1. Re: Review swap? I wanna do that too!

      Looking for more? I'm interested! Sure, No problem. Let's do it!

    2. Re: Debate: #1 Element for a Good Story

      Well, no matter how much well-built and written a world is, it'll remain dull as long as there's no interesting character in it. So, I don't disagree with you. Everything else apart from character are (...)

    3. Re: Review swap? I wanna do that too!

      Hi, can I tempt you with my book 'Together'? You don't have to do all chapters if you haven't got time. Just do how much ever you can to write a review (Maybe first 15K words). I'll do the same for you (...)

    4. Re: Review swap? I wanna do that too!

      Witch's psyche.... Done. Thank you for your review and I hope mine helped you too.

    5. Re: Review swap? I wanna do that too!

      I want a review swap. Review Witch's Psyche in my signature. If you want an idea of how in-depth my reviews get, you can look at my thread in assistance requests, where I give in-depth advice on improving (...)

    6. Re: Review swap? I wanna do that too!

      I just got my first review recently, so, would you believe it, I want more.  If like me you are interested in a review swap, just let me know here. My book is in my sig

    7. Re: Why do you write?

      Because I wanted to create something. Something special. Something that was mine.  And well, creating my own original world was the first thing that came to my mind. And I'd yet to grow bored of it. (...)

    8. Re: What is your end goal?

      I want my novel to have a manga or a webtoon. I also want it to have an anime. And if possible, I want to have some games adapted to it too.  There are just so many things I want to accomplish. Still, (...)

    9. Re: I finally got my first review!

      Two months has passed since I posted my novel, World of Elite. I have 27 follower, an average rating of 3,88 and a little less than 3000 view. And now, I got my first review! I don't know what else (...)

    10. Re: The struggle of a genius

      Title: World of Elite Synopsis :  This story take place in the world Arcana. A world where 30% of the whole humanity awakened to strange power and were named as 'Elite'. A world were the threat (...)

    11. Re: I'm willing to edit anyone's story description.

      Hi! I could use some help too. I just can't seem to be satisfied with my synopsis. Here's the link.

    12. Re: April Thread - Promote your Story

      Title: World of Elite Synopsis: Rin kagane was born inside an extraordinary family. Yet, she was just a normal girl. Faced with disinterest (...)