1. Re: How would you make someone hate humanity (without Videogames)

      Lots of good things been said, lets add a bit of my own a childhood doesn't have to be abusive for people to turn out a little or more than a little twisted, but it does often start young. People are (...)

    2. Re: Hitting trending has actually been a curse

      seconded what the others have already said. Don't let the negative comments get to you. Your story just doesn't appeal to some people and that's ok. There is no story that will appeal to everyone everywhere. (...)

    3. Re: Fantasy Humor writers?

      I'm going to assume This Quest is BUllshit falls under this category Cinnamon Bun Pretty sure Vainqeuer the Dragon was supposed to be funny, though the humor never appealed to me There is No Epic (...)

    4. Re: Seaeching

      The only spearman MC I know is Randidly Wolfhound. Not sure if that has rankings in the story though

    5. Re: Liking / disliking reviews

      It works for me, so it's probably something on your end or related to your account. You could open a ticket with support

    6. Re: About rating and review

      As harsh as it is, I'm with DarkD. Your English needs work. The cover is ok-ish, I had no trouble looking at it and it fit your story very well. The genre isn't what RR usually caters to, but that doesn't (...)

    7. Re: “Show, don’t tell” is stupid advice.

      Kinda amazes me that this thread still gets replies lmao. Especially in regards to commenting about something I expressively admitted in the OP I was kinda bad at relaying because my thoughts weren't (...)

    8. Re: How balance is my mc power?

      that's a good idea to dove-tail in. If you want the typical power progression fantasy, it would explain why he desperately wants to get stronger - he never wants to get into a position where he's forced (...)

    9. Re: Advice on game like aspects in novels.

      As the above post said, the system should facilitate the story, not the other way around. You can get away with a lot of vagueness in the system text, such as 'a slight increase' and 'a minor increase' (...)

    10. Re: How balance is my mc power?

      too overpowered. In any game, you'd get teams lining up to carry this guy to the final boss, which he defeats by erasing their brains, other vital part, or just erasing them. However, what I find the most (...)

    11. Re: Should we give Level Up borders different names when they change?

      I have not really paid much attention so far to it, so do as you like

    12. Re: What is the lowest rated series on this list?

      the lowest rated story isn't 1.74 though. There is a whole bunch of stories that just got a 0.5 starting from page 1551 best-rated and upward. Around there are also stories with a few thousand views, 15 (...)

    13. Re: How to break it up

      If you can weave it all together in some way, like having a central narrator character who you can use in interlude chapters, may give a sense of consitency

    14. Re: What is the lowest rated series on this list?

      the stories that got at least one rating starts at page 1551 a rather infamous story: https://www.royalroad.com/fiction/27955/romeo-indias-where-was-his-juliet He's not a stalker, ok

    15. Re: How long does it take for a completely new story to take off?

      I'm always trying to be sensitive about this, as I realize I got really lucky on my breakthrough. It's so-so, just above average from what I can tell. I'm not looking at the number of days here, though, (...)

    16. Re: Help me grow!

      well, most of my initial comments were corrections for spelling or grammar. I asked for it, in the pre and post chapter author's notes. Then I fixed the ones that needed fixing, gave the ones replying (...)

    17. Re: How to make a main character one you care about more?

      As much as it goes against my instinct, I'm going to mention my story here, Summon Imp. It's got its failings, I'm well aware of that, but one of the things I'm confident in is setting down characters (...)

    18. Re: I'm a total noob.

      In the beginning, most people will only find you when you're on the front of the site under 'Latest Updates.' It's like Reddit except you're booted off the front page especially fast The people (...)

    19. Re: I'm a total noob.

      My first tip would be to shorten your blurb. I really like how you ended it, but it took me way too long to get to your hook. The blurb should draw people in, but I imagine most give up halfway through. (...)

    20. Re: What Tips can you give on the actual WRITING aspect of Writing.

      As a writer, your words are your tools. With that you build sentences, paragraphs and chapters. There are many ways to improve your writing and googling some will net you a bunch of tips.  One of the (...)