Seventh Sage

Seventh Sage

Thieves' Dungeon

It’s a good take on dungeon genre. Does well to show the character of the dungeon’s more intelligent monsters.


Druidic Cultivation

I enjoy the writing style and feel the xianxia aspect of the novel is done well. I hope there will be more chapters in the future. 

Super Minion

It’s fun to read from Tofu’s POV. Unique problems he has and their solutions  are interesting to read. Give it a read, you won’t regret it. 

Cultivating Earth [Hiatus]

I like the different perspective on cultivation. The backstory to why humans in modern times can not cultivate makes sense, as well as the reasons the MC is willing to stay on earth. 

The Wandering Inn

Currently halfway through volume 5.

Pirateaba does a great job with the chsracter interaction in this story. Erin’s position as an innkeeper keeps us in on town gossip, and access to plenty of side characters. Erin may be overly stubborn to a fault at times, but that’s okay. 

Favorite side character to read Is 

Spoiler: Spoiler


Straight from the business district

I really enjoyed it at first. Interesting concepts, and I can’t wait to see how some of the world’s mysteries are solved. My problem is, even with daily releases (bless you RinoZ), it seems like the story is being drawn out too much, and with short chapters where it seems little happens. I still enjoy it, but I’m going to let a backlog of chapters build up before I continue. 


Plenty of jokes. Anthony’s business district seems to be over used, give his commercial zone a break, or the market will be over saturated with product. 


Overall a good read. 


It seems like a lot of effort goes into the system and math. I appreciate the effort. MC has access to possible skills, and there is usually debate on his best build. If you enjoy theorizing builds, you will like this. The story seems to go slowly sometimes, but I still enjoy reading it.


My favorite part of the story was the beginning, when the MC had a language barrier. It helped to relate with the MC, trying to figure out what other characters wanted from him.

Defiance of the Fall

Rating because I like the story. Otherwise I particularly like the system backstory as well as 

Spoiler: Spoiler



He Who Fights With Monsters

My favorite ongoing novel at the moment. I did not think I was going to like it after reading the first couple chapters, but it turned out to be good. Dialogue is very well done. There are occasional grammar errors, but they seem to be fixed rather quickly.