1. Re: Looking for reccomandation for dropped/sudden hiatus novels

      All of Royal Road should be ashamed of what happened to Warlock's Gate. Reading it to the end will help you see some of the Major Issues with this site. Wait this was the same author as Calamity? No (...)

    2. Re: wish fulfillment is a good thing

      I wouldn't say my ideal story would be wish fulfillment but so many people take it the opposite way. Tragedy porn. Ever since the 80s genre fiction has been flooded with tragedy porn, supposedly as a reaction (...)

    3. Re: Royalroad is becoming like webnovel (in terms of quality of fiction)

      God, every time someone mentions necromancers I get tempted to play Diablo 2 again. But on topic: It will lessen with time, like all things. This is a war crime against Grim Dawn. I did play a few (...)

    4. Re: I just got downvoted to hell at r/writing for saying you can't make a good novel in a month...

      During the post 80s sci fi crash many sci fi writers wrote adult books to make ends meet. This was back when the censors were causing the creation of do it to me or do that to me and other slangish stuff (...)

    5. Re: On The Subject of Ratings

      I have written reviews for 2 stories, well 3 but only 2 are useful here. One is Delve and I gave it 1.5 stars. One is Skill Trainer and I gave it 1 star. I will give ratings to stories I really enjoy or (...)

    6. Re: Am I a petty author?

      All the stuff about whether people in the story responded properly to the behavior of the MC is fine. I don't think it is petty to clarify stuff related to accusations of ignorance/bigotry/misogyny. Those (...)

    7. Re: Sensitivity reading and ableism with regards to blindness

      Mostly when I reached for 'demented' when describing a demon and realising that it's a slur - obviously derived from dementia. Thats british slang. The word demented is rooted in Latin, and (...)

    8. Re: Are these average stats or am I doing something wrong?

      Your primary issue is not publishing enough. You are doing average for only 69 pages. But that much in a month? Not only are you boxing out people who only read stories that have 200+ pages already out (...)

    9. Re: Lack of “pure” sci-fi

      I don't know if we're on the same page as to what hard sci-fi means. If it's the kind of sci-fi that really sticks to our modern concepts of physics and what's possible, then I'm afraid I've got nothing. (...)

    10. Re: A Guide to be Successful on Royal Road (Not Clickbait)

      It seems wild to me to compare Harry Potter to LotR. Even the nature of their popularity is distinct, much less anything else about the stories.

    11. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      I tried to read The Name of the Wind like, three times. Maybe more. I could never make it past the first chapter. It’s just so pretentiously boring. Like, there are so many good ways to begin a story. (...)

    12. Re: A Guide to be Successful on Royal Road (Not Clickbait)

      Authors hate the rating system? Why? What else would there be lol.

    13. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      Once again, I am reminded of my blessed life to never have read Twilight. Never read it either. Have read some online discussions on fantasy communities.

    14. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      Thankfully, I have a poor memory. If I read a terrible book it will be forgotten very soon. BUT, looking back at my goodreads ratings, there's a fanfiction that was trying to pass itself off as (...)

    15. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      I can't really answer this question because if a book is too horrendous, I stop reading partway through. As for books I've actually finished (and can therefore fairly judge)... the gamelit fans here (...)

    16. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      Real talk, Twlight is not that bad.  The first story isn't terrible. Its a little creepy when you really think about it though. Edward is a stalker. The  later books get worse, or maybe it was (...)

    17. Re: System Apocalypse/Transmigration (Game-)LIT(Rpg's) with a few hundred chapters

      Did you ever read Arcane Emperor? It fits all the requirements.

    18. Re: Guilty Pleasure Tropes

      I love twisty tangled up relationships, like the friends that are friends even though they're both hiding a dark secret, and they might or might not know the other's secret and are concealing that from (...)

    19. Re: Prologues: Skip or not to skip?

      I mean you could skip almost any given chapter in a book and miss nothing. Especially tropey stuff. First chapter, 7th chapter, chapter before or after climax, chapter before or after denoument. Only about (...)

    20. Re: The worst book you've ever read?

      The Eye of ARgon obviously. I'd give an honorable mention to My Immortal if I could have brought myself to read it. For actual published books I couldn't say. I've read so many I'd post one and then (...)