Avery Light

Avery Light

The Perfect Run

Phenomenal early chapters. Different tones of comedy from Vainqueur but it hits the spot. My brain needs nutrients of healthy stories and they're in short supply lately. And this? Is nothing else but entertainment. A top-class entertainment!

So there, I just shove a 5 star on you and you can't take it back!! And there's no return-to-sender allowed.

Good day, keep writing.

Never Die Twice

Come because the author wrote Vainqueur, stay because of the story. Turns out I like this one better than the dragon. (sorry author, no hard feelings)

Entertaining MC and a plethora of supporting characters. Becoming a shopkeeper, feeding faulty goods to those who want to raid your dungeon? Logical, why I never thought of that?

The world-building is a mix of Norse and Arthurian myths. For fantasy lovers, you'll find lots of familiar names and places here but it didn't feel stale because of the author's writing skill.

I very much enjoy each chapter and can't wait for the next release. Thank you for writing this.

The Guardian of the world tree

The story is pretty normal. Go to another world, got some fortuitous encounter, meet friends, fight monsters. Now I'm not saying it's bad but with so many stories with a similar beginning, it lacks a "hook" that separates this story from the rest. But it's still early in the story and it could turn out really good depending on how you cook it. Just sayin my opinion here.

The char. I must confess the MC is too trusting and too good of a person for my taste but I can accept people could different. He saved the tree and Leon then tells him he's from another world just like that? Okay, he wants to save lives because of his background. Believable and I respect that.

Now the grammar... it's not good.

I think the main problem is the lack of edit and proofreading, not insufficient English skills.

All in all my rating would be 3.5, if you could polish the grammar more then its a 4. The grammar mistakes disturb the immersion of the story thus the score down.

My best wishes to the author.

Rise of the Archon

Solid foundation of a story here but I have to point out a few things.

The spacing! I know RR can wreck your doc format but the "double enter" hindered my reading experience somewhat. You know, just saying for myself here... don't know if anyone else agrees.

The exposition! Too much worldbuilding and info-giving in the beginning of the story. The author have a plan for his story and the world he makes, the system, and the plot. But some trimming of the info would make wonders.

Other than that, it's cool. The story setting is good and the twist about his mentor gave me a pleasant surprise.

I'm eager to see how Archon Vayne rises. Good work author.

The Cursed Witch (Book One)

First things first, the number one good thing about this story is the writer's description. The prose illustrate the scene of the novel very nicely. The first chapters are fast-paced but slowed down quickly.

There's also a map, yes, a map this early in the story. This depict far-reaching worldbuilding and lore. Nice world-building.

The MC and the supporting cast clearly had their own personalities and it shows. Not many could write with such skill.

Still early and not that much chapter but we could be in for a ride and I hope great things in the future.

Wake of the Ravager

The author got a gazillion of imagination

The Wizard-King to be will reach that state by relying on skills and mutations that are so unthinkable for my standard (hopefully) human mind. It's been a blast of a journey and nowhere near the end.

The abilities he's got and the choices the author gave us are all super interesting. Oh, almost forgot, they're funny too.

MC's char is skilfully written; his princesses also have very charming and distinctive characters. The rest of supporting characters also give various colors to the story.

Great work author, keep it up!


Futuristic soldier vs world of magic and fantasy

This was a fun ride, the author put a lot of work into this story and it entertains.

There are a lot of revs talking about what I want to say so I'll refrain rephrasing too much on something other people have already written.

To me, this story got 2 prologues, one before he got to the fantasy world and after he got there. He thought he was trapped in a VR simulator. He also thought the people he met in the fantasy world weren't real (so far) but he still had enough heart to help them and solve their problems. Unfortunately, he got tangled to some kind of power struggle between the bigshot of a fantasy empire.

Poor guy, he just wanted to log out and see her sister ^^

The author's style of writing is a bit extravagant at the beginning but it does contribute to the tone of the story author wants to convey to the readers.

Excellent grammar, can't find anything to correct.

The story is a bit of slow for me but its still early. Like I said earlier, it appears to be two long prologues but the author kept us entertained with magnificent fight scenes.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 TL;DR: Looking forward to how a veteran HALO soldier solves his predicament in a fantasy world to go home.

Mother of Learning

One of the best I've ever read!

Super story, super characters, super world!

Our MC is a mind mage, a rare kind of ability in the fiction world. But the great thing is the author weave that mind-boggling ability and its intricacies like a spider weaving a wedding gown, a masterpiece.

That and time-loop ^^

Read this or you'll miss out an epic.


Vainqueur the Dragon

Wow, what a ride! This really is something else. So many five stars and the antics of the dragon and his trusty minion didn't disappoint.

Vainqueur best dragon indeed.

An 'Ordinary' Adventure

Read past chapter 1. I see the potential here, chapter 1 could use more polish but not really negatively impact the story. The uninteresting parts could use some trimming.

Also, some nose-picking: Maybe its just me, but it's gritting to read for someone with a name "Knight". This is isekai story, right? Would people name their child, Knight? There are tons of good name out there, just pick one :)

Looking forward for the story's outside world. Keep writing author. ^^