Toby Ziegler

Toby Ziegler

Dungeon 42

The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

The answer is 42, of course, and she’s a wonderful answer.

The story builds logically, with our beloved MC making sound decisions intermixed with freak-out moments from the bizarre situation. Finding herself the new toy of unknown, vast powers, she does unheard-of things like, taking the tutorial? And it is awesome! Without giving her all the answers, it gives her what she needs to survive, then thrive.

I simply cannot recommend this richly complex take on an improved isekai dungeon enough. Hopefully you will feel the same!


Left Me Wanting Much More!

Right from the premise of choosing an alien software as a beginning character, I fell in deep like with this story. Moments later when our player learns he is language impaired and can only communicate in the manner of an alien slowly learning English, my like turned to love.

Grammar quirks aside, this is a great story. As I write this, the author has declared his personal struggles and hope to pick up the story. The greedy reader wants many, many more chapters, but not at the expense of someone's health.

Heal fully, good author, then write like the wind!

Metaworld Chronicles

This is my first review, so I wanted to make it one to remember: I love this story.

The main character is a joy to follow. Her progression from frightened child/not-child to confident sort-of adult has been enthralling. Unlike many stories, no matter how capable she becomes, she is never the overpowered, unstoppable force of the universe with no-one who can stand against her. There are always those with more power, and always those who choose to be an enemy.

The author has woven the characters and the universe, with its innovative take on magic, into a believable and fascinating tapestry of continual revelation, full of the uncertainties of life and living. I would call it masterful, personally.

I lurked Royal Road for a long time. I have read and enjoyed many stories here. I finally signed up for an account because of this story, more than any other. It proves worth reading with every single word.