1. Re: Sad/tragic backstories

      a tragic backstory is a tool used to create sympathy with the character. It's an explanation of parts of their personality and perhaps why they take actions that seem counter-intuitive to the readers. (...)

    2. Re: Touch typing / ten finger system

      I did a course when I was around 16 or so. I cant say it's been a big impact on anything, but I do type faster and more accurate than most. Just having a better feel of where the keys are located relative (...)

    3. Re: Some Dos and Donts?

      tip for here on the forum: Don't ask for a review when what you want is feedback. It's already tough when someone else tells you exactly what they think is wrong with your writing, it's worse when it's (...)

    4. Re: Need help with creating superheroes.

      One thing I would recommend is not giving everyone completely unique powers. It's slightly silly, but mostly too much work. Personal skill, personality etc would have an effect on their overall ranking. (...)

    5. Re: MC monologues getting out of hand

      There can be some reasons to include a full planning session, but most of those would have to do with character development. Either to highlight a character's insight or to show how the various people (...)

    6. Re: How not to have a overly fast paced story for beginners.

      I throw this youtube video out there so often, I got it in my favorites bar pacing Yes, it's a channel on video games, yes, they use a movie as example, yes, it's completely applicable to written (...)

    7. Re: Trending Mechanics

      There has been a change in the system, or do you mean another one since last time. The official statement on how trending works: "It's magic" And I kinda want to keep it that way so people can stop (...)

    8. Re: Where are you from, wrong answers only

      I am from a place beyond your understanding. Trying to explain it to your four dimensional understanding is meaningless, so I won't try.

    9. Re: MC monologues getting out of hand

      Don't make your character a genius and everyone else stupid? Have others come with valuable contributions to the plan instead of things that can't work, then the other characters can elaborate why it's (...)

    10. Re: How would your character react after meeting you, the author?

      I'd be so dead Curious what you did. 🤨 1: most of the characters so far have been monsters of one kind or another and 2: the main character has been put through some crap and is not particularly (...)

    11. Re: What do you think of the “Adventurers Guild” trope? Is it lazy, is it natural in a fantasy world, tips fo (...)

      In general, I think the standard adventurer's guild has no sensible place in a standard litrpg setting for some simple reasons. It all boils down to resources. The resources in question are monster (...)

    12. Re: Older Brother/Younger Sister relationship

      Hey everyone. In the story I'm currently writing a book, where there is an older brother and younger sister. The brother is fifteen years old. The sister is ten. Any tips for writing about their relationship? (...)

    13. Re: magic schools

      I do want to add, though, a little late, I get what you're saying. Where are the staircases that bring you to the floor you need to be rather than where you want to be, the library books that return themselves, (...)

    14. Re: Can you delete ratings somehow?

      Not as far as I know. Now you'll just have to read some of it and put a rating up that you're more ok with

    15. Re: In dire need of native english helpers >.<

      Your English in your post is pretty good. I'm guessing it's either the idiom that bothers you or just forgetting something on the spot. The only way to remedy this is to read a lot, watch a lot of movies (...)

    16. Re: magic schools

      I kind of lean the other way. They teach magic at a school, and the school has a lot of magical stuff, but somehow they never show them teaching basic things like foreign languages, history, geography, (...)

    17. Re: Litrpg Tips

      I'm with a lot of the things already mentioned before Rather than focusing solely on the consistency of the system, make sure the world is cohesive with the kind of world that has been dealing with (...)

    18. Re: What reincarnation stories would you want to see?

      If I knew I'd be reincarnating from birth in the same world over and over again, I'd try my best to improve things every time. What if my next life is somewhere in some slum full of suffering? I'd also (...)

    19. Re: What reincarnation stories would you want to see?

      I never spoke about crop rotation. You seem to have very low expectations.agricultural knowledge.  ... there is a LOT more than crop rotation (which is an early middle age tech...) ^^ Sorry, (...)