1. Re: Descriptive writing, What to learn to get better?

      It naturally varies for chapter to chapter however, how much do you think these sort of descriptions should take up? Let’s for convenience say if I write a understandable chapter with as little description (...)

    2. Re: what are some character ideas you think are overused

      People whom are suppose to be normal, being completely fine with killing (or similar to) a clearly evil person. That’s not have people work. If if they do it, they’ll end up traumatized, often for life. (...)

    3. Re: Bingers vs Update readers: who do you write for?

      I’m not I very experienced writer. However I will always try to make every chapter interesting in its own way. Maybe there is not much plot development or action, but I can explore the theme of the novel. (...)

    4. Re: Short prologues?

      I will never read a prologue regardless of how short it is. Why? That seems like an odd stance. Prologues are part of a story as much as any other chapters, why pick and chose not to read it, simply (...)

    5. Re: Short prologues?

      I will never read a prologue regardless of how short it is. Oh! My heart! But why?! My story doesn't have a prologue, just a very short first chapter o3o For one, I don’t need to read a prologue (...)

    6. Re: Short prologues?

      I will never read a prologue regardless of how short it is.

    7. Re: Do Stats Really Matter In LitRPG?

      I don't like them. I feel the same about levels if they lets increase your hp etc. It's creates unneeded power-creep. Here is a video why

    8. Re: How many chapters does a story need before you would start reading it?

      At least one. However it also needs 40 pages or more. Under 40 pages, I’ve found that the risk of abandonment is high.  

    9. Re: What makes a good introduction?

      Her neck snapped with a audible crack. “Ahhh that’s the spot” she moaned. “A few more and you’ll feel like a new born” the chiropractor stated calmly.

    10. Re: Love interest

      If the story isn’t all about romance it doesn’t really matter or at least I don’t think so. However I reckon it’s useful to start early so you can related exploit conflict throughout the story.

    11. Re: Schedule changes, good or bad idea?

      Create a back log and see if you can handle it.  I.E try wrong faster but don’t post faster until you know you can handle it.

    12. Re: What's a good way to avoid info dumps?

      I’ve noticed a lot of the time the author explains things that are either obvious or unnecessary to know. Like if it’s a litrpg: strength increase your your ability to carry heavy things. Well no shit. (...)

    13. Re: Ideal Chapter Length?

      I will probably not read your story if you have less than 2,5k. In my experience it’s a sign of longevity and quality to have longer chapters.  More than 12k is a bit excessive.

    14. Re: Quick Q about Prologues

      I never read prologues. They are not part of the story.

    15. Re: Single Lead vs Multi-leads

      As a reader I can say that in a lot of novels even ones I would consider good, I simply skip chapters with povs other than the Mc. Like “so I’m a spider so what”. Simply because I don’t care about their (...)

    16. Re: Criticism leading to hiatus

      Thanks for the replies everyone.  Ironically my biggest take away is to provide more positive feedback to motivate the author to continue. It has historically not been some I’ve done much either.

    17. Re: How To: Simple Review

      To me as a reader, the most important part is a synopsis. Followed by your subjective options about The story. This because a lot of the time the authors synopsis doesn’t really tell me anything.

    18. Criticism leading to hiatus

      So I’m not one to state my option on particular stories. Besides spelling errors. However I’ve noticed a worrying pattern. It goes as following 1. The author release a new chapter. 2. A lot of readers (...)

    19. Re: Why do people like LitRPG?

      Litrpg is often done poorly however that could probably be said about any gender. For me the appeal is progression. The “self-insert door mat” isn’t usually that appreciated. The actual blue boxes themselves (...)

    20. Re: Possibility of the Introduction of a "Cultivation" tag

      A none-humanoid tag would be great also. Dungeon core/master also.