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      If you are lucky you might not live as a case study in a lab for your whole life. Not sure about this sentence. It doesn't seem to fit with how the story really begins when his reincarnation system (...)

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      I guess we’re moving on to the next thread :/

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      My mixtape

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      This is interesting too: Idk why they’re doing a ‘hello world’ post here tho since this was posted in 2013 while the first chapter of LMS went up in 2012.

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      I took several year long breaks from Royalroad so unfortunately idk when the split happened. I took a look at Japtem just now and its still up so you can look through the site. I peeped through and found (...)

    6. Re: Do you prefer reading/writng on mobile or desktop?

      I read on mobile. I write on mobile. I do final edits on a laptop. I didn’t have access to a computer for a few months so I got used to doing everything on my phone. 

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      Damn I’m getting a rush of nostalgia looking at those titles in the old webcached royalroad

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      Idk if this is a question thread, but it looks like you’ve only looked at forum stuff. Originally Royalroad was the fanfic section of Japtem developed specifically for LMS and Re:Monster fanfic plus some (...)

    9. Re: What things that make you quit reading a novel after serveral chapters?

      I’ll drop something if the author can’t grab me within the first few chapters. Even if grammar is garbage and characters are hollow, I can still keep with a story if it has sufficient tension.

    10. Re: Questions about writing a character's personal thoughs

      Bonus question, is it ok to use the 'x' for sarcasm? Example: "The VirtualBoy was a 'good' console, according to some." If you really want to get your sarcasm across, you could always hit (...)

    11. Re: What do your stories mean to you, how and why do you write?

      I’m just writing the stuff I wish I could read. Reading is an addiction, but sometimes I can’t find the ‘stuff’ unless I make it myself.

    12. Re: What is the most unique aspect of the world's created in your fiction?

      In my superhero short story, one character’s backstory is pretty interesting. Here’s my author notes: Darren Biggins, also known as Mantor, was a normal boy who liked playing in the Australian bush. (...)