World Boundary

World Boundary

    1. Re: Mistakes in characterization / character evolution

      I have a character who is very intrinsically motivated but I never really nailed down how I wanted him to express it before I began writing. I took a lot of breaks and after each one I picked up with whatever (...)

    2. Re: Love Letter To Those Of You Who Posted Fanfiction In The Early 2010s

      It had its hands around my throat as well. I think the number one take away of it was how little story concepts actually matter in the end. I can recall countless fandoms which boiled fanfic concepts down (...)

    3. Re: Advice/Thought On Novel Summary

      I type this having not read your fiction, but I think that might be an advantage here. You don't reveal anything about the affiliation of your main characters other than that they are not part of the (...)

    4. Re: 50k+ Words and Over 200 Pages

      Feels good, don't it? Congrats!

    5. Re: Tell me your favorite line from one of your own stories

      Most of my favorites haven't been written or published yet, just planned. Here's one that actually exists. “I’ve been to many places around the world, and I’ve met even more people. Magic is nothing (...)

    6. Re: Urban fantasy recommendations?

      Not to shill myself but I have one. I haven't read Dresden but I'm told there are some similarities. It may not be the setting you are looking for but IMO Katalepsis by Hungry is the king urban fantasy (...)

    7. Re: The Write-a-thon

      It's over for me lol. Unexpected business trip cost me a week of writing time.

    8. Re: Have you ever been inspired from something you hate?

      Of course. From an overall writing standpoint I think I've learned more about pacing and emotional investment from shows and books which completely botch those elements. I also learned a lot about the (...)

    9. Re: Street fighter V

      At this point you can find videos for bread and butter combos for every character on Youtube so I'll leave that to you. You should try to find out a quick and easy anti-air for each character because if (...)

    10. Re: Confusion about novel formatting

      The biggest one I can think of is people are used to reading on a screen left-justified with non-indented paragraphs and a line in between just like how you formatted your forum post. Zero line spacing (...)

    11. Re: Review swap for long runners

      I find myself in the same situation. I finally finished my first arc at about 200 pages but I only have feedback on maybe the first 30. The arc took so long that my approach and writing changed, and I (...)

    12. Re: Urban Fantasy - Magic in an urban setting!

      I prefer it. While I don't mind world building I think it helps when the author can offload some of it onto the readers' everyday knowledge. It gives more time for characters and plot.

    13. Re: What unpopular gaming opinions do you have?

      TF2 is better than overwatch. I think it's been years since most would bother arguing against you. Overwatch really sputtered out.

    14. Re: What are your favourite videogame tracks?

      I'm gonna add more as well, then.  I got FE Shadows of Valentia about 2 days ago and I've already sunk exactly 17 hours and 7 minutes into the game. I'm loving it, though I'm not done yet. Every track (...)

    15. Re: I might be being dumb but...

      Does anyone know what the cutoffs actually are? The posted description says "25k by April 15th" and "55,555 before May 5th." What timezone is this? The only way I can interpret such vague instructions (...)

    16. Re: What are your favourite videogame tracks?

      Hell yeah brother, Objection 2016 is my favorite in the series. There was a really great band arrange of it (as well as cornered 2016 and Nayuta's theme) in one of the trailers that AFAIK never made it (...)

    17. Re: The Write-a-thon

      Write-a-thon got me to kick it into gear for once. 6k words in two days when I usually only manage 2k a month. Hopefully I'll at least reach the first milestone.

    18. Re: Writing multiple books at once

      I'm in a weird place where my fiction was a fleshed out fanfiction concept I had and in writing it was hit with the desire to make a crossover between it and the series which spawned the idea. My hamster (...)

    19. Re: Has your writing ever gotten you in trouble? (Light hearted)

      I was taking a grammar quiz in grade school where one of the questions was "Give an example of an expletive." I wrote "Shit!" Teacher didn't like it.

    20. Re: What makes a story interesting or boring?

      All I want to see is some depth. I don't mean your story needs to be super complex, just that there is some sort of implication that there is more to the world/characters than I'm seeing. There are lots (...)