I'm Not The Hero

He ain't the hero... yet!

TL;DR? What are you talking about, you're a reader of web serials, read the review! ;)

Overall, I'm enjoying this tale of unorthodox isekai where instead of a single character being whisked off to another reality, we have two. The Hero of the tale is a strong, handsome young man who was top of his class, a star athelete, and pretty much the most charismatic teen at highschool.

Daniel's okay.

The real star of the story is Orrin, his neighbourly friend and mate since being a kid. Daniel and Orrin have stuck together for quite a while. That gets a little more intense when they both get sucked into isekai-land.

In a light-hearted satire of traditional LitRPG and isekai narratives, what SourpatchHero is doing with INTH is interesting and fun. I'm always eager to read more about how the system works and what shenanigans Orrin gets up to next.


Whilst some story elements may appear to be darker than some, they're treated with a light hand and the gentle satire comes across fun and enjoyable. Third person narration that doesn't bounce around like a crazed wildebeast.


I know there's a lot more to come, because we're building up to some interesting things here. I like the direction we're going, because the main character is emphatically not the hero, we're seeing the other side of the story that we usually don't see. The Hero goes off doing Hero things... and the MC has to go bail him out. Love it.


The occasional typo, but nothing to get grumpy about. Well written and dialogue is correctly punctuated which is a big bonus. Flows nicely.


The highlight of the story, the characters. The characters have flaws, they have goals and aspirations, they will sometimes do whatever it takes to keep the people they care about safe. That's why they're a joy to read about.

Wait 'til you get to Tony. Tony's great. I can picture him so well because his characterisation is spot on.

INTH is a great start to an interesting tale of two Heroes. Despite one of them insisting he isn't... he so totally is. Silly boy.

The Weirkey Chronicles

Unique magic system, great characters

One of the most unique magic systems I have had the pleasure of reading. The cultivation style progression mixed with the architectural style of literal foundation building is a novel way to tackle the progression in the storyworld.

Add to this the twist on the typical rebirth isekai and we have ourselves the recipe for a really interesting take on Cultivation, and a breath of fresh air for those that read many serials on RR.

Highly recommended.