Avery Light

Avery Light

Minding Others' Business

Amazing work, I'm very impressed by the author's way with words.

So this story is about a band of misfits doing jobs as mercenaries in a fantasy world.

The stellar point for me is the interactions between characters. They are diverse and alive with personality, the author did a good job delivering that in writing. I guarantee you'll get a laugh, even the most stoic of you.

Grammar is good, some typos but no writer is immune to that. He also in the proses of improving his " " which is a plus.

Overall, this is a really solid work.

Metaworld Chronicles

Still Interesting 420+ Chapters In

A bit slow at the beginning but it became strong roots for the tree to grow tall.

Interesting MC and plethora of supporting cast. The world is rich and beautifully served like a high-class cuisine.

If you want to know a magical parallel Earth filled with wonders, read this ASAP.

Damsel of Distress

Like the story but not the expo

A litRPG, a familiar term for most of us. The author has constructed quite deep worldbuilding and it shows, perhaps showing a bit much.

Lots of paragraphs about self-thought, musings, what if's thinking. Combined with many details make the pace seems slow. MIght be a point to reconsider for the author. I certainly prefer a quicker pace.

As other reviews have said, the exposition part could use some trimming or adjustment. I've got the impression we're given those because we "need" to know but it might come as a negative for those who don't like exposition.

I like the system. Not all the system but part of it really shone through. Like the system force people to become a settler and make a town. If you do not, well, you got "bullied" until you do. This sounds interesting and like a fountain of ideas. I hope it got explored instead of buried. Oh, the area where all is "Dire" also a nice touch for me.

As for our MC and her... Hero, I do want to see how they go from here. Daniel got quite of a character growth so suddenly. Granted there should be some kind of timekip n the works here but to us, one chapter. Time to see how the Wife MC developed. Looking forward to the Wife class becoming OP. I certainly never seen something like that, fresh idea.

Enjoyable story but need more polish to shine. 

The Future That Never Was — A Cyberpunk/Space Western book series

This story is really different than what I usually read in RR. I don't know how to best put it. It's whacky, whammy, funny, full of references and surprises. Put them all into an episodic format space opera setting and it blows up in a confetti of fun.

The human-cat duo is very fitting in the story. Their antics, especially the cat's grabbed my attention from chapter 1. the world-building is amazing too. Definitely many hours have been put creating it and many hours more polishing it. Kinda... space cyberpunk with guns and sweets. Does that make sense?

The grammar is good. It has some mistakes, but it didn't stab your eye. Some french that doest quite fit in English. On the other side, the words used depicted the colorful world of KK. Wonderful. It's sometimes too detailed but only a minor thing. It's dialogue-heavy. personally I prefer a lighter amount of salt in my dish but the cook has their own style. As long as the finished product is good then I won't complain.

While the story focused on the human-cat duo, the supporting characters arent put in for the sake of being there either. They give their own unique flavor to the story. The two MCs are still my favorite, especially Lee the cat. That feline's thoughts about human things from the cat's point of view really take the cake... or pizza.

If you like a story about space cowboys in a rich wild west space, give this a try. 

Wander West, in Shadow

I got a feeling this story has a 'click' that I can't pinpoint about while I'm reading it. When I read the reviews, now I know why they said it was a 'classic' fantasy. It really does and that's a good thing.

In my opinion, the writing has been done very well so far. Didn't find and grammar mistakes, if there are I must just absorb them as I read on, nothing seemed off to me. I do have a critique about the style though. Sometimes the sentence appears 'big' or 'heavy'. Too many words in a paragraph. This case is especially prominent in chapter 4 but maybe it's just me. Still, it's a solid work and we move to the story and characters.

The characters are all both interesting and lifelike. Early on we got introduced to two MCs (or a hero with a heroine, don't know yet). They met and travel together like how you met other people on the same tour overseas. So far they are interesting, showing nice of different personalities. The story is pretty local at first, a mysterious case befalling a village. The author feeds us the lore and worldbuilding in bits and pieces instead of shoving it down our throat, which was more preferable to me.

Overall, it's definitely a good story. early chapters have a mystery and dark feel about it (just look at the cover, it's a dark forest road). A pair of boy and girl magic wielders with their familiars traveling together, what mystery will they find? Let's find out. 

Deshawn Dale and the Hidden World

This is a light and joyful story for me. The kind like I enjoy a cold and sweet milkshake after a bath after a long day.

The style is unique. Sometimes I had the feeling it breaks into the 4th wall but it fits with the story so I ended up enjoying it. Grammar is good, and our MC with the initials DD, seems like your typical nerd becomes hero type of guy. I bet his love for the school madonna will have something to do with that.

I think the author has something in the works here. Need more chapters before we can know more but for the beginning? Nice work.

Musical Land Trilogy

Musical land! A place of songs, dance, dreams, and happiness. Life is great! No more wars, people are happy, our MC just accepted to a new school for gifted children while she's not gifted (about average, academically of course). After a Disney movie musical introduction when he first arrived at Presley High, begins our slice-of-life story.

Beneath the all is well and good in the world, we got flashes something just might be wrong. The signs are there, even from early chapters. Everybody wear chips? Missing memories before the war? Hobos are bad? Mega corporation? Singing music is mandatory? I don't know about you guys but to me, there's definitely something wrong here. But we don't know what though, so that's the story is all about.

We see the world from the eyes of Marie Curie, the MC (holy hell, her initials are also MC :p). She's very relatable and easy to slip in her shoes. As plastered in the tag, this is a dystopian story so young Marie here would need to step up her game in a not-friendly not-hostile environment.

To me, the mystery is the best thing about this story. Pity only a little of it is given in the early chapters. If you want to dive into a truly unique world, give this story a read.

Sister Earth

Now this is a story for those that want a change of air from the usual fire and blood business that oversaturated web novels everywhere. This story is about characters with a more 'grounded' circumstances than the power-hungry kind. As written in the tag, there will be romance which already prominent in the early stages of the story. On one side of course our MC, the sister earth (forest sprite/god/fairy, something along that line, you get the idea) and on another side, you guessed it, a knight.

The pacing of the story is quite fast. You get from one scene to the next but with a clear idea of how and why. For now, the chars are swept by the tide of happenings and we witnessed how they cope. Although, for a romance, both of them don't really have a first good impression on each other and will need more time to really fell into that sweet chasm of love.

I feel the char is the weakest point in the story. Our MC needs time to grow into the char she always meant to be and the author is certainly leading up to that. That's the point of character development so I'll put my faith in her.

Overall, a good fantasy romance. Its still a sprout, considering the amount of chapter but seems like it will grow into a great tree. 

This Strange New Life

The body of a baby, the mind of a genius

Other reviews already said it, this story is for those who want a change from the blood and gore and of other isekai stories out there.

Grammar and style are solid, nothing to critique there.

Our MC got a story to tell before she awakens as a fetus. She got a built-in AI that calls her mother. Fancy that, a baby with a kid! We got shown they came from a place/age with more mature technology, which gives our MC an edge when dealing with other things.

Sometimes the technical parts overwhelmed me but their banter is interesting most of the time.
The highlight of this story would be the life of our MC and his newfound family. MC got loving parents, also a pair of twin older siblings. Now I don't know about you guys but in stories like this, the interactions between the kids are what I'm looking forward to.

I got a minor gripe about a misfortune falling on one of the char. I GET that sometimes there are bad things happening in your life but the contrast from the puffy chapters before that caught me in a surprise. Things got better though.

Overall, I can't find a jarring fault about this story. Luxmes wants to write a fluff story and he/she did it. 

Thief of Time

Grammar: 5/5
The grammar is perfect, didn't find any mistakes.

Style: 4.5/5
It's a litrpg, the author makes it very light and didn't burden the reader with numbers or blue boxes, which was a plus for me. The words the author used are colorful and the sentence structure isn't repetitive at all. Again, a plus.

Story: 4/5
The start of the story we were shown the MC in peril. He showed his skills and abilities which serve as our initiation of how the gamey part of the world work. Our MC is a thief, he stole things. Hell, he made it his life's work by stealing things. He got away but conveniently become a scapegoat for something he had nothing to with it. The twist was shown in the synopsis which is quite unfortunate.

In the story, the disparity between the rich and the poor seems to be the centerpiece, how it correlates why the MC chooses to be a thief. The flow of how the MC escapes from the pursuers and blend into the masses is in the fine line of detailed and fast. The author has done a good job of trimming the unnecessary parts.

Character: 4.5/5
Claud has a solid foundation as an MC. He's an accomplished master thief, he has 20 years of experience in the business, we know his moral compass when he deals with the thugs under the employ of the government. Need more screentime before passing the final judgment but it's a good making for an MC.

Dia is where I felt a bit of a seesaw. Initially, she's shown as a naive princess and hard to like a princess but in the next chapters, the author showed me her naivete can be likable. Sure she conveniently got help like it was deus ex machina at the start of her journey but I enjoyed her story in the following chapters. Her naivete still remains but that's what character development all about isnt it?

Overall: 4.5/5

You're still reading this? Don't. Read the story instead!