by Andur
974 pages

Author's Comment: I was asked about reading my work on other sites. The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than Only here, I correct mistakes and errors. If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed. You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn't bother visiting their website. The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf. ( ———————————————————————————————

Reading Order of the Multiverse-Books


My world faced its end, but I refused to perish with it! So I intercepted a summoning ceremony from another world. One moment!? My summoner tried to summon a demon? Fuck it, I think it's better to break the contract and do my own thing... or not? Why is Mrs. Sacrifice hugging me? And why am I suddenly a child!? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am not entirely sure how this fiction will turn out. And I am not sure on the tags either. They may change. Bear with it. As always, how chapters turn out is up to my mood.

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Chronicles of the Tiger Immortal

Chronicles of the Tiger (...)
by Yintian
716 pages

(Currently writing it as main story.) A spirit from another time, another place, arrives and sees a boy drown to death. The vessel is empty and the soul is gone. The spirit takes over the body and begins life anew. In a world of saints, mages, and immortals; one spirit rejoices as it has attained another life. With a new body, the spirit sets out into the world of the living once more to become an immortal and take back what was stolen from it. It all starts when he swallows a gold pearl with the image of a white tiger inside. Book 1: Advent of Lu Shu. Chapters: 18 total. Book 2: The Old Gods. Chapters: 21 total. Book 3: The Tiger Army. Chapters: Ongoing from 1-?
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