Avery Light

Avery Light

Magical Cosmic

Okay first off, forgive my grammar.

If you are wondering should you read this? Yes. Keep up the good work author!

Style: Nothing to nitpick here. Smooth.

Story: The Story is the driving force of this fiction, start in space but soon in fantasy world, some info about the tech that shows the author didn't just make things up and have done some research is a plus point. It's immersive too, give you the feeling of wanting to click the next chapter button for most chapters.

Grammar: I'm not one to talk because my grammar is bad myself but, in my humble opinion, this is the weakest part of the story, but don't get me wrong, it's great and easy to understand. I just sometimes noticed a few not quite fitting choices of words and there's over the top description like the Chinese novels. It may be just me but sometimes it breaks the immersion, like when you were driving your car in a straight line and met a speed bump.

Character: The earlier chapters have chars doing questionable actions, like they were a bit scripted? In my opinion the MC also a bit jumping the gun with his action in the early chapters. Still, it remains exciting and Victor (MC) was easy to relate with.

Review until chapter 18

The Cassidia Saga

This review is written after reading up to chapter 17.

Firstly English is not my first language so please excuse my grammar.

Style - Descriptive, believable, and no jarring info dumps. My only complaint is the point of view indicator, frankly, you don't need it and it sometimes breaks the immersion while reading it.

Grammar - There are very rarely occasional mistakes but it did not interfere with the enjoyment of the story. In my humble opinion.

Story - Medieval setting, disaster struck the MC, thrown out from his little known world to the outside. Classic, but the way the author builds the world and interactions between characters fits like a glove in said setting, a bit slow for my taste and maybe it seems familiar for some people but interesting nevertheless.

Character - I think the MC needs to stand out more, the secondary characters feel like having the same amount of attention as the MC. With that being said, the chars are believable and some of the important ones were given great backstories like Lowan and the recruits so they kind of grow on me. The boy MC has the x-factor of heroes but it will take time to develop until becoming the wow-factor.

Overall - The stories shows the difficulty and struggle of a kid, as it depicts in the title, grim war circumstances seem to be the centerpiece here. All in all, recommended for those that savor reality with a touch of grimness stories.