1. Re: New stories to watch out for

      Jackal Among Snakes Eeh, strong derec on that. It's very generic, not very well-written, and the author is reporting negative reviews to (...)

    2. Re: MC is poison user

      "Hazure Waku no 【Joutai Ijou Sukiru】de Saikyou ni Natta Ore ga Subete wo Juurin suru made" / "I Became the Strongest With The Failure Frame【Abnormal State Skill】As I Devastated Everything" would fit the (...)

    3. Re: "I can't stand xianxia"

      People dislike xianxia (and other CN fantasy genres, but xianxia above all others) for the same reason that they dislike litrpgs, isekai, battleharems, &c.: there are maybe two or three different plots (...)

    4. Re: To prologue or not to prologue?

      Like many tools prologues are useful but amateur writers usually misapply them. A prologue, in a sense, is a micro-story that provides background on how the conflict of the story proper arose. It is (...)

    5. Re: What Fiction Disappointed You Most

      Hoooooo boy. Too many contenders to count, but if I had to nail it down it'd probably be the collective works of David Weber. Gods, what a self-absorbed hack. Especially because the Hell's Gate series, (...)

    6. Re: What Musical Memories Do You Have?

      It's weird on this one. I read a manga years and years back called Kekkaishi. At the time I was on a big Korpiklaani kick, listening to their albums on repeat all day long. Now when I hear one of their (...)

    7. Re: A desperate author looking for readers and answers

      You're on Trending less than a month into publishing a story that isn't one of the lowest-common-denominator attractions popular on this site. It just takes time for readership to ramp up, you're doing (...)

    8. Re: Descriptions of Distance, Time, And Numbers

      Also worth thinking about how people measured distance and time before formal weights and measures were codified. People still talk and think like this, too, and most don't carry around measuring tapes (...)

    9. Re: Xianxias where the MC isn't super OP and is actually a good person?

      Ze Tian Ji / Way of Choices. Full stop. I wouldn't hesitate to qualify this as the only genuinely, unironically, no-caveats good Chinese fantasy WN I've ever read. Characters who are complex, lively, moral (...)

    10. Re: Outdoor or Classroom Coppulating?

      I thought RR don't really advocate for such...errr..."explicit" contents. And if it's classroom, I'm going to assume that would mean they're students and thus "underage"(although college might mitigate (...)

    11. Re: LF for fictions with MC who has a spine

      Let's be clear before I recommend anything: do you mean stories with an edgy powerwank protagonist who goes full murderhobo any time someone disagrees with him, or do you mean stories with a protagonist (...)

    12. Re: What is your favorite female lead/MC story?

      Limiting myself to things posted on RR: Forge of Destiny - It was already damn good as a quest, but the cleaned-up version posted here is even better. Fucking fantastic. Villainous - In a sense, a fairly (...)