Genre change, terrible pacing, flat characters

Delve is unable to decide what kind of story it wants to be, its has terrible pacing and too many throwaway chapters for a story that updates once a week which is awful. The author made "promises" in the early part of the story that they haven't kept at all, and since their characte writing is so mediocre writing slice of life is just extra bad after promising a story about the system and actually delving which it barely does. Titles are the most powerful promise of all and 650000 words in its too late to make up for the lack of delving in Delve.

The only good thing about the story is the technical aspects writing is above average. The romance in the story takes slow burning to a whole new level but the character development isn't there. The story started out so promising but it took a nose-dive, not quickly since it doesn't do anything quickly, but around halfway through, and Patreon members agree it doesn't get better.

Obviously new authors make a lot of mistakes and a lot of stories get away with that because of better pacing or fast releases or keeping major promises made by the title and early chapters. Delve however does not. And like many people this is the point where I stop making excuses or giving the story breaks because of how much potential it had 100 chapters ago.


The Humble Life of a Skill Trainer

One wonders what drives so many authors to write these stories. Game Of Thrones or Memory, Sorrow, Thorn weren't dark and edgy enough for them apparently. The character score might have been a 3 if not for the ridiculous hug scene in chapter 73, the last chapter I'll ever read. "I had to torture and abuse my daughter/student for the good of the people". Even Martin or Erickson would have cut themselves on that much edge.

If the fantasy authors of the 80s had realized how far their attempt to push back on excessively saccharine power fantasies would go they might have just let it go.

The infamously tropey "torturing our kids to provide valuable skills" was already approaching the limit of edge I'm down for but the author then piled it on.

This stuff is immensely worsened by the weekly release web serial format. Throwing out a paper book after an hour if stuff goes a way you don't like is infinitely easier than following a weekly release story for months only to have it ruined a year in or w/e.

In theory the first chapter would indicate the story was gonna be nasty and edgy but plenty of times a chapter like that only points toward a specific rather than a general edginess.