1. Re: The Creative Power of Plot Holes and Contradictions

      An example of what I consider to be a plot hole that is actually bad: You spend some time explaining that the mc is alone and doesn't talk to anyone (reincarnated in wilderness). We follow all the conversations (...)

    2. Re: How to delete a chapter

      Sorry to responding you too late, I tought someone else will answer you. MyFiction-Dashboard-Chapters. Click on the trash icon right to the chapter. Then action-Delete. Nope, that HIDES a (...)

    3. Re: Rules concerning a dedicated chapter to ask for reviews from readers

      I would recommend an author's note or to write a comment immediately after publishing the chapter

    4. Re: How often should I post/ when is a good time?

      Posting time: very it and see what works. Your latest upload was around 3am european time, so be mindful of timezones. You can schedul a release time when you make a new chapter If you want to go for (...)

    5. Re: Scheduling/making Chapters public on RR

      there is a limit to how much you can prepare in advance, maybe the limit is larger or removed from premium members. You can view your scheduled chapters in the 'drafts' tab on your dashboard

    6. Re: Friend got an Offer to host her story on a bigger site (than wattpad). But is it worth it?

      I read through the reference from thedude and I would definitely suggest to stay away from it. Aside from being vague on how the payment is generated, the renumeration states that payments will not (...)

    7. Re: CreativeNovels. What has your experience been with the site?

      I've visited a similar website and read the tos, the 'use worldwide without royalties' etc does not apply to publishing or copy rights. They can't post your novel somewhere else. What it does mean is that (...)

    8. Re: I'm new here.

      Parkertallan already gave most of the tips, so I'll keep it to 'hello and welcome'!

    9. Re: Isekai

      Isekai is one of the bigger portions of the novels, so there will be tons to browse through. You can use the advanced search (https://www.royalroad.com/fictions/search?advanced=True - button next to the (...)

    10. Re: Webnovel.com Italic and Bold are only for contracted authors

      no-one begrudges you trying to spread your story to multiple platforms. Still, basic text formatting limited to people they make money off of. Interesting course of action

    11. Re: Character Progression length?

      I'm fine with either as long as the author is aware of what is going on and uses it well enough. Slow progression I do like, but if your character needs to go forward fast, do it. Just don't pretend it's (...)

    12. Re: Would daily updates of 2k be overwhelming for readers?

      there are quite a few with (almost) daily 2k updates. Your readers won't always read it as it's posted anyway, so I wouldn't worry about that.

    13. Re: I got my first 0.5 rating and now I'm sad.

      Any ideas on how to get views? I got none so far.  I sent you a DM, but I'll summarize: Put short stories under one title instead of posting them separately Longer chapters More engaging synopsis

    14. Re: The world's gonna know my name.

      I wasn't taking it too seriously, but definitely good luck! Personally I don't aim for paperback publishing. I'm hoping to copy the success of Wildbow (John C. McCrae, author of 'Worm') and have millions (...)

    15. Re: Starting a Patreon

      A J wrote: ... rant ... If you look at the higher rated stories, I'm sure you'll notice most of them have a higher number of pages, so longer chapters. This is not universally true, but you won't (...)

    16. Re: Just some dang ol' questions that everyone asked a million times before

      How to stay motivated: No clue yet. I'm only just started, but I think it's important to have an end in mind. That way you have something to work towards, something you can feel yourself getting closer (...)

    17. Re: Inkitt. Does anyone have any experience with this site?

      I think it may be more like scribblehub with a fancier design, or wattpad with a bit more quality. A bit.

    18. Re: How to delete a chapter

      As far as I know there is no way for you to remove a chapter permanently. Maybe the mods can, but you can't. You'll lose the views and comments of those chapters, but since those have no effect on your (...)

    19. Re: Inkitt. Does anyone have any experience with this site?

      I took a look at inkitt at some point. Romance novels. As far as I could tell, it was overflowing with vampire, werewolf and vampire x werewolf stories. A few about women seducing powerful men or powerful (...)