The Empire of Ink

Honestly suprised this hasn't hit trending yet, the writer has excellent prose and I haven't spotted any spelling or grammatical mistakes making a clear step up from most of the stories on RR.

The premise of the story is unique and interesting as is the world building, with my only issue being the lack development of side characters but the stories still in its early stages so that's understandable 

Shade and Flow

This novel is very well polished with an interesting power system the revolves around the concept of light and dark or shade and flow as its called. The characters have depth to them and don't feel like cardboard cutouts and there is an overall good direction to the plot of the story so give it a go. My only gripe is the occasional spelling errors though it's not a deal breaker 


The fact this story doesn't have atleast a 1000 followers is criminal. The Mc is very interesting having a dichotomy of shy apathy and savage beastial instincts. The story gave me some beastar vibes with its animal school setting and wolf mc but much more interesting in my opinion. The author is great at revealing mysteries slowly and uses vivid descriptions when describing characters appearances with the only downside to the story being the formatting and spelling errors which can easily be solved with grammarly. 


Nothing Nodragons writes is bad and this is no different. I was abit disappointed after the end of thieves dungeon but this helps fill the hole. The authors ability to describe and create such fantastical creatures never fails impress seemingly having endless creativity. The prose is great with grammatical and spelling errors being almost non existant so give it a go. 


An interesting story with a unique concept that manages to differentiate itself from the other fantasy novels on RR. People mentioned the story has worm vibes with its dark gritty hero setting which in my mind is a good thing, a nice change from the go hapoy utopia worlds.

The main character is very complex especially his mental issues but his new bright outlook makes a nice contrast with the dark nature of his ability making the story a delight to read as the author has a very polished approach to writing. 


Good time loop story with a twist

The main character Loren has a very easy going nature which is quite likeable although it's abit strange how well he is taking everything as a mental breakdown or falling into depression at least for one loop would have been understandable. The author is very creative with the superpowers that Loren gets as they range from op, useless and strange with the only limitation being his creativity and the time taken to understand them. 

Also Emma is best girl. 

RE: Monarch

Great time loop story with a much faster pace than others like the menocht loop or the mother of learning. The main character is likeable and has a proper goal he strives towards. The power system is a soft one with no rigid ranks or levels making strategy essential and fights unpredictable 

Gods How I Hate Nature

An isekai story but the protagonist isn't from another world. Author is very good at world building portraying a dark world with a unique culture while also fleshing out his character very well. The MC is a proper chad not op but strong mentally and very resourceful with an interesting backstory 

Not as it seems

A fantasy grimdark done properly, a twist on a classical isekai by inserting the worlds author into it making him powerful knowledge wise but pretty weak physically and magically so he focuses on manipulation, a few grammatical mistakes but nothing that grammarly can't fix but other than that it's great. I really hope the author decides to pick it up again as it's become one of my favourites 

The Fragmented Six (Six Chances)

The unique thing about the authors style is that it changes depending on the characters pov, which is quite the feat with the host of detailed characters. 

The overall story is great, particularly how the different characters are linked and interact with each other, with each fulfilling a role in the group. The world building is incredibly detailed and deep with unique mannerisms and architecture to each country.

I haven't noticed any obvious grammer mistakes, and the characters are my favourite part of the story, particularly Jericho and Werner so I recommend you give it a go