most of them are already strong.  


Characters: This is one of the main points of this Novel. All the characters are really well defined and just keep getting better. There are Gods, Angles, Devils, Demons, Dragons, Elves, Humans etc. All these races are fully involved in the story and connected to the main plot. 


Grammer: NO complaints.


If you like OPness, Great story, Mystery, Demons and Gods fighting for the control of the World; at least it looks like that on the surface, then, Do Read This Story. There’s a lot of foreshadowing involved and it all comes together at the end, I think. This Story is planned and there’s an ending just waiting to be read. Do give this a try.

One Man's Journey

A start of a believable fantasy story....

Really enjoyed the start of this story after reading all those reincarnation OP MC's stories. Have read until chapter 7 at this review and liked what I read... 


A normal 8 years old kid at the start with a tragedy to either shape him into further growth or its just your average life in a Monster and war filled world where death is really common... 


Read it... 

My Annoying Aura Follows Me Into Another World

The story is written with a very consistent pace in terms of the overall story and characters development. 



Easy to read and every chapter is satisfying with a long chapter length and a very casual pace of story development.

Although, the story is fully in terms of MC POV and hence we don’t get more time to see any of the other characters, but the Author has added side chapters to get the other main characters POV(Yup, main as in 4 different heroes; read the story). Also, since is the main focus is the MC we get a very consistent view of things around him and not enough world development. Finally, because of the casual pace of chapters, the story development is a bit slow.




The main plot is set on a grand scale in the 1st chapter itself, but later on due to the story pace, all development takes place in the background without the MC involving himself and only starts at Chapter-29. For those who like anime-style stories will really like this (or not). 




Nothing to complain. Easy formatting and casual English.




This is something that needs to be worked on if ever rewritten.  All the characters are set to extreme mode; MC and others need to be balanced out properly in terms of power or personality.



Great Casual read with frequent release of long chapters.

The Tempered

Now this is an Absolute OP MC!!!

A well-written story about an OP MC with a good sense of character development....

A Dying World [DROPPED]

The story theme may be the same old one, but the contents of this one surely are very different, at least in terms of how the methods employed to save the world.  The Main character is something that is very likable and has a very interesting twist in how the hero summoning worked and later on how things changes for the better for the MC at least. A likable MC leads to a good story is what I think. There isn’t only killing involved, but whatever comes when one takes the responsibility of all things considered political, economics, military, development etc. 


P.S. [About the Tags] There are Comedy and VR, which surely there isn’t any when I read, but VR system concept is employed is the meaning. Also, if anyone is either put-off by the Gender-Bender tag or is interested in this story because of it, then sadly, at least for me the Concept is not really utilized properly, it’s just there for the aesthetics. But, there is no need to worry because the story is still a good read independent of these factors.

Old: The Dark Inheritor

A Great start with the female lead...

A reasonably strong female MC at the start of the story with an awesome World and may led to more awesomeness with an OP character… Looking forward to more chapters. 

The chapters are long enough with the perspective of the MC with an Unique view of things around her or just the one yearning for more power to escape the fate of all females in fantasy world with beautiful face and no strength to background them… 

Detailed review later… 

The MC is just a few ranks away(?) from being a God but that itself will make for a great story is what I think… 

(Review at chapter 3)

The Overlord

Profoundness is not in the way of the Cultivation but in the way the emotions are described. An awesome prologue makes way for a great story.. Long chapters so the speed of release is something more to be desired... Greedy readers? 

Will write long review later after more chapters.... 

The Prince Of Niflheim

Great concept but obviously centred around the MC



I just have the trouble with this mc from the start on the prologue. He had a weak body but an genius and a handsome fellow in his youth, then what was his problem in being happy? Why did he work all the way till there? It would have been ok if he died here and then his personality because he can’t find his happiness but then he suddenly becomes an S class criminal so he must have found happiness there right? But no…
Then he found a family which he wanted and not adopted but own blood, awesome mother but again he got little weak body which caused his father to be unhappy,but in few years if he is so handsome that he can get a princess then where is his weak body problem? Like deathly pale?
Oh and he becomes awesome in magic and also his home backyard is a treasure trove for him which wasn’t discovered by anybody ( who wouldn’t try to find monopolize a waterfall which has no beasts at all)
Then there’s a treasure falling from sky which which was only seen by low rank beasts and him and nobody less…
I don’t even know how his Butler was an Assassin previously… Didn’t even find his master powers or his night trips
The ranks system seems to only apply to him cause it wasn’t mentioned /compared to anybody of the grown ups or major figures.
And finally you would usually think that a place which has legendary items and magical items to have a stone appraisal for magic affinity which is usually the norm in these stories where children are tested at some age but here?
The whole story is awesome in concept but it seems to be Entirely Concentrated wholly on the MC Himself…
Rant over I guess…
But these are my problems…
But again the concept is great that’s why I’ll keep reading.


It needs to concentrate on world and side character development 

A Girl's, Unusual Existence

Look out! A Mad scientist in the Cultivation World...

An Unique perspective into the working mind of a Quirky Female Lead who was considered to be a Mad Scientist, but still a Genius. Now what would happen, if that said person is reborn in a Cultivation World where the lack of logic and Scientific Laws are just said to be the Gift from the Heavens? 


All Hell along with the Heaven breaks loose here in this story when the MC starts to Question everything and try to find the Inner Workings of all and seemingly Succeeds in it. From Modern earth Culinary  food to Video calling is rediscovered with the help of Qi and Cores...


So basically the MC is definitely an interesting character with a "Unique" personality. The other side characters are also well developed with their own personalities and also a good background story. But still a lot can be improved since the main focus here is the MC who obviously tries to manipulate everyone and hence there's less suspense in them, but still the interaction are humorous if not repeated somewhere...


The style is also something to be more desired since the focus is the MC, we get a lot less World Building. The world around the MC is hard to imagine and if it does gets described then it's some sort of info dump. Also the thinking process of the MC is somewhat vague or a sense of Mystery when the actions are performed by her, so there is less explanation for her actions and the process is skipped, but later on it gets revealed, so that's the Mystery part I guess. But since the story with focus to her, hope more of her actions gets know prior to doing... 


The story is something to be desired here, as all the actions till now are on the fly actions... The MC end goal also seems vague, with somewhere in between desiring wealth and power... But all the chapters till now are really enjoyable either they be her antics, her thinking, her insights, her power up... Yup she definitely has a great Power Upto OPness... 


Grammer in terms of readbility and understanding is Great, but if in terms of no mistakes at all then single PR would get rid of those small errors by some software... 


Finally, this story is definitely a unique one with a unique perspective. Everything a story requires can be seen here; well romance is something that cannot be expected by a Mad scientist, but definitely worth it she done right XD Well that's just me asking if possible at all, but with her personality they(Yes they, he or she who cares here) definitely must be the most Unique Specimen. 


P. S If you like OP Mc who is destined to Rule All or to be Hunted by All, then this is definitely for you.