1. Re: Hi! I'm a new writer to RR and I'm wondering how fast should I ramp up the book and action?

      ok, so there are some youtube videos I often throw here. It's meant for people planning to make a video game, but it's about story-making, overall, at least the ones I share here www.youtube.com/watch?v=5LScL4CWe5E&ab_channel=ExtraCredits (...)

    2. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      If you're looking for some relatively reliable sources on medieval weapons and armor, I would recommend youtube channels shadiversity, skallagrim, or lindybeige. the channel Insider has some battle tactics/siege (...)

    3. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      Good point, JMWebb As someone else also pointed out, there were parts of the year where farm life was relatively slow paced, in between the back breaking work of preparing the land, sowing and harvest. (...)

    4. Re: How to write a believable medieval fantasy story?

      Okay, so a lot of stereotypes got thrown around. Not all peasantry lived in hovels, people did know how to build solid wood houses. Yes, serfs were piss poor, mistreated and all that. Not all villagers (...)

    5. Re: Is good English necessary for writing a good web-serial?

      It's required for writing a GOOD web serial, but not necessarily required for a SUCCESSFUL one. What this person said There are some novels with relatively bad English. As long as it's good enough, (...)

    6. Re: Do my chapters need to be longer?

      Most of the top ranking novels have a somewhat higher word count, but generally 1200 is a good minimum. Chrysalis has relatively short chapters, for example, averaging around 1400, 1500 words. 3000 to (...)

    7. Re: The Three Types of Villains

      Just a bit ago, I wrote a post where I mentioned an anime. Tanja the Evil. The character isn't in any way, shape or form a hero or anti hero, but rather a villain we can sympathize with. And the character (...)

    8. Re: How do you come up with monsters?

      look through google images of weirdest plants/insect/mammal/fish/worm/parasite/whatever strikes my fancy at the time, then add them to an ecosystem. Give them powers that make sense.  Attack and/or (...)

    9. Re: Info dump - how much is too much?

      Info is based on a need to know. Do your readers really need to know everything completely in-depth. If the answer is yes, use 'show, don't tell'. I'm not even talking about the writing true-ism that gets (...)

    10. Re: How can a main character be a complete monster, but still be lovable?

      I'd recommend waching Youjo Senki. English name: The Saga Of Tanja The Evil Modern day salary man responsible for laying people off at big companies dies (gets killed) and is reborn in an alternate ww1/ww2 (...)

    11. Re: How would you carry out storytelling and world building in your stories?

      I'm not sure why you pose the question as if story telling and world building are separate things. World building is a part of the story, not apart. Your readers get a sense of the world through the events (...)

    12. Re: how to beat a space magic/limit it.

      I'd started trying to give constructive feedback, but ended up with a rant on some of my pet-peeves  :DrakanLaugh: Personally, I'd hold off on the spatial distortion thing. If he ever activated it while (...)

    13. Re: What was the Book that made you think "I wanna write too"?

      I guess the books that showed me what i wanted to write were by J.C. Hines: Goblin Hero, Goblin Quest and Goblin War. Iron Teeth, on this site, is also a good contender. At some point I was really, (...)

    14. Re: What Do You Think About Harem?

      My first reaction when I see a harem tag or listed anywhere is to turn away and find something else to read. I have to admit, that comes mostly from the times when it didn't contribute anything to the (...)

    15. Re: How do I get Reputation points?

      Can anyone find the image they put with the change in the rep system? I just remember laughing at seeing the name 'Zethuron lonely at the top of a mountain

    16. Re: Rating system of Royal Road.

      It was resurrected by 'Necromancer4life'. Coincidence? I think not!

    17. Re: Rating system of Royal Road.

      At least I got a few more rep from my posts here  :DrakanThink:

    18. Re: Sad/tragic backstories

      a tragic backstory is a tool used to create sympathy with the character. It's an explanation of parts of their personality and perhaps why they take actions that seem counter-intuitive to the readers. (...)

    19. Re: Touch typing / ten finger system

      I did a course when I was around 16 or so. I cant say it's been a big impact on anything, but I do type faster and more accurate than most. Just having a better feel of where the keys are located relative (...)

    20. Re: Some Dos and Donts?

      tip for here on the forum: Don't ask for a review when what you want is feedback. It's already tough when someone else tells you exactly what they think is wrong with your writing, it's worse when it's (...)