1. Just Hit 25K Views!

      I just hit 25K, I'm ecstatic! slowly but surely!

    2. Re: I Hit 10,000 Views a few days ago!

      Congrats! I'm having a painful toothache due to my carelessness... It receded so now I should get going with the writing. I wonder of Royal Road no longer have that many visitors, or people just (...)

    3. I Hit 10,000 Views a few days ago!

      I hit 10,000 Views a few days and swore I celebrated it here! lol  Never thought i'd see five figures in views, boy let me tell you. It feels so good to see it in your stats! Hope everyone's writing (...)

    4. Re: Link me your sci-fi story, and I'll post a review of at least the first four chapters

      Hey If you have the time, can you check out my story as well?

    5. Re: Promote your story with the very first sentence the reader sees

      A droplet of rain slapped itself across my forehead, enlightening me to the fact that it would rain, and soon.

    6. Re: What can I do (within my power) to reach Trending/Rising Stars?

      Remember guys, this is a marathon, not a sprint. My story isn't what you'd normally find on RR, as it's sci-fi. Be diligent and keep experimenting, but also remember your story might not be resonating (...)

    7. Re: How to write good action scenes?

      Short Sentences, with a mixture of details and tension. Tension being pushed with the character's thoughts and frustration etc. My best suggestion would be for you to digest and analyse your favourite (...)

    8. Re: Any Other Authors Who Have Lost Their Love of Reading While Writing?

      I haven't lost my love for reading, but I'm I find it hard to continue if the story doesn't grab me. In the past, I'd get through the 'slog' parts because I hate skimming. It's just hard at times to continue (...)

    9. Re: 50 followers

      Nice, Very Nice, Congrats man, here's another One-Fifty! :DrakanWine:

    10. Re: Top 1500, FINALLY.

      Nice man, Congrats on the achievement here's to you breaking into the Top 200! :DrakanWine:

    11. Re: I lost one follower again. This time, it’s 100% strange.

      Don't harp on it too long. They'll be good days and bad days!

    12. Re: Hello, New Writer Here!

      Welcome Aboard! 

    13. Re: The problem with reviews

      I'd say I agree with the Subjectivity and Taste part, but there is also an issue with review exchanges in that you review knowing the other will do the same to your work.  You have to always wonder if (...)

    14. Re: How to inject personality into dialog?

      Your characters have to sound passionate when they speak.

    15. Re: 'Harsh' readers on Royal Roads

      Some people are just more fragile than others.  That being said, I did get pissed off that one time that one reviewer didn't even read my story synopsis, and then complained about something the synopsis (...)

    16. Re: Great Feedback!

      This place really is amazing, and I am very thankful for the feedback I have received. After hearing enough of it I am thinking I should pull my work down and maybe polish it a little more before doing (...)

    17. Re: Military Scifi, Spinning my wheels on RR?

      Hey Man,  I also noticed that fantasy and LITRPG are well-loved on RR and that's fine. For me, before I move on to my Progressive Fantasy series, I've mentally committed to at least finishing off a (...)

    18. Re: Inspirations & Influences

      Hmm, for my current novel. I was inspired whilst reading the first book in the Dresden Files. I asked myself, what if Dresden lived in a cyberpunk world? That's how it started, but we all know what (...)

    19. Re: Where do you write?

      Hmmm, at my PC right next to the bed. I usually listen to genre-specific music. For e.g. if I'm writing fantasy, I'd listen to some From Hell, etc, just to get the tone right. Quite fun. I've tried writing (...)