Hao Abao

Hao Abao

    1. Re: A Good Synopsis

      It really depends on the genre of your novel I'd say, naturally if it's comedy make it funny, a first person view is fine too for that. Making a short summary of the start and the end of the novel sounds (...)

    2. Re: How to increase the pace?

      Well really it depends on the genre of your novel. If it's a fantasy or xianxia sort of novel I would start slow like you had done and stay slow but not too slow. For example if chapter 8 is when the MC (...)

    3. Re: Suggestion for "System" in my upcoming fiction.

      What exactly is senses? not that it has to do with your question. I think maybe something like or is fine that's what I use anyway

    4. Re: Using a weapon in clever ways.

      As a weapon huh maybe a miniature sword or create a net of some sort to catch small things? Or just like ur needle idea make the needles blunt on one end