Gennon Asche

Gennon Asche

    1. Re: -Castle kingslide-

      I agree! That book's insanely good!


      Ayy! Congrats! 

    3. Re: You are nothing but a chubby potato

      There is great honor in being a potato.

    4. Re: Tell Us About Your Story

      My story is about a dying surgeon isekai'd into a grim medieval world. Upon witnessing basic ailments like iodine deficiency and scurvy running rampant, he struggles to bring about modern medicine. However, (...)

    5. Re: How to stay motivated?

      Reading a good book can help. You could also try reminding yourself of why you started writing, the particular idea/concept that excited you, and work towards that.  But of course, motivation is fleeting. (...)

    6. Re: Isekaied MCs

      Aside from the very obvious its because the author makes it so, why is it that isekaied MCs find it easy to kill repeatedly without suffering any psychological breakdown. I would think a randomly transported (...)

    7. Re: Queries on writing anything BUT the action.

      Spending every scene on tense action can be problematic. Even thrillers, which have the characters stressed and pressed for time, have moments where the characters sit back, plan, shoot the shit, and reflect (...)

    8. Re: Grief. (Fictious ones.) When is the appropriate time.

      I'd probably have the characters react with only a few words during the life-threatening scene (ie, the cliche "nooooooooo!"), and in an upcoming scene (preferably more slow-paced and as soon as possible), (...)

    9. Re: My story isn't well.

      I read your prologue. The entirety of it struck me as being all "tell" and none of it "show". Now, it can work to have an in-story narrator tell their tale (it works for Name of the Wind). But in your (...)

    10. Re: Hitting trending has actually been a curse

      Hey, op. I just want to let you know you're not alone. A lot of authors feel this way when their work blows up.

    11. Re: How do you balance reader-value and writer-encouragement?

      The classic method is the compliment sandwich. There are three layers: 1) Start with something you liked about the novel. 2) The center is your biggest dislike. If there are multiple things you disliked (...)

    12. Re: The zone

      Just write through the pain is what I tell myself. Editing will fix the rest later.

    13. Re: Music for when you write

      There's a lot of excellent writing music out there, and many of the tracks listed in this thread are wonderful. Post Rock has all sorts of thought-provoking melodies. This is one of my favorites. (...)

    14. Re: Are you scared to post your work for people to see?

      I took a long break from writing my novel because the negative feedback became overwhelming. Granted, perfectionism and neuroticism gives me a low tolerance for stress, but it's probably inevitable for (...)

    15. Re: Need motivation

      Hello! As a person in a similar situation I can totally relate. With the world the way it is and the pressure of constantly uploading chapters and thinking you have to make them all perfect, it's not (...)

    16. Re: Written myself into a corner

      Yeah, sometimes it's difficult to control exactly where your plot goes. The best way I know is by plotting the major things you want to have in your story before beginning, then again for each chapter (...)

    17. Re: How much Dialogue, is too much??

      All dialogue must do two things:  1) Show character or further the plot (or better yet, both). 2) Have conflict (could be a tiny amount or a lot). You surprise me a little on the second one. (...)

    18. Re: How much Dialogue, is too much??

      All dialogue must do two things:  1) Show character or further the plot (or better yet, both). 2) Have conflict (could be a tiny amount or a lot).

    19. Re: Its me, or are the readers a little bitchy as of late? or is it the quarantine?

      My readers have been polite and understanding about the slower parts of my novel, but I'm a small fry. It's mostly the popular authors that have been taking abuse. After a writer reaches a certain level (...)

    20. Re: How do you guys get readers?

      I trust the universe to bring kind readers to my novel.