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      100 followers in a month is great. Congratulations. Thanks!!! XD I'm on Trending right now so that might be why too. XD

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      Here's mine:

    3. Re: 100 Followers!

      Hey, guys! Just hit a hundred follows! I know it's still a small number, but Level Up Hero! did just start this month. Hope you can all give it a read too. XD Here's the link for those of you who (...)

    4. Re: The Returnee Who Found His Way Back on the Royal Road!

      i really love your new story, hope i can read a lot more of it. a LOT more Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you in the comments of the chapters. XD

    5. Re: Superhuman story with AI or litrpg elements? (E.G Artisan or Super Minion)

      MC with litrpg skills etc in a superhuman world. Here's the perfect recommendation for you! It's called Level Up Hero! and it does have an MC with an RPG system tool that helps him get stronger (...)

    6. Re: Superpowered stories. I want 'em.

      If you've got any others, good guys or bad guys, I'll take 'em. Here's one for you! Level Up Hero! Is a superhero fantasy that pits modern-day Greek heroes with Eldritch horror type beings and (...)

    7. Re: Looking for stories with lots of status’s, level ups, skill descriptions and other system stuff.

      My ongoing story Level Up Hero!] has what you're looking for right in the title so yeah, we've got status screens, skills (which we call powers), and an MC who levels up similar to a LitRPG. In a (...)

    8. Re: Looking for good quality fight scenes

      Hi there, in the mood for some ongoing/completed novels with some descriptive human v monster/ human v human fight scenes. Preferably ML with romance but no harem/ no romance. Similar to Beast Tamer/ (...)

    9. Re: What do you consider most important in a fight scene?

      to embolden the narrative and progress a character's personality. I personally think fight scenes give readers an interesting view of our characters' personalities in high-pressure situations which (...)

    10. Re: What kind of Gods do you have in your story?

      Let me jump in here. XD I make use of the Olympian gods of Greek myth in my story that pits modern-day Greek heroes facing off against Eldritch horror type beings. XD In a nutshell. It's called (...)

    11. Re: Artwork for Level Up Hero!

      Hey, everyone! Just wanted to share some finished artwork and drafts for the cover of Level Up Hero! to help promote my artist, @Okaze_Arts! Check him out on IG. XD For those of you interested, #LUH (...)

    12. Re: November Thread - Promote your Story

      Greetings, true believers! Yes, I did steal that famous Stan Lee line just to emphasize that this is indeed a superhero fantasy wrapped in a neat package of Greek Mythology! In a nutshell, Sam (...)

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      Thank you @Ankur_93 and @parkertallan! XD I hope you guys give my novel a read too. Cheers!

    14. Re: The Returnee Who Found His Way Back on the Royal Road!

      Hey, everyone! GD_Cruz here, It's been a year since I've posted on Royal Road, but like those second chance lifers and returnee stories we sometimes gravitate toward, I have returned! XD And (...)

    15. Re: New Writer on RR

      Thanks again, IvyVeritas! Yes, I don't think a Patreon account for a noob like me is necessary either. Maybe if more people like my stories. For now, getting more readers is my main concern along with (...)

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      @IvyVeritas, Thanks for commenting. I added the Eight Warden to my collection so I can read it later. The book cover is interesting and the details provided a good hook for me to want to read. Ah, (...)

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      Hi! I'm a new author on Royal Road, and like many fantasy novels, I migrated to this world from another one called Webnovel... :p I hear this is the platform for great fantasy stories so I'm excited (...)

    18. Re: RoyalRoad#101 - Free Reviews each Sunday.

      Hi, Newbie author on RR. If you do get a chance to read my work then please don't be gentle. Tell me exactly where the story needs improveand if it sucks so bad you don't want to even bother. But if (...)