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Kari Rakitan

    1. Re: First Chapter Rewrite

      For the most part, I focus on new chapters, but I'm less than a year into writing this story and it is growing to be much longer than anything else I have ever written. I've gotten lots of feedback from (...)

    2. Re: First Chapter Rewrite

      I just posted a rewrite on the first chapter of Kaiba's Prostitute! The essentials are the same, but I needed to set the scene better, and this will provide a more comfortable landing to new readers. (...)

    3. Re: A good harem story. Does it exist? Is it possible to make?

      ACtually, most of the animal kingdom are polygamous, even humans before social ingranery ere that way, and are in some places. So nothing weird about it, just think of the struggle to make that work (...)

    4. Re: A good harem story. Does it exist? Is it possible to make?

      I think that most common problem with harems is that girls are way too accepting of the fact that the MC has multiple wives. Yes they will frown at it once or twice, but in the end it won't matter at (...)

    5. Re: What's your favourite food?

      I like catfish and always ask for it on my birthday.

    6. Re: Religious Leaders

      Cool! That is amazing! Thanks for the lead.

    7. Re: Religious Leaders

      Thanky! I'll keep that in mind!

    8. Re: How important is the rating when deciding to read a story?

      FYI, when I first started posting my story, I got a .5 star almost right away and thought it was crazy!  I mean, I had only posted a few chapters, and yet I got one of the worst ratings... but live and (...)

    9. Re: How important is the rating when deciding to read a story?

      Cool, good to know! Mine definitely fits under c) controversy or politics but not the other two  :peoYes:

    10. Re: How important is the rating when deciding to read a story?

      because someone reads a scene entirely different from what you wrote, you can get half a star because someone doesn't like the MC and therefore your story has to be the worst kind there is. How dare you! (...)

    11. Re: How important is the rating when deciding to read a story?

      Howdy! Apparently someone gave my story half a star out of five stars. I'm sure this is a reaction to the controversial subject matter rather than the quality of the writing, but it makes me curious. (...)

    12. Re: Religious Leaders

      Thanks for the pointers! I'll be sure to look into that :) 

    13. Re: Religious Leaders

      That's pretty cool! I'm more interested in contemporary figures, though. Do you happen to know who is on top today?

    14. Re: Religious Leaders

      I'm looking to include more diversity in my stories. Having been raised Catholic myself, I have that part down no problem, but what are these sects you speak of and how different are they from the mainstream?

    15. Re: Which blurb is more enticing?

      Thanks for the suggestions :) However, that does make it a lot more wordy and awkward in how it reads. I'll have to think about it a lot.

    16. Re: Which blurb is more enticing?

      Which blurb is more enticing for “Kaiba’s Prostitute”?   Option A: When CEO Seto Kaiba propositions Joan, she expects a one-night stand, but he and his brother keep coming back for more. Now the Kaiba (...)

    17. Re: A Sport/eSport story?

      My story has an esport! It's not the main focus of the story, but it's pretty important to the plot. Most of the characters are game developers. This is fanfiction based on Yu-Gi-Oh! and I use the monsters (...)

    18. Re: New story illustrations

      Illustrations for Chapters 5,6,8, and 11 of Kaiba’s Prostitute are now out and they are absolutely fantastic!  Now most of my chapters are officially illustrated! I'm really happy with these. Here is (...)

    19. Re: Harems: Are they even worth your time?

      I'm not interested in these sort of harem stories, I'm greatly interested in polygamy stories. Either polygyny or polyandry, exploring relationships like these and their cultural ramifications are much (...)