1. Re: Story Concept(s)

      Neat ideas! I actually had something similar kicking around for number 2: its a martial arts instructor (think strip mall dojo, not disreputable but small scale) on earth who, after meeting with the old (...)

    2. Re: How Many of You Guys Actually Patrol The Latest Updates and New Releases Sections?

      I do when I'm looking for something new to read, maybe once a week? I go straight for the story description: if its a genre I want to read and its well written, I'll give it a shot. If the description (...)

    3. Re: Take a beating

      How about "An Outcast in Another World"? That MC is all about boosting his endurance and taking a beating.

    4. Re: Novels with a magic system similar to Mother of Learning

      I think that The Hedge Wizard is somewhat similar - it has tiers of magic similar to what MoL has (which are based on DnD spell levels).

    5. Re: Battle Trucker (a system apocalypse litrpg)

      Is it really? I wasn't aware of that, I'll edit my blurb. I hadn't seen your books, which is weird as I'm a fan of your 'a thousand li' series, but I suppose KU isn't advertising to me very well! (Also: (...)

    6. Battle Trucker Hi everyone! For the last week or so I've been writing a fun story called Battle Trucker, starring Jill MacLeod. She's a long (...)