Avery Light

Avery Light


Early review for a new author

Only read 4 chaps but the first 2 already showed great promise.

Written in present tense and the grammar is great, nothing to complain about the grammar. The words he used are really beautiful, really depict the scenes and set the feeling in the story.

There's still not much going on but I give 5 stars for the way the author creates the Mike character, it was just perfect IMHO.

So author, you got something going on here. It shows promise, keep up the good work!

High Skies Piracy

Written after chap 15

Already a lot of reviews talking about the good things here so I won't add much.

Great worldbuilding with maps! It's clear to me how much detail and attention the author put into this story.

Style and grammar are very good and smooth. If there are any mistakes, I don't even realize it.

The shinning thing about this novel is the characters. The chemistry between them, how the interact with eachother really clicking it for me.

The pirate crews have their own types, their way of talking, and clear characterization. The author synthesizes gold from a bunch of normal ingredients like an alchemist!

My only regret is there was no pirate ninja assassin. (at the moment) ^^

Divine Construct

Review after chapter 14

The Grammar is stellar better than most in RR. A bit heavy on the words in the early chapters but it's bearable.

How the author constructs his story caught me like a hooked fish, almost every chapter ends with the MC is in some kind of crisis, it does make me want to click next chapter in anticipation.

The author explains why the MC acts a bit "passively" but I feel the MC is the weakest link in this novel. I saw some plot armor but it's not jarring. The MC just need some spinach for energy to be what he (it?) supposed to be.

Overall, it's a unique Lit-RPG story. If you're looking for a new read, this may be just the thing for you. ^^


beautiful choice of words

Review until A Dream of the Misty Woods — A Wolf.

This one certainly caught me by surprise. The author gave a detailed and vivid description of the environment and what's going on as the MC went to one place to the next. Masterfully written prose for all chapters so far. It was clear to me how much the author put into writing this, the world-building is vast and rich.

In short, read it.

A Draconic Odyssey

So, we got a story of dragons. The setting so far is the dragons and their human allies were defeated by the empire, human empire (I think). Whether the empire is evil or not I don't know yet but I think this is not a story where good and evil are so clear-cut. The empire invaded the dragons home after all so the dragons retaliated, by gutting and barbequing imperials. Who is right and who is wrong? Not so easy to tell.

Style is good, easy to read. The words are rich and flow nicely. The scenes are written quite descriptive so easy to imagine. A bit too detailed perhaps but it's not a minus

Grammar is good, just a few typos and not the kind that stabs your eye.

Story is good, we got a nice world building here. Since the story is split between a human MC and another at the dragon's side, the story is progressing a bit slow and yet there's much going on for both sides.

Characters are nicely depicted with their own set of personalities, the dragons are bit feral but fit in the grand telling of the story.

My only complaint is the dragons are too vulnerable, they can be brought down by arrows and swords. I expected more from fire breathing flying machine of death but maybe it's only my bias.

Overall the author has written a nice story and it got potential.

Rev at chapter 13

Arcadis Park

So, the reason I pick this story is because it's been a long time since I read a novel with an ending. Now this one got a different genre than most stories on RR. I depicted myself as if watching a mystery/thriller movie and the plot length is just right with the number of chapters.

So this novel stellar point is about the interaction of the characters with each other. No magic, blue boxes, cultivation, just a story about two girls dealing with an incident involving a corpse in their normal lives. There's enough bite in the story that tickles your sense of curiosity to hit the next chapter button.

All in all, I think this is just perfect for others that want to read a compact story that you could finish in a reasonable amount of time. Not too short, not too long. I enjoy reading this, that's for sure.

Diverge Summoning

Cliche start but why change something that's not broken?

A black isekai protagonist, I'm not a racist so that's as fine as any in my own opinion.

The story's start is quite generic but it's an ok premise, we get some worldbuilding and nice interactions between the characters introduced so far.

Story is okay, Style is okay.

Grammar is the problem here, while I loathe to give it such a score but I must be honest, I sure hope the author edited the mistakes in the future.

Overall, with some editing, this story could be much better. This story is great and got a ton of potential so keep it up, author.

Binary Progression

light-hearted comedy interaction

Early review, forgive my grammar.

I won't write long, the story is interesting and quite funny. One guy talked in Shakespearean English, hard to understand at first but it set the atmosphere of the story. And don't worry, it gets better.

Some mistakes about the grammar and typo but nothing major, it's very much readable.

The novel is mostly about the character's dialogue, some of them are about silly/funny situations... depending on your take.

Overall, you may or may not like it but you should give it a try.



World Wonderer

This is an early review since there's only 7 chapters when this review was written so it may change in the future.

The story is about our MC transported to another world (maybe) since the synopsis said so, at the start, she was treated like a lab animal and we follow her thoughts and actions.

Style is good, no problems there.

Grammar also good, if there were any problems I don't see it.

About character, can't say much since only the MC and one other guy introduced in the story but the author did a good job depicting their actions and realism.

Overall the story is still in its opening and not much meat to go on, it's a bit on the slow side but because it's realistic, the author seems to make realism the theme of this story.

Give it the benefit of doubt and read the story, it may or may not be your cup of tea.


Archangel: Breaking Orbit

Review, here we go! Apologies in advance for my grammar.

Great story, about 4 friends using the alien tech they found to make a gaming company and protect the world from undesirables space dwellers! Solid score!

Until this review (chap 20) they haven't gone out of the solar system yet thus still much room to grow and expand the story but the author kept things interesting on Earth's side before the kick-off to space.

Style and grammar? No complaints from me, smooth as a baby's bottom.

Story? The stars will speak for themselves.

Character? The 4 friends have their own personas, it's great and develop nicely as the story progresses.

Keep up the good work author, the star wars better be living up to the expectations (pun intended).